Your goddess guide is...

Oya, the goddess of Surrender

Power Goddess Mantra

I surrender to the flow of the universe.

Goddess Invocation

Dear Oya, please help me surrender to the river of universal life force. I allow life to bring me to my heart’s desires with ease and joy.

About Oya

Oya is a Yoruban goddess representing the winds of change. She also was thought to govern storms, lightning, thunder, rain, tornadoes, transformation, fire, and weather. She created nine whirlwinds and was known to transform into a buffalo. As a result, the number nine is associated with Oya.

She is known to cut through density with her sword of truth bringing transformation. She is the mother of chaos. Out of chaos, new growth is created. With her strength and clearing power, Oya opens the doors to evolving into your best self.

Oya was also known as the goddess of the marketplace and was a patroness for business owners. She protects women and is thought to carry souls in and out of incarnation on her wind. She is also known in Brazil as a goddess.


You connected with this goddess today to remind you to surrender to the flow of life. You are entering a period of transformation. The more you can let go and relax your heart the more you can allow life to bring you to your next evolutionary level.

You are changing and becoming a new version of yourself. You are destined to evolve and Oya is giving you a necessary nudge. She will be gentle if you surrender to the flow. Evolution and change are the only constants in the dualistic universe. Don’t fight it. Allow yourself to relax into the changes coming your way.

Reject stagnation that is the result of fear. Face your fears and evolve into your true self. If you dim your light to make others comfortable, you serve nobody. You deprive the world of your light and deny your truth. Let go into the flow.

Oya may also be calling you into business for yourself or blessing your existing business. She brings her shrewd senses and leadership ability and ignites these qualities within you. She will protect you and keep you safe so you can relax and surrender to the flow of life.

Hi there!

I'm Amy Leigh Mercree
Bestselling Author, Medical Intuitive, and Intuitive Teacher

I have been able to talk to spirit guides for most of my life. I began to fully align with that skill at age 17 when I began studying shamanism, reiki, and medicine ways with numerous teachers.

I am eternally grateful for these teachings and the support of my guides, the grandmothers, my teachers and the goddesses with whom I have worked for over twenty years. The goddesses of the light have been in my life for so long, guiding me, supporting and comforting even through my divorce!

I have lived an enchanting and joyful life due to the support and guidance of my spirit team.

I want that for you. I want you to experience the joy and enchantment of life. I want you to feel connected to nature and the benevolence of the universe and to have a source of support and comfort. 

It is my calling to teach you how to communicate with your guides and ultimately to heal yourself. It is my joy to be witness to your experiences talking to and journeying with your guides to unravel the beauty of your life. It’s my honor to watch your life unfold in better and higher vibrational ways when you choose to open your mind and heart to the endless possibilities and pantheon of supportive non-physical beings all around you. 

I love connecting people with the incredible wealth of divine feminine energy the goddesses bring. The feminine is rising again and ultimately, hopefully, bringing balance to our world. Take that next step and meet them with me. 


Your guides want to communicate with you. I'm here to show you how.

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Plant Power Remedy

African Black Plum / Vitex doniana

African black plum is native in Yorubaland which encompasses Central Togo, West and Southwest Nigeria, and South and Central Benin. It is part of the large Vitex family of plants that includes chaste berry and many other medicinal plants.

The fruit of the African black plum is a nutritious food source and medicinal powerhouse. It contains tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is reported to have a delicious, faintly chocolate-like taste. It is also rich in iron and has blood building properties.

Its flower is tiny and tropical and holds the vibration of rich, earthy, surrender. When you connect with the African black plum you are fortified and embraced. She surrounds you with a rooted sense of security as well as an ability to remain healthily detached from the drama of life. The vibration of the entire tree allows you to feel present and whole while flowing with the pulse of the universe. You do not need to be in physical proximity to this plant to receive its numerous blessings. Simply look at it on it and open your heart to it.


Oya is here to help you relax in your deepest being in the face of the uncertainty of the world. Nothing is guaranteed. Not tomorrow or the next day. But, your true self and the wisdom to navigate the chaos of duality is innately wired into your being. You are eternal. Whether incarnated or not, you are infinite. It is safe to be fully present to life and let go into its flow.

Only through surrender can you feel the ultimate joys of life and weather the inevitable challenges. Duality is temporary and illusory. It is where you are now but only a tiny piece of the reality of who you are. When you surrender to what is, you make space to feel your infinity. Only through benevolent detachment can you touch the great beyond and simultaneously fully embrace your life.

Now, open your being to Oya and let her help you deepen your surrender to what is and acceptance of the beauty of the holistic nature of your life.

I made you a special playlist to connect with the Oya vibe!


Ready to Dive Deeper?

There’s no shortage of resources here for you, goddess. These should get you started, but this is just the beginning of your journey into the divine feminine. I’m here to support you.


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You are a Goddess

There is more on the way. Be on the lookout for even more resources via email to help you align with your true self and live your passion.

You are a Goddess

There is more on the way. Be on the lookout for even more resources via email to help you align with your true self and live your passion.