Episode 9: Pop Culture Meditation with Biet Simken

In this episode of Happily Holistic Amy sits with, the “Lady Gaga of Meditation”, Biet Simken. Biet Simken is a world renowned meditation leader, author, and musician. Her teachings aim to combine pop culture with meditation and deliver her message in a unique way.

Biet gets candid with us, sharing her story of her success with Sony at the age of 18. She shares her struggles of deeply close loss and difficulty in finding herself through her youth. She found herself using heroin and it was in her decision to become sober that led her down her path of spirituality. As she craved to be deeply spiritually connected, she found herself starting a journey. Biet found that her target audience would overthink when it came to typical guided meditation. Her metropolitan youth would worry about it all, so she came up with using a more shocking meditation technique to help others stop thinking and start connecting.

Biet tells us about the intense meditative transformation she hosts at festivals and how hung over men in their 20s end up in emotional tears.

BIet shares her discovery of suffering and fear. She shares how formative it is and why we never shake it. Because of the difficulty she has gone through, she realized life is living in duality. She tells us about how the strength of her duality caused her to switch life coaches.

Listen along to find out how her work on herself continues and how making yourself public might be best.