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Ditch the Energy Draining Hamster Wheel Ignite Your Impact and Do Work That Makes a Difference

Learn how to help others and heal yourself by becoming a Certified Atomic Healing Method™ Medical Intuitive with Amy Leigh Mercree, world renowned Medical Intuitive with 23 years experience, six figure business owner, bestselling author of 16 books

Dear Soul,

It’s been my mission for 23 years to combine science and spirituality, sharing my signature medical intuitive healing system.

Until now, I’ve only trained private apprentices, and now for the first time ever, I’m making my method accessible to more people so we can all make a bigger difference.

This live certification is open to 20 people only.
It starts October 26th, 2023!

You get over 50 hours of live class time and free medical intuitive sessions with me.

I’m so excited to teach you to see and understand what I call “the tiny universe,” the neverending reality of subatomic particles and infinite dimensions.

What if you busted the system and went into the business of your heart?

I know what it feels like to be burnt out. I know you’re tired and you’ve read books. You thought crystals and chakras would fix you. TikTok trends and IG videos promise to solve your problems.


The truth is deep healing is not reading your horoscope and hashtags.


But, you’re ready to open up and do something new. You want to think differently; you just don’t know how.
(See below for how Janice, 35, and Vicki, 63, did it.)


I know you can do this!

I want you to love your work and feel healthy.

My client, Vicki, felt invisible.

It was like life had moved on without her. Her adult kids were busy. She didn’t work anymore. She craved to express her talents and feel significant. 

Vicki wanted to feel healthy, vibrant, and make a difference. She’d always wanted to be a healer. Her family culture favored a more traditional path and she had mostly followed it. If she became a medical intuitive, she could learn how to elevate her future clients and positively contribute to their lives. She could offer healing information to her family and friends. She longed for a new, flexible career path that could supplement her income. 

She wanted to be inspired. She wanted to heal and live her Dharma (life’s purpose). 

Vicki wanted to heal her body even more and help people which propelled her to become a Certified Atomic Healing Method™ Medical Intuitive.

“This training taught me how to heal myself even more and communicate with my ancestral spirit guides who have changed my life and helped me understand myself and my family. Now, I get to work as a medical intuitive and help other women thrive.” Vicki

My client, Janice, was unhappy.

She felt stuck. She wanted flexibility to be with her kids and to help others. But, was trapped in a job where she had to work more hours for less money, as the price of daycare went up. She didn’t know how to break out of the cycle she was in. She wanted a life change.

Janice wanted to own her schedule. She wanted to make a difference. Working from home, she could relax and not pay for daycare. She longed for work that meant something and the flexibility to live life on her terms while making money.

Janice wanted to blow up her pointless-feeling career and be creative! She wanted to heal. She needed to live her life’s purpose.

She wanted to help herself and others which drove her to become an Atomic Healing Method™ Medical Intuitive. 

“What I love about the Atomic Healing Method™ is that it’s part science and part energy healing. It helped me build a new career so I can spend more time with my children. I feel more present because I am making a difference in people’s lives. I’m happier than I’ve been in years.” Janice

You might feel like Janice and Vicki did.

There’s always this underlying feeling of “I am here to do something on this earth, and I am wasting time not doing it.”


You can’t shake the feeling that you can heal yourself, your family, and your secret dream of maybe healing others. That there is a way that actually works and steps out of the matrix of popular society’s processed foods and indoor living.


You daydream about feeling great and owning your schedule. You envision working on the patio and feeling in tune with your life. You want to know how to help others heal and not have to do hands-on work to facilitate it.

Instead, you can see and talk to your future clients’ spirit guides. You can find the root cause of their health or life problems and illuminate solutions. It would feel amazing to help others.

Do you want to change your life like Janice and Vicki did?

For the last 20 years I have only trained private apprentices in my proprietary medical intuitive method. Now, I am opening this up to an exclusive, small group of 20 people!

Science and service are why I do this work. And, why I want to train as many people as possible to help raise the frequency of humanity and improve as many peoples’ lives as we can.

Why the Atomic Healing Method™?

From Amy:

I love to share the way I see inside the body’s cellular structure down to subatomic particles. That is how I can tell my clients what is happening in their bodies and how to fix it. For example, an incorrectly ionized cell membrane that is lacking certain trace minerals is unable to retain the hydration it needs to transport adequate photons (subatomic particles also known as light and electromagnetism) through the nervous system causing dysfunction. I’ll teach you how to see this, too.

My upcoming book with Hay House Publishing is about particle physics coupled with Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and energy healing. It’s called Aura Alchemy: Learn to Sense Energy Fields, Interpret the Color Spectrum, and Manifest Success.

I created The Atomic Healing Method™ based on my 23 years as a medical intuitive and my interest in the science and energetic mechanics of how the body functions and why it is or isn’t healthy. We can use that knowledge to feel great all of the time and create the life we desire. We can use it to heal ourselves and others.

