Your goddess guide is...

Sati, the goddess of Divine Love

Power Goddess Mantra

I embrace divine love in my life.

Goddess Invocation

Dear Sati, please bring me divine love in my life and within myself. Let me experience boundless love with ease and grace.

About Sati

Sati was the first wife of the Hindu deity Shiva. Together they are the embodiment of divine love. When Sati passed away, she reincarnated as the Hindu goddess Parvati and became Shiva’s wife again. Their love was so strong they magnetized one another through time and space multiple times.

Sati and Shiva’s lovemaking was legendary and has connection to what we would refer to as Tantra. It was not only about intoxicating passion and desire for these lovers, but also deep care, divine love, and emotional ecstasy to go with the sensuous pleasure they shared. Sati can show you how to embody the divine feminine and her associated receptivity.

Sati was also a fierce, cleansing goddess of rebirth and transformation as needed. She can clear away the old and outdated using the fires of passion and desire and make way for new heights of divine love and ecstasy available to you. 


You selected this goddess today because divine love is coming your way. This could be in the form of a new lover with whom you will share a heart connection or an igniting of new levels of passion and divine love in an existing union. Love is coming for you. Receive its gifts with gratitude and open your heart to the experience while staying balanced in yourself. This is the time to go deep and let old patterns dissolve to make way for new levels of pleasure steeped in the bliss of love.

Whether you are female, trans, male, gay, straight, bi, lesbian, queer, and everything in between, Sati brings you divine love. This may be love from deep within yourself, too, if you do not desire romantic union. Love in all of its forms is a gift. It is human to desire. We are chemically built for love. Find your balanced union within and without as you open your heart to divine love.

Hi there!

I'm Amy Leigh Mercree
Bestselling Author, Medical Intuitive, and Intuitive Teacher

I have been able to talk to spirit guides for most of my life. I began to fully align with that skill at age 17 when I began studying shamanism, reiki, and medicine ways with numerous teachers.

I am eternally grateful for these teachings and the support of my guides, the grandmothers, my teachers and the goddesses with whom I have worked for over twenty years. The goddesses of the light have been in my life for so long, guiding me, supporting and comforting even through my divorce!

I have lived an enchanting and joyful life due to the support and guidance of my spirit team.

I want that for you. I want you to experience the joy and enchantment of life. I want you to feel connected to nature and the benevolence of the universe and to have a source of support and comfort. 

It is my calling to teach you how to communicate with your guides and ultimately to heal yourself. It is my joy to be witness to your experiences talking to and journeying with your guides to unravel the beauty of your life. It’s my honor to watch your life unfold in better and higher vibrational ways when you choose to open your mind and heart to the endless possibilities and pantheon of supportive non-physical beings all around you. 

I love connecting people with the incredible wealth of divine feminine energy the goddesses bring. The feminine is rising again and ultimately, hopefully, bringing balance to our world. Take that next step and meet them with me. 


Your guides want to communicate with you. I'm here to show you how.

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Plant Power Remedy

Rose / Rosa

Rose is a calmative herbal remedy. It can be taken in the form of organic, dried petals in an herbal infusion/tea that is mildly sedative and heart opening. Placed in your environment, roses can draw love to you and remind you to unconditionally love yourself. Roses have a soothing yet gently enlivening effect. Rose petals are anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and antiseptic when consumed or used as a poultice.

Rose flower essence is a remedy for love, passion, unconditional love, and self-love.

Rose petals are symbols of love, softness, and sensuousness. Enjoy them! Use organically grown fresh rose petals in your bath like the goddess you are. Let their fragrance and petal soft countenance envelope you in warmth and divine love.


Sati has come to you today to help you let go of anything limiting your full enjoyment of the divine love coming your way. If you choose, tell Sati, “yes,” and she will clear you of old patterns. You can let go of learned behavior from the romantic relationships you witnessed as an impressionable child, for example your parents’ relationship if you were around them. Do this now with deep breathing as you let Sati help you. Bring your attention to the center of your chest and feel a pulsing or tingling there. Let go into it and relax your heart as you allow Sati to empower your heart center to receive the gifts of divine love. It is a fact that love is magnetized to you. Most likely in a romantic form. Glory in that rush of feel-good chemicals and let it heal you. Let love help you become even more yourself.     

I made you a special playlist to connect with the Sati vibe!


Ready to Dive Deeper?

There’s no shortage of resources here for you, goddess. These should get you started, but this is just the beginning of your journey into the divine feminine. I’m here to support you.


 To help you tap into your feminine power.


To help you boost your psychic skills.


To expand your understanding of our universe.

You are a Goddess

There is more on the way. Be on the lookout for even more resources via email to help you align with your true self and live your passion.

You are a Goddess

There is more on the way. Be on the lookout for even more resources via email to help you align with your true self and live your passion.