Episode 4: Healing Lyme, Autoimmune Thyroid Dysfunction, and Lung Energy

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Hi there. My name is Amy, and I’ve been a medical intuitive for twenty two years. This podcast is called medical intuitive miracles because your body is an amazing self regulating, self correcting wonder. And all we need to do is give it the tools and resources to perform its own medical intuitive miracle. And that really means that we all have the ability to feel great all in the time.

And that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this podcast. I’m gonna open my toolbox and share everything I can and everything I’ve learned with you. Because I care and I want you to feel good and that’s what we’re gonna do together. Hi there. I’m so glad you’re here today and we are going to spend some time talking about thyroid dysfunction and long channel dysfunction and how those actually have a lot to do with one another.

So when I say the lung channel, I am talking about Traditional Chinese medicine, which is the taoist art of healing the body through herbs acute pressure, acupuncture, coughing, twen twen sorry to pronounce, quasha, and much more. So all of the healing arts that come out of Taoism, most, you know, well known, of course, being active puncture. And In this episode, like every other episode, I am sharing information for you from my medical intuitive sessions. It’s very important for you and all my clients are always reminded of this to know and understand. That I am not a doctor nor am I an acupuncturist.

I am providing you information a hundred percent for informational purposes, it does not take the place of medical, legal, or psychiatric advice. Or even business advice for that matter. And, you know, I just like to point that out so we make sure everybody understands. Now, That being said, what I do is talk to people’s spirit guides. And since I was a child, I have had the ability to see things on a quantum level, which means down to the molecules atoms, elements, and subatomic particles in the body.

And I’ve learned to imply apply that as a medical entunib to look at dysfunction in the physical body to find the root cause. And I talk about that a little bit more in other episodes too, as far as how that works in that process. But our topic for today is the wide spread chronic dysfunction of the thyroid in the endocrine system in people’s bodies. And also the way that relates to the lung channel in traditional Chinese medicine because they are very related and that dysfunction. And we’re going to talk about some case studies.

We’re going to talk about some different remedies. One of the case studies we have includes wine disease. So we’re gonna have a bunch of topics besides this. We’ll talk about mineral deficiencies actually chronic widespread mineral deficiency in the United States and much more much more. So I wanna start by talking you through a session that I had with a client.

Years ago. And when I share these case studies, names, details, you know, all that have been changed Of course, every session with every client, every medical Intuit of client is one hundred percent confidential. I never shared those details. In any way, except in these kind of disguised key studies, which I do because I think you know, if you find something that resonates for you, then you have the option to pursue that with your health practitioner. So Someone came in who had some pretty intense symptoms.

Thyroid symptoms, just, you know, chronic endocrine and menstrual dysfunction, and a lot more. So I wanna run you through that and then talk about some of what showed up. The other thing we’re gonna end up talking about is histamine intolerance and people’s inability to process histamine. So there’s a lot of wisdom, I guess, I don’t wanna say wisdom, but great information in here for a lot of people. So this particular client was still premenopausal, so she has not she had not been through menopause, and she was I wouldn’t say her cycle was regular, but she had, you know, more of a normal menstrual history, although we’re gonna get into that.
So as a child, this person had a hyperactive thyroid. So that means overactive and bone disease as well. So in college, to deal with that excessive and hyperactive thyroid, she was given a radioactive medication. Now, I, of course, wasn’t there. I will share, I know there is some radioactive treatment given for graves disease.
Which is an autoimmune disease that does result in hyperactivity in the thyroid. So we don’t know if that’s what it was and we don’t know if back then that was a common diagnosis. Since she received the radioactive treatment, then she became hypothyroid. So too little. So basically, irradiated a thyroid, and then it stopped being overactive, and it became under multiple times diagnosed with Lyme disease.

So that’s a whole another ball of wax, I guess, there’s so many terms we can use for that. But that’s a whole another issue and she talked about how she suffered from pretty extreme dehydration, something I will share. Again, not in any way, shape or form, but twenty two years of talking to people about what’s going on at their house. And across the board, I have never seen a Lyme, former Lyme recovered, former Lyme disease. Patient, I guess, for lack of their word or recovering someone who still had it, who did not have a potassium deficiency.

And additionally, struggle with the hydration. So something about what the mechanism of whatever happens in the body of the line seems to cause an inability to hold onto those electrolytes. If that to you, definitely let us know in the comments. And, you know, especially on Instagram if you send send me a DM or, you know, if you’re sharing this post and you wanna talk about it, I’d love to hear your experiences. If that’s the case, I’ve talked to probably in twenty two years, I don’t know, let’s say, fifty to a hundred Lyme patients, I would guess.

