Episode 39: Quantum Healing with April Pfender

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with April Pfender, founder of Golden Light Alchemy. April is a Reiki Master teacher and author of three books, including her most recent, The Complete Guide to Chakras. She is an empath, meditation instructor, and has been a healer for 15 years, connecting to universal heart healing and expansion. April designs workshops and retreats with a focus on awakening and women’s empowerment.

Amy and April discuss:

  • The inspiration for her recent book, The Complete Guide to Chakras, which covers the 12-chakra system, including the etheric chakras and the subpersonal chakra.
  • Remote Reiki healing and training, and how she incorporates other modalities into her practice, including frequency, sound, and quantum resonance.
  • How it’s possible to receive lifetimes of healing in one experience.

April ends with advice for her 16-year-old self: “Leave room for the magic. Magical thinking opens you up to any possibility without attachment or expectation.”