Episode 8: Channeling for Others and the Deep Truth About Isolation

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy calls up Dr. Deganit Nuur to chat about their jobs as energy messengers and their findings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deganit holds many titles such as writer, clairvoyant, and doctor of acupuncture. Like Amy, she channels spirits to help others connect and heal. Together, Amy and Deganit talk about the personal growth involved in being a spiritual messenger. Deganit lets us in with her observations about her sessions and how the impact has led her to become stronger in her personal life.

Between helping others and managing themselves, Deganit and Amy do not fail to mention lessons learned from client readings. One of their most important tips is the value of personal power. Deganit teaches us why we are quick to let go when we should be holding on.

In light of the pandemic, Deganit and Amy share some common concerns of clients. We learn about the capabilities of isolation and why not all effects are negative. The duo, armed with spiritual guidance, let us see the true effects of this pandemic and how we all will grow. Find out why we lacked deep connections and how this global difficulty is restoring humanity.