Some, you know, having a harder time getting diagnosed than others. That’s a whole another situation. And this dehydration and especially clinically testable potassium deficiency has been an issue. And then the other thing, you know, would this particular case study was difficult menstrual cycle with some of the mental health side of things we we would get with, you know, what’s commonly termed basically PMS. And another thing I wanna point out is this was still occurring for this person even with an IUD.

Now, as I’ve said, not a doctor, I tend to want us to have people gain information about the detriment of synthetic hormonal birth control. And there are numerous books on the topic from New Coldplay items, fixture period, fabulous book. There’s a documentary. I actually haven’t watched it called Sweetening Napil, which I think is Nikki something Epstein maybe. And then Ricky Lake was involved in that and about how oral hormonal oral contraceptives can cause problems in the night, you know, the same problems have been seen with the hormonal IUDs.

There is an IUD. I think it’s called the P A R A G A R D that is non hormonal. And then there’s the common one I think is called the M i r e n a, which is hormonal. Again, not a doctor in any way, but what I have heard over many years is how synthetic hormones cause problems in people’s bodies, and I’ll describe to you why. So a natural substance is not able to be patented.

We can’t patent Vitamin a. We can’t patent potassium. We can’t patent vitamin c. They occur naturally. We can’t patent estrogen progesterone or testosterone.
They occur naturally. However, if a company chooses to take let’s say, a progesterone molecule and tack on a couple other molecules compounds atoms. However, they choose to do it, then they’ve created a patentable substance, which they can secure the rights to. Name, market, and own the market share of and make a large profit off of. Synthetic hormones are not the same as the hormones our body makes.

Because they have these molecules tapped on. You can extrapolate however you want. There have been quite a few studies that link those to being carcinogenic, etcetera, etcetera, including around hormonal birth control cells. For reference, bio identical hormones, which are typically not used for contraception, but can be used for bio identical hormone replacement as opposed to traditional hormone replacement, do not have those molecules tacked on. Biodentical means the same as what’s in the body.

Typically majority of them are derived from the m’s in soy. The thyroid medications, a r m o ur thyroid, natur throid.
Those are derived from desiccated pig’s thyroid. So natural substances without molecules tacked on.

So we had this person with this thyroid disease.
So what I did, I opened up the session by saying an opening invokation to invite in the spirit guides. Specifically her spirit guides. What I was shown was that the childhood thyroid disease had autoimmune components that were originally triggered by exposure to mycotoxins, which means basically mold or related. Types of toxins. And I saw that this person had a genetic predisposition to histamine or histamine related sub instances being hard to clear out of the body.
So that indicated two things One, a deficiency of the enzyme with the acronym Dao, which is produced by the kidneys, it breaks down histamine. And two, what would be generally termed methylation issues. So methylation means the way that cells work to remove toxins from the body. Basically, in a really just in general term. You may have heard of the mother effer gene.

It’s MTHFR. That’s a really common gene people talk about now. That’s a methylation gene. So if somebody has a gene mutation that has impairment in that methylation, sometimes it’s through that gene. And there’s also a gene for that DAO enzyme deficiency, the one that breaks the histamine down.
Seeking House is a brand of supplements founded by Dr. Ben. I’m forgetting his name at the moment. And he wrote a book called Dirty Genes. And though that is actually I haven’t read it yet, but that takes you through, I think, the top five to ten of those top genes.

The mother efferent and the DAO gene are some of the top ones, so it talks about that. So if that rings true for you, you could check that book out and see what Dr. Ben has to say. He’s got a line of supplements in that direction called Seeking Health. So what I saw was that because she did already have this genetic predisposition in this early basically mycotoxin mold exposure, it kicked off that childhood thyroid disease.

And what an autoimmune component means is some part of the immune system gets confused or disoriented or dysfunctional and attacks the the good parts of the body. So in Graves disease, that means that there are immune cells that the body produces and it attacks the thyroid. Same as Hashimoto’s, by the way, that’s another autoimmune thyroid disorder. Probably different mechanisms with those two, as I said, not a doctor, but So what I got from her guides was that this autoimmune cascade in childhood caused a deficiency of essentially because the thyroid was being attacked one way or another. It was in state of impairment, that meant that the lung channel, which has to do obviously with the lungs, but in traditional Chinese medicine.

It also has to do with the neck, the throat, especially thyroid, the parathyroid, those glands, that that lung channel she was in deficiency. And so then the thyroid got confused, essentially. In her childhood mold mycotoxin attack the body was trying to get rid of those mycotoxin, got confused, and then instead attacked the thyroid. It’s a mechanism that’s different, but it, you know, closest thing I would compare it to. There’s a new newer not newer disease necessarily, but a more newly recognized disease called PANDAS.

