Episode 18: The Winner’s Mindset with Ryan Harris

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with former NFL player, Ryan Harris. Ryan’s book Mindset For Mastery focuses on overcoming failure and destigmatizing the idea that failure is separate from success. Ryan writes this book in hopes to show others how his success came with difficulties and answers he refused to take from others. He shows throughout his career that his determination to succeed was a valuable tool. His book talks about his experiences and shares how others might be down a similar path, regardless of profession.

During the podcast, Ryan and Amy discuss the importance of “I am” statements and visualization. Ryan refers back to his Super Bowl success and the days leading up to it. He mentions to Amy the importance of preparation and the difference between him and his competitors. He applies these techniques to situations many will face in the future. He goes further to show how leaving space for conversation and being knowledgeable will change situations. By showing empathy when we speak, we can increase the opportunity that others will respond with empathy as well.

Throughout the podcast, Ryan shows us what a different mindset can lead to. Backed up by science, Ryan states that even if we don’t believe our “I am” statements at first, repeating them aids in the visualization process. Eventually, these mantras can become reality.

Listen along to discover your “I am” statements and how a change of mindset can change your life.