Episode 15: More Than A Body with Lindsay Kite

In today’s episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with Lindsay Kite, Ph.D. Dr. Kite is a co-founder of non-profit Beauty Redefined and More Than a Body LLC. Together with her sister, Lexi Kite, she works to educate women about the impact of media and culture on body image. During Dr. Lindsay and Lexi’s research on the objectification of women’s bodies, they found that the issue was not feeling beautiful. They came to the conclusion that many people define themselves according to their own level of perceived beauty. According to Dr. Kite, creating an identity with beauty can be difficult to maintain. The two women work to build a world where, “bodies are instruments, not ornaments.”

During this podcast, Amy and Lindsay talk about Dr. Kite’s book More Than a Body. The book is a guide for change. It breaks down the process of developing body image resilience. Lindsay shares with us the first few steps in changing our own resilience and what we might reevaluate. We learn about the skeleton of media literacy and get incite of how knowledge can change what we spend our money on.

While fighting against constantly changing media-set beauty standards, Lindsay and Lexi aim to change individual minds. They believe that the best approach is giving individuals the tools they need to push past standards set. It is redefining beauty.

Listen along to learn about the struggle of body image and how it affects your everyday life.