This is the only medical intuitive method that combines science, spirituality, particle physics, cellular biology, and ancient shamanic healing practices to create a method of deep, true substantive healing.

We can harness the power of subatomic particles using the Atomic Healing Method™ to create vitality and optimum health. I’m so excited to teach you!

I know you’re exhausted. You’re tired of the struggle.

Whether you’ve been suffering from chronic pain, or, you’ve been struggling to work and maintain normalcy while on a hormonal roller coaster. Or, you are sick of being bloated and fatigued. Or, you can’t sleep.

You saw your primary care physician. They gave you a pill that doesn’t help. You saw the medical specialist they recommended. You still feel tired. You still have heartburn or heart palpitations, plus now your emotional heart is weary.

I know you’ve read tons of books. I know you’ve tried crystals and astrology. I know you thought chakras would explain your health issues and heal your clients. I understand TikTok trends and IG videos promised they would fix your problems. The truth is deep healing is not trends and hashtags. It’s not a crystal or reading your horoscope.

I want you to feel good again. I want to help you unlock all of the incredible wisdom buried inside of you. Your body knows how to heal itself.

Are you ready to heal? Are you ready for new ideas, new suggestions, even lifestyle changes? You just need guidance on what to do, how to heal yourself, and how to help heal others.

If you’ve ever dreamed of making an even bigger difference by learning to help others heal and live their best lives, while healing yourself, now is the time.

You can learn how I work as a medical intuitive and talk to my clients’ spirit guides to find the root causes of their imbalances and how to reverse engineer the best solutions, landing them in greater peace, joy, ease, and pleasure. 

You can heal yourself in the process, discover a new dharmic destiny, and align with your life’s purpose. Your work can feel meaningful and challenging in the best way possible.

The Atomic Healing Method™ Certification

Become a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner and Learn How to Heal Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Clients in 8 Months


If you’ve ever dreamed of making an even bigger difference and learning to help others heal and live their best lives, now is the time.

You can learn how I work as a medical intuitive and talk to my client’s spirit guides to find the root causes of their imbalances and how to reverse engineer the best solution, landing them in greater peace, joy, ease, and pleasure.

You can heal yourself in the process, discover a new dharmic destiny, and align with your life’s purpose. Your work can feel meaningful and challenging in the best way possible.

In This 8 Month Certification Program, You’ll Learn How to:

  • Create a new career for yourself in the healing arts as a medical intuitive so you can stop doing work that feels empty and find meaning and purpose.
  • Heal yourself and others by finding the root causes of imbalances.
  • Learn the science behind The Atomic Healing Method™.
  • Learn the skills you need to start your own healing profession.
  • Communicate with your own spirit guides and talk with your future or current client’s spirit guides. 
  • Journey into other dimensions and realities to bring back healing and information. 
  • Meet goddesses, spirit guides, archangels, and healing deities to expand your thinking and reality and let go of limiting beliefs. 
  • Journey into specific organs and what to look for to understand how to make them more healthy.
  • Connect with seasonal deities to manifest your heart’s desires. 
  • Tap into your and your client’s meridian systems to assess their health and how to optimize them. 
  • Find your dharma or life’s purpose using shamanism. 
  • Journey into subatomic particles and learn how to use this knowledge.
  • See into the body on micro and macro levels to align with optimum balance and wellness.
  • Do automatic writing, also known as channeled writing and spirit writing. 
  • Shamanically journey for healing. 
  • Taoist wisdom and healing using principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to use that knowledge for shamanic healing. 
  • How to work with clients with extensive practice with classmates. 
  • Shamanic healing practices for specific organs and advanced healing protocols. 
  • Reverse old ancestral curse energies that are holding you and your clients back from their highest and best 

Elevate your career and enrich your world by generating a renewed zest for life by living in your dharma. This is perfect for people who are ready to evolve, raise their vibration, and take life to the next level.

Become the healer you were always meant to be! This power and energy is in you already waiting to be tapped. The time is now. Your clients need you and your unique brilliance to become the best versions of themselves.

What’s Inside:

  • 24 live classes, 2 hours each, Thursdays from 6 pm – 8 pm [with lifetime access to replays] (a few classes are three hours long and require mandatory live attendance). The First class is October 26th!
  • This is not an online pre-recorded course. All classes are live with Amy.
  • Partner and homework sessions to practice and learn with others
  • Forum to share your journey, get 1:1 feedback on your homework and answer your questions in between calls.
  • Community of healer classmates to trade with in class and perhaps after and new like-minded friend
  • Free 1:1 30-minute session (worth $265) + 20% discount on all future sessions.
  • Free 1 year membership to the Atomic Healing Medical Intuitive Practitioner Directory to help your clients find you. (Begins when you graduate from the program.)


