Episode 10: Party in Your Plants with Talia Pollock

This week on the Happily Holistic podcast, Amy sits down with the multi talented Talia Pollock. Talia has a number of titles such as health advocate, speaker, comedian, and author. Her book Party in your Plants promotes plant based eating in a fun way. With over 100 different recipes and tips, Talia’s perspective for plant based eating encourages new cooks to experiment in the kitchen.

In this episode, Talia and Amy talk about the launch of Talia’s book at the beginning of the pandemic. She shares her experience on Good Morning America as one of the first virtual interviews and tells us about the funny “behind the scenes” with her impromptu camera man. Amy gets tips on what to expect for her next virtual appearance and how to handle the new world of pandemic interviews.

During the conversation, we get the inside scoop on what made Talia shift her career from comedian to health advocate. We learn what it took for her to marry the two passions and how she continues to push for a less stressful lifestyle. Talia tells us about her first vegan experience before the trend. She shares the revolution of veganism and the wonders it did for her cooking. While she no longer is vegan, her time spent exploring it was influential to her book and advocacy.

The two women discuss the pandemic and the new shift that is occurring in our society and anxiety.

Listen along to learn how to make Talia’s plant based pumpkin bread and find out the ways we can change our cooking habits to create new and fun healthy habits.