Episode 5: Feminine Cycles and Activism with Amy Wilding

In today’s episode of Happily Holistic, Amy Leigh Mercree sits down for a call with Amy Wilding. Amy Wilding is a feminine advocate, aiming to normalize “taboo” subjects surrounding the female body. Wilding runs Red Tent Louisville, a safe nonsecular space for women to share their stories. She runs a number of services such as leadership circles, e-courses, and speeches in order to teach women about the in depth workings of menstruation. Wilding aims to deconstruct the patriarchy by allowing women to learn about their bodies. The two Amys discuss their own personal experiences as service providers. Both women have concluded that medical information surrounding female menstruation is limited and difficult to access.

Wilding is also an author. Her book Wild and Wise  takes a deep dive into the “sacred feminine”. Her book guides women through a series of meditations. She aims to push women further into understanding their own bodies and honoring their processes. Mercree and Wilding talk about Wild and Wise and what it can do for you.

The two women share with us future projects, specifically Wilding’s new and upcoming book. Wilding’s new book will cover menopause. The book will introduce and prepare women for the multidimensional experience that leaves many women feeling alone or invalid. Listen through the podcast to find out how menopause is an experience that can be life changing and why it affects multiple components of your body, mind and spirit.

As part of a quick moving society, both women seek to make a difference. Wilding talks about her activism and the part she plays in transforming lives for women of all ages. She shares her emotions and shows us why it can be important to feel enraged.

Listen along as the Amys cover these topics and more. Included in today’s podcast is also an excerpt from Wild and Wise.