Episode 19: Fix Your Period with Nicole Jardim

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Nicole Jardim. Nicole is a women’s health coach and author of Fix Your Period, a book talking about women’s relationship with their periods and how we can fix the stigma surrounding period talk. Growing up, Nicole did not expect her profession to surround women’s menstrual cycles. The journey of education began with her own struggles. During her period, she would experience cramps and other issues that caused her an extreme amount of pain.

Eventually, she turned to medical assistance and ended up on a birth control pill. Like many women around the U.S. she took the pill, but unknowingly ended up with many side effects; side effects that were slowly destroying her health. No doctor was able to point out what had gone wrong. It was not until she took a trip to the acupuncturist that she found her answer: The Pill. She began changing her life and slowly became an advocate for women’s health.

Together, Amy and Nicole break down the chemical changes in women’s bodies throughout the cycle. Amy shares her experience with period irregularities and Nicole tries to pinpoint a few changes that could have caused them. They talk about common issues and how to find the right solutions.