Episode 23: Practical Intuition with Laura Day

In today’s episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with author and business psychic Laura Day. Laura shares with us the beginning of her intuitive work. In 1981, before Laura had a name for her own abilities, she became part of a university led experiment. The university was focusing on the expansion of the human mind and she quickly found herself in it. What started as an anonymous project, soon led to the start of her career. She found out an experiment she was a part of was televised, without her permission; after it was shown, she ended up with the beginnings of her following.

Although the experience of being exposed to the world was difficult at first, Laura is thankful for it. As a self-proclaimed introvert, she doesn’t know what else might have lead her into the work she does today.

During the podcast, Laura shares information about her intuition boot camp, an evidence based course that focuses on connecting others with their own intuition. She concentrates on showing people how to gain intuition in a business environment over any other. Her boot camp aims to pass down her own work. She has seen her groups stay connected for years and remains attached to those she has worked with.