Episode 12: Fixing Adrenal Fatigue with Locke Hughes

This week on the Happily Holistic podcast, Amy speaks with Journalist and HealthCoach, Locke Hughes. Locke first met Amy while writing for The Oprah Magazine. For Locke it was a “full circle moment,” taking her 10 years back to when she interned with the magazine to stack boxes and organize files. As writers, Amy and Locke talk about getting over the anxiety of writing and the importance of practicing the art. Locke gives tips for aspiring writers on how to improve their reach.

As a writer for The WellLocke is working virtually and will continue to do so until 2021. Locke explains to us what changes are made to the company and how virtual classes and events are changing the way The Well interacts with their audience.

During the podcast Locke talks about the book, Melatonin: The Natural Supplement for Better Sleep. We find out what adrenal fatigue is and what could cause it. We get tips on how to handle stress and what can happen when we fail. Amy and Locke discuss the five senses. Listen along to learn about the harsh impact of your senses when trying to sleep. Locke gives advice on how we can use our senses to develop a well rested sleep. While talking to Locke, we get a look at some of her favorite recipes from her book. Observing differences in taste that can change the way we experience sleep.

We wrap up the episode finding out more about Locke and how her journey towards learning about adrenal fatigue began.