Episode 20: Becoming Who We Are with Amy B Scher

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy Leigh Mercree speaks with Amy B Scher. Scher is the bestselling author of How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can. Scher teaches others how to become their truest self and what can come of it. She pushes people to let go of fear and other obstacles they allow themselves to explore who we are at their core.

Working with people with chronic illness, Scher shares about the effects of failing treatments and how it can impair other treatments from working. Scher explains how trying too hard can be counterproductive. Mercree and Scher talk about how society’s pull can change the outcome and how a balance of both internal and external drive is imperative for movement. Listen along to understand how to have a healthy relationship with determination. This podcast with Scher covers how to surrender to our issues and start to heal.

Surrendering is the first step to success according to Scher. She explains how she had to surrender in her own life and what changes came because of it. Scher shares her struggles about being bed bound and how she found little steps to cope and heal.

As experienced healers, Mercree and Scher share their beliefs and draw similarities in their teachings. The duo discusses the multiple ways healing can exist and all the people who can contribute to better health. Listen along to find out how to stop resisting and start your path to healing.