Episode 7: Radical Love in a Relationship with Gala Darling

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Gala Darling joins Amy to talk about wellness and. Gala Darling, author of best selling book Radical Self-Love, teaches others how to use radical self-love to revolutionize their own lives. The two ladies kick off the podcast talking about Gala’s travels with her best friend. She explains how seeing women make lives out of passions has inspired her. Gala Darling gives us some information on her new book, Hologram Heart. She explains about the new focus of the third book in an unofficial series. She takes the next step to write about how to hold self-love while in a relationship.

Gala gives us a guideline of how to keep an individual identity while bringing another into our lives. She runs us through how taking a relationship slow can truly save it and those in it. Sometimes tradition does not equate to happiness and Gala brings a fresh perspective to the meaning of relationships. Listen along to hear her vouch for independence in space and time during a relationship. Find out why she won’t be giving up her hot pink couch.

Gala brings up the progression of women and how creative and successful women crave different companionship. Her new book connects to a virtual book club. In doing so, Gala hoped to bring women together who might otherwise feel alone in a world full of diverse relationships.

Listen to the podcast to find how empowered women can change the course of their lives through their relationships. Find out how you can rewrite the script to keep your radical self-love.