Episode 1: What Is a Medical Intuitive Miracle?

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Hi there, my name is Amy and I’ve been a medical intuitive for 22 years. This podcast is called medical intuitive miracles because your body is an amazing, self regulating, self correcting wonder and all we need to do is give it the tools and resources to perform its own medical intuitive miracle. And that really means that we all have the ability to feel great all of the time. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this podcast. I’m gonna open my toolbox and share everything I can and everything I’ve learned with you because I care and I want you to feel good and that’s what we’re going to do together.

So today we’re going to talk about miracles. And what is a miracle is our question of the day. And really more specifically, it is what is a medical intuitive miracle. And that’s a more pertinent question for me because for the last 22 years I’ve been witnessing miracles, especially medical intuitive miracles. And they have very little to do with me. I’m a messenger, maybe I hold the door open. But what they really are generated from is somebody’s willingness to change and grow and expand their consciousness in one way or another. And often times that is born out of a strife.

So, in the case of my work, people who come to me because they’ve had a lack of success healing ailments that are causing them discomfort or suffering even if it’s mild to moderate and sometimes that strife or that suffering provides an opening to change. And I tell all my clients, you know, if you’ve had sessions with me and inadvertently it comes up that it’s not my choice or it wouldn’t be my preference for us to experience suffering. I would prefer that our world was free of suffering. And I am not the architect of that world in the broader sense. But it is my job to help transmit the messages and the information and shine a light on what needs to be seen to lessen that suffering. And so that’s my standpoint as a medical intuitive. I’m the messenger. I wouldn’t have written it this way for some reason, our higher selves and whatever higher power got us deities etcetera, etcetera in which we believe have for some reason put this configuration together and we are in it.

And so, I like to figure it out and to come back to this idea of miracles. I do a lot of automatic writing for myself, as you may know about me. It’s really my job to talk to your spirit guides in a medical intuitive session. And I’ve taught thousands of people how to talk to their own spirit guides with my shamanic work and my shamanism classes and the foundation of not only my work, but elements of my life and decision making come from that. So the long story of that is basically that I often automatic write, which I teach in my meet your guides class by the way, uh, for myself. So I get, you know, lots of messages from my guides and sometimes they’re pretty hilarious. Um, and I’ve had some really beautiful messages on this idea of miracles and the punchline to all of them is that miracles are an act of light.

So, any act of light, any Moment of light, even if it’s an insight and it’s something internal or you know, it’s an outward action. Anything that is 100% of the light is a miracle. That’s the way that my guides have presented it to me. And it’s profound to consider that and to understand that we do have the power to create these acts of light and these miracle moments in our lives. And that also extends to our healing and that’s to not, you know, in any way discount the suffering and the strife that I mentioned because it does exist in our world and you know, it’s my wish that we can lighten that load with miracles, literally lighten that load, add light to it with miracles.

And I talk a lot in my work as well essentially about quantum mechanics. You know, I’m very into particle physics. I have been since I was in preschool apparently, I’ve always been really interested in What comprises everything what comprises matter what comprises energy. I was very obsessed with black holes apparently at age three, I was for some of you guys who don’t know, I began with an education degree and so I began also working with clients as a healer. I used to call it multidimensional healing before I called it medical intuitive because it involved I started that at 23 and so I was, you know, just out of college, I had been apprenticing with my medicine teacher for I think about five years at that point, my late medicine teacher, Laurie, who will discuss in later podcast, I’m sure. Um and I was working as a Montessori teacher and I had the privilege and the joy of getting to work with. And for uh, the woman who had owned the school that I had gone to, the Montessori school I’d gone to as a preschooler and she told me, you know, I always remembered you because when you were three years old and I was your teacher, you asked me, hey Gail, where do you think black holes go?

And um I wondered that for many years of my life and you know, that extended to and what are they comprised of? You know, and what, what is gravity? This force of nature comprised of what is light, the light that can be crushed by the force of a black hole. What is that made of? And all of these various questions that can go very existential when I’m in a certain mood, but not to digress. The point of that is from a particle physics standpoint, we talk about light, you know, in the new age vernacular and what light is as far as electricity and light that we see shining from the sun. And you know, all of these things is a flow of electrons and photons which are subatomic particles. And the thing that’s really exciting to me about subatomic particles in general but especially about electrons is that they are present in matter and energy. So all the matter of which we are comprised and with which we interact whether it’s human, uh generated, I guess not generated but sort of reconfigured, for example, taking petroleum and you know, turning it into a petroleum product that becomes a plastic et cetera or a plant, you know, an animal, a stone etcetera. Whether they’re pieces of matter that are manipulated or pieces of matter that are in the form that we encounter them. They’re all made up of atoms which are comprised of subatomic particles which include of course you probably heard this in school, protons, neutrons, electrons. So, the point of that is there are electrons in matter and there are electrons in light energy.

And so, this idea of a miracle being an act of light if it’s actual light or metaphorical light, if it’s actual light, electricity, it’s electrons. And then photons which are another kind of elementary particles. So elementary particles mean that particle physicists at this time have not been able to break these particles down into smaller particles I suspect eventually will see electrons photons, you know, other elementary particles, quarks, et cetera are made of smaller and smaller and smaller things. You know in the you may have heard of the idea of the grand unified theory and that is about creating a theory that unites all of this. Uh it’s a work in progress and probably will be for a long time. But the commonality between matter and energy means that we can take the energy that we create through our thoughts and intersect it with matter to affect change in the physical reality.

