ancestral, karmic healing and soul retrieval

Ancestral Karmic Healing and Soul Retrieval

Level: Advanced
Prerequisites: Meet Your Guides and Archangels, Star Guides, and Your Purpose
4 weeks
9/12/19 – 10/3/19
7-9pm EST
Join from anywhere in the world. You will be provided with a call in number and PIN.

In this advanced shamanism class you will learn the art and science of soul retrieval, soul balancing, and how to unearth and balance karma. You will learn to journey shamanically to uncover past lives to either release their density or integrate their strengths or both. You’ll also learn about the behind-the-scenes workings of the time space continuum and the archetypes that humanity collectively possesses that influence our streams of incarnation. Prepare to heal, transform karma, and expand your awareness.

All classes are held on the phone with a call in number. After you sign up you will receive call in info, instructions, and everything you need for the class. After each class you will be emailed a link to an MP3 so you can download the class and listen whenever you choose. During the duration of the class you will also be invited to email our staff any questions that come up during the week so we can answer them on the next call.

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