Episode 30: Female Archangels With Calista

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with healer, teacher, and author Calista Ascension. Calista has written two books – Unicorn Rising and The Female Archangels – and has created hands-on healing modalities called Unicorn Healing and Angel Healing. Calista’s passion is helping people to know their spirituality and divinity.

Amy and Calista discuss the following:

  • Calista’s journey: She began as a cancer research scientist, and after going through a reawakening, transitioned to a holistic healing business with Reiki and herbal remedies. It was then that Calista started to connect to fairies, angels, and spirit guides, and she eventually developed her therapy modalities Angel Healing and Unicorn Healing.
  • Unicorns: They are here now more than ever, bringing to the earth their light – which comes through as crystalline rainbow colors – and helping us to awaken. The opening ceremony of her Unicorn Healing course is an energetic attunement, connecting participants with the unicorns, which remains in their consciousness.
  • Female Archangels: Collectively the female angels are called the Archeia, and they are the counterpart to the masculine archangels. The feminine side is being presented more in this Aquarian Age and has different teachings for us, focused on healing and empowering the divine feminine within us.
  • Ascension: We are ascending and evolving, and heaven is evolving too. Nonmaterial beings, such as angels, are continuing their evolutionary process in a co-creative manner with us. We are one in the same consciousness.