Episode 40: Modern Day Priestesshood with Julie Parker

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Julie Parker, Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy and author of Priestess, a spiritual guide and companion meant to inspire readers to explore what it means to be a modern spiritual leader and priestess in today’s world. As a modern-day priestess, Julie brings forth her lineage of spiritual service through her priestess podcast, sacred priestess circles, and priestess temple school.

In the modern context, being a priestess can translate to being a healer, teacher, mother, coach, guide, sacred circle facilitator, plant medicine expert, and many other leadership roles in life, work, business, or community. As Julie explains, a priestess is a sacred spiritual leader who deeply holds space for others – often other women – to help them explore their divinity, spirituality, and awakening.

Julie and Amy also talk about:

  • How priestesshood is returning to our spiritual birthright that was buried and pushed underground through patriarchy
  • How it’s important for any modern priestess to be in right relationship to mother earth
  • For those on the path of priestesshood, giving yourself time and space to be in deeper relationship with yourself