It’s an acronym. It’s p a n d a s, so PANDAS. But they say pandas. In pandas, it occurs in primarily in kids where if they’re exposed to strep throat, the t cells, which are the immune cells that attack the strep throat organism, get confused and they attack the basal ganglia in the brain. This can cause anxiety obsessive compulsive disorder, extreme separation and anxiety, a lot of sensory issues, and in a really unique document in case.

I think it’s on I think there was an NPR episode on it. Maybe their podcast or one of PBS’s podcast in the New England area of two sisters ages six and eight who had Panda so bad that they became intensely anorexic because they were so obsessive about intake of food and even water that they would not eat or drink water. So that’s like a really extreme case of pandas. So, to come back around to the case study, there was also some discussion initially in the intake about anxiety loops and some situational emotional issues. So part of what the guides showed was some of that mental health difficulty was also comparable different but had an autoimmune component, basically.

So we kind of found so that’s how we found the root cause. So then we brainstormed and talked about things we could do about this. Now once again, the really important piece information here is I’m not a doctor. So anything that is shared is completely for informational purposes and you are you, the client, everybody is advised to consult their health practitioner. So what we’ve looked at was what could we do to port, first of all, that DAO gene and its deficiency, and that methylation issue with the mother effer gene.

Everyone’s body is different. In this person’s body, the guides were showing there’s supplement known by the acronym NAC, and that can be really helpful from that methylation standpoint. A lot of people don’t tolerate it wonderfully. I personally don’t. It’s it’s pretty sulfur based, so it’s not always something that I would lean towards, but in this case, it matched up with this person’s body.

So that, you know, that speaks to the custom nature of this advice, which is purely informational and must be run by a health director’s teacher. So the next item that is really helpful, you know, with all of this messilation and detoxification in general, And even with the deficiency in the DIO, it would even be supportive of that is liposomal glutathione. There are some liquid versions on the market that are great. There are there’s a gel version I personally really like. It’s can be hard to come by.
It’s by research nutritionals. But any high quality liposomal glutathione in a liquid or a gel with with sufficed. And then the brand seeking out health that I mentioned earlier with Dr. Ben and his book dirty jeans has some supplements specifically geared toward that DAO deficiency. And there’s one called histamine block.
So what it is is it’s d a o  derived from the kidneys of pigs. So once again, that it’s an enzyme. It’s not a hormone, but it is bio identical. It’s not like, you know, with a molecule tacked onto it. Typically, they I believe they use that more for food and tolerances because it’s obviously taken orally.
It’s in a there’s a I think there’s a pill, there’s a powder. We talked about maybe considering adding that and We also talked about this person working with a functional medicine doctor, which is one of the big things I end up coming around to with a lot of people, Institute of Functional Medicine, I f m dot com, I believe, is a additional certification that can be obtained by MD’s Do’s, so medical doctor, doctors of osteoporathy. As well as Accupuncturist, chiropractors, etcetera, etcetera. I believe chiropractors. But anyways, lots of people can get a functional medicine certification.

I think it’s a year maybe. And if you find a doctor, whether they’re an MD or a DOO, who was certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine andlisted in their directory, then they are basically standing up and saying, A, I’ve taken this course, which is about finding the root cause and using natural means before a pharmaceutical. And B, probably paying, I don’t know, but, you know, choosing to be listed on that site. They’re standing up and identifying themselves as leaning more towards holistic treatment. So I had stated, you know, if you wanted to really go deep and check on where was the line, where was a lot of times with Lyme disease, mold and mycotoxin issues go hand in hand.

And since what I saw was what kicked everything off for her was a a mycotoxin exposure. I thought some more in-depth testing beyond what a general practitioner without the functional medicine side of things. What order would be helpful to see if there was more to be found. And I suggested maybe talking about if it would make sense to try histamine block and give the body some DAO even though it would go in orally and digestively instead of other ways. One of the things I like about liposomal glutathione is you can hold it under the tongue and so a little bit of it will get right into the blood stream and not have to be swallowed and digested to then, you know, make its way out there.

So that was kind of just something we were wondering about. And then because of the extreme mineral deficiency, which was absolutely present in this person, There was a potassium diff deficiency. I was shown by her guides, fixed price. Electrally deficiency, and a magnesium deficiency, I was shown for her to try. There’s a wonderful supplement by the trace minerals company.

Brand trace minerals brand called Constant Trace. It’s mineral drops. And that would take care of a lot of the electrolytes. Seeking health also makes an optimal electrolyte powder that’s really good quality. And from that magnesium deficiency, Zymogen, which is spelled with an x y m, Ximagin makes a product called Octamag neuro, which is one of the There’s really only one formula that’s available in a couple of different places, but it’s patented to cross the brain blood barrier.
You will see other things called a neurological magnesium. I don’t think they are. They need to be basically this optimag neuro from Xymigen or, you know, other places that might white label that usually it’s called Magtine and it’s got a little t m, I believe. Anyways, so that would be great because that would that magnesium would help with brain fog that was talked about, some of the anxieties in the mental side of things, as well as high It’s not exactly hydrating, but basically bathing the nervous system, which includes the brain, the brainstem, the spinal cord, and then all the nerves throughout the entire body. With magnesium, which there was a deficiency of.