So that’s part of how we create an act of light which is also known as the miracle. Sometimes that is from things we do, sometimes it’s from thoughts, emotions, all of these different things but miracles are at your fingertips at any moment. And in this podcast, we will see if I continue this format. I’m not really a structure person. So, the moment I wanted to kind of give you guys a little bit of a discourse and then take you through a meditation and activity a process to that end, probably I’ll keep doing that. But let’s see, like I said, I’m not a big structure person, something else might flow through. But at this time, we are going to do a process.

So, if you are listening to this while you’re driving, you can do this process but you need to keep your eyes open and stay primarily focused on your driving. So, the top level of your attention in that case will be your driving. The secondary level can be what we’re doing. My late medicine teacher Laurie used to always say when I leave our house after we had a healing session or teaching kind of session, you’re in charge of the large steel vehicle and you are. So if you’re driving, please make that your primary focus, you can always come back to this. If you are not then you can lay down and really go deep. But either way, even just listening to this process will allow you to align with the energy of miracles. And that is our topic of the day. As we open this podcast about medical intuitive miracles. I’m gonna be talking to you about lots of different topics. Dis-ease kind of discomforts that people have and what they mean uh herbal remedies and my views on these things from 22 years as a medical intuitive and much more so like I said, I’m really going to open the toolbox but today we’re just gonna line up with this idea of miracles because they’re accessible and we can access them at any time.

So, settle in for a moment and take a deep breath, filling your abdomen and then moving up, filling your ribs and your thoracic area with air and then lastly filling your upper chest and so utilize this three-part breathing where you’re filling your torso from bottom to top, like it’s a paper bag and then on the exhale, you will empty from top to bottom. And that’s the way you envision this breathing and your intention will be. How long can you stretch out the inhale? But especially how long can you extend that exhale? How slowly can you blow that air out? And so do that breathing cycle a few times as you settle into the space and feel yourself present and set the intention internally just by listening to my voice. You don’t even really have to do anything that today. You are aligning yourself for all time with the energy of miracles and these mean acts of light and so in doing so you are aligning with the fact that you are light, you are made of light, your body is made of matter and energy and so light and its building blocks electrons included. And the photons as well are moving through you at all times. And so all we’re really doing is turning up the volume on the light and then miracles are the natural result. So you’re aligned with this energy of miracles. And you can take the deep breath in and think about that word miracle, repeat it in your mind like a mantra with each breath that you take, bring your hands into a mudra position. I’m going to drive to drive to describe to you. I was gonna tell you if you’re driving through this part after So take on your right hand, your thumb and your ring finger and press the tips together and on your left hand, press your thumb into the second knuckle a middle knuckle of your middle finger and place your hands in your lap in these positions, breathe in three times in quick succession And then breathe out three times in quick succession. So, these are quick. These are enlivening breaths, act that enact that cycle of breathing three times. So these 33 breaths three times now state allowed repeating after me. I embody the essence of miracles. I am the light; the light is me. I now align with miracles and acts of light and allow them to permeate my being energy, life and existence for all time I feel the energy of light and miracles down my core channel as I come into proper universal alignment, proper universal alignment, proper universal alignment. I am light. I am a living miracle. I choose to feel good all the time and allow miracles to realign my life for my highest good and the highest good of all life it is done. Take a deep breath. You can undo your mudra fingers and begin to bring your awareness back into the space. Notice how you feel, feel any pulsing tingling sensation in your body, it might be up and down that core channel or throughout your body when you state a decree like we just did and you allow it to permeate out from you.

You have affected change. You have used sound thought and intention to move and manipulate light including electrons and photons and they have conspired to reconfigure matter and energy in the intentional direction you’ve set for yourself. It really is that simple.

So, I hope you enjoyed our little exercise. And I invite you to notice the energy of miracles throughout your life, notice the acts of light that you choose to commit in your life and notice the acts of light, the miracles that happen to you and even those around you. And I invite you to notice that beauty is a miracle. Every moment can provide you with a miracle.

So today I was out walking in nature, it was just gorgeous as always, the sun was setting. The birds were singing all of these miracle moments were happening around me and when you move into appreciation, gratitude and noticing the beauty and the joy that’s available to you at any moment, you live more and more and more in that energy of the miraculous and when you put your focus on that it proliferates you’ve heard the term what gets attention gets done what gets attention also proliferates. And so, I invite you to choose Joy, choose beauty, choose miracle moments and choose to feel good all the time because you are the architect of your life and you can create it as you choose. You are a projector and your internal reality projects outward and creates your external reality.

So, harness that power and embrace it and take that responsibility and create the life that you desire because you are actually the creator. Thank you so much for listening to the end. I’m so honored you spent this time with me and I’m so excited to hear about your journey and your experience finding miracles in your life and healing your body uh as well as anything else, you’d like to share. A great way to get in touch with me is to send me a DM on instagram. That’s where I’m most active. And you can find me at Amy Leigh Mercree on instagram. You can find all kinds of info about me, my work, my 17 books and counting on my website Amy Leigh Mercree dot com. And I’d love to hear from you on any of those channels and I hope that you’ve gained value from our work here today and that your life is enhanced and that you feel great because that’s what I want for you to feel good all of the time. Have a beautiful rest of your day or night.