  • Bonus: Access to my membership portal, with 50+ extra PDF resources, meditations, playlists, recipes, and mantras to support you on this healing journey.
  • Bonus: Free 1 year membership to the Atomic Healing Medical Intuitive Practitioner  Community for like-minded support.
  • Pay in Full Bonus: Extra 1:1 Call with Amy [worth $265]!

Join The Waitlist To Get First Access!

Next Round Starts Mid 2024!

“I have been working with Amy Leigh Mercree for several years off and on for intuitive medical suggestions and shamanic healing classes.  I highly recommend Amy for intuitive healing using the guides and recommended quality supplements and advice.  She has been very helpful with guidance of my body, mind and soul health.” 

– Lillian

“I very much enjoyed my session with Amy!  She provided clear, precise input and guidance from my guides.  The information was also conveyed in a gentle yet direct way allowing sometimes difficult information to be shared respectfully. Thank you for all you do, Amy!”

– Anonymous client

I’m in awe of all the guidance and information I received regarding the root cause of certain aches and pains in my body. The call was jampacked with information and clear direction as to how to begin to support my body with organic and natural remedies. Thank you so much Amy for all your guidance!”


“It is difficult for me to describe how deeply the messages you shared affected me.  I am not exaggerating when I say that they changed my life profoundly.  . . . shifted me to a stable, solid place of light and love.  I’m very excited to see what the future holds and find myself to be much more hopeful than I was before.”

– Presentation Attendee

I am opening my entire toolbox.

Medical intuitive miracles happen all of the time! I’ve worked as a medical intuitive for 23 years. I have seen it all, and I want to teach you to do what I do. My job and my joy is to help people get to the root cause of imbalances and align with their heart’s desires.

I am sharing processes and insights from working with thousands of clients. We will talk about health and wellness from every angle and how I find the root causes of diseases and discomforts and activate self-regulating and self-correcting capabilities with clients. We can innately heal, and you can do this for yourself.

Plus, I will teach you how to bring along your clients so they can truly find their purpose.

When you live your dharma (life’s purpose) and love your work you experience deep meaning. You find not just a job but a calling. If you are reading this it’s because you’re meant to open these doors for others so they can heal and live in true balance and joy.


After facing many health challenges that no traditional doctors could solve, I started on what I call my medicine path.

It started my journey inside of myself and ultimately not only healed all of those ailments and life imbalances, but it also helped me find my true purpose – the joy of helping you find the root cause of your pain, a struggle so you can heal and feel joy and pleasure.

It took some time! I had to go deep within and learn with medicine teachers and healers. I had to educate myself on the brain and its intricate workings. Starting at age 18, I apprenticed with my medicine teacher in the oral tradition in which she was trained by her teacher, Twila, who was trained by a Native American memory keeper. This oral tradition has been passed down from teacher to student for many generations, and I continue to pass along their teachings. Because of my teacher, and her teacher, and her teacher’s teacher, and so on, I can help you understand how to retrieve energy from the next world and bring it back to this one for greater wholeness.

I had always been an imaginative person, reading voraciously and glorying in understanding things. I had to turn that first on myself and then it evolved into my dharma – being a medical intuitive.

I will teach you how to unearth the root cause of health problems so you can come into balance and align with your heart’s desires. We find the core reasons why people are suffering and hear directly from their spirit guides how to suffer less, feel better, and align with their heart’s desires and highest purpose. 

We will use a bit of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist theory, a splash of Ayurveda, and a hearty dose of the shamanic traditions in which I was trained by my late medicine teacher. You will try it all.

You will learn how to talk to spirit guides directly.

You will learn how to shamanically journey for yourself and your clients.

You will learn how to automatically write channeled messages from your or your clients’ spirit guides.

You are a healer. Heed the call

Learn Directly from Amy Leigh Mercree, As Seen In...

You Might Be Wondering...

How many people will be in the program?

This live certification is open to 20 people only. The group will be small so everyone feels fully supported in this journey.

When does it start, and when are the live calls?

It starts October 26th, 2023! The calls are on Thursdays from 6 pm – 8 pm. (a few classes are three hours long and require mandatory live attendance.)

Do I have to attend all the classes live?

No, and you will get lifetime access to all replays. Three classes require live attendance and you will get a lot of advanced notice. The first one is on Oct 26th.

Are the resources and templates included in the program?

All resources and templates you need are included… and then some! You will have access to my Accelerator membership, which has 50+ resources inside.

What will happen after I am certified?

You will receive a free listing on the Atomic Healing Method Practitioner Directory page for one year. When people search for certified medical intuitives on the web you will be listed.

Because I am a world-renowned medical intuitive and bestselling author of 16 books and have two upcoming book projects launching with Hay House and numerous media and speaking engagements, your visibility on my site will lend you credibility and give you exposure!

If you’re interested but not 100% sure whether this program is the right fit, book a 20-minute call with me to chat more about it. Email my team at admin@amyleighmercree.com to schedule or with any questions!