The other thing we talked about is from a detoxification standpoint, we’re gonna get real in-depth here. So, you know, go go bear with me, I guess. I’ll say, hey, we’re gonna talk about elimination from a day adjusted standpoint, it’s ideal for the body to eliminate for everybody to go, number two, go the bathroom two to three times a day. If that’s not occurring, then those that the toxins that may end up in the large intestine are sitting potentially getting reabsorbed. And if there’s, by the way, any key and deed issues, then things are fermenting and feeding candida feeding things that aren’t ideal for their microbiome as well.

So to make that happen in a really gentle holistic way of two to three times daily. Hydration is key, drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of live foods, you know, all of that hundred percent gotta be in place. But then a lot of people have a magnesium deficiency nowadays, the brand ancient minerals, which has some nice magnesium emulsion, has all kinds of data on their web say about seventy to eighty percent of people in the western world having a magnesium deficiency. What magnesium does is it brought water into the large intestine, which helps that ease of movement to occur. So in addition to ocumag neuro, which would end up more in the nervous system, there’s a product by Earth’s bounty called OxyKlens that has an oxygen based magnesium with a big dose of vitamin C that usually helps people achieve those two to three eliminations daily.

And then we talked about if if this person wasn’t choosing to or able to go in the direction of a functional medicine doctor at this time or you know, for whatever reason, they to begin cleaning up some of that that unmethylated debris, which could be heavy metal. It could be, you know, all different kinds of basically waste that the methylation system, which has to do a lot with the liver, but not exclusively, isn’t really able to manage and to also clean up organisms if there are mycotoxins left, if there is a lime left, there’s a product by the brand Waiora, w a I o r a, called natural cellular defense. That is made of zeolite, which is a very large, very porous molecule that can go through the body and sponge up viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, basically waste and debris. It will also sponged nutrients, so you want to take it separate from your vitamins and and food. I like the under the tongue method because some of it can go into the bloodstream, so that’s what I suggested.
Again, absolutely not a doctor. But those are some tips and some information on just some things that, you know, piece and bits and pieces might give you some insight and To bring that back around to the thyroid and the lung channel dysfunction side of things too, you know, lung channel in traditional Chinese medicine is also really closely related to the immune system. And like we said, the thyroid, so we do see a lot of dysfunction in those channels nowadays. And I think, you know, there’s plenty of causes. In this case, we saw some genetic causes.

The next question that we would extrapolate, which we didn’t get to in that session, was what created those genetic mutations? They’re pretty common in in people. Those were two really common ones. Sometimes they seem some that we’ve never heard of yet or named, they’re labeled yet. You know, what causes those?
And if we look at that, there can be a lot of different things, environmental toxin exposure. Absolutely. It can also be environmental toxin exposure in ancestors, and trauma in ancestors. So there could be more to uncover with that, but as we bring that around to that idea of lung channel and thyroid and immune system, you know, we really want to talk about how do we keep that long, cheap, robust, and healthy. And there’s a lot of different things, deep breathing, you know, really really important.

That’s why just nightly breathing exercises, even if they’re just, you know, really deep breathing three part, yogic breath, things like that. Can be greatly health improving. And, you know, people use elderberry for immunity. It’s also something that builds cheese in the lung channel. Every I don’t wanna say every channel, but every organ and traditional Chinese medicine as general channels and then has yin and yang channels.
They also have divergent divergent channels. There’s a lot of different things. But a lot of the cause of issues that we have in modern society, which is very young, are about yen deficiency. And so long channel yen is a big one. And we can use oats straw for that usually in a tea, which is an herb.
So those are some ideas. And I hope that this was helpful for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please reach out to me, let me know if this in enhanced things for you, and I wish you great health, great happiness, and all the very best. Thank you so much for listening to the end.
I’m so honored you spent this time with me. And I’m so excited to hear about your journey and your experience finding miracles in your life. And healing your body. As well as anything else you like to share, a great way to get in touch with me is to send me a DM on Instagram. That’s where I’m most active.
And you can find me at Amy Leigh Mercree on Instagram. You can find all kinds of info about me, my work, my seventeen books and accounting, on my website, amyleighmercree dot com, and I’d love to hear from you on any of those channels. And I hope that you gain value from our work here today and that your life is enhanced and that you feel great because that’s what I want for you to feel good all of the time. Have a beautiful rest of your day or night.