Amy’s Top 10 Books by Women Authors to Give Your Besties!

100 Days to Calm

I love being an author because it has brought the most amazing women in my life. I have been able to meet these women and hear their story through their incredible words. If you are ever in need of finding the perfect gift for your besties, I have put together my top 10 books by women authors.

Top 7 Wellness Gifts for 2021: All by Women-Owned Small Businesses!

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Top 7 Wellness Gifts for 2020: All by Women-Owned Small Businesses!
I don’t know about you, but the end of 2020 calls for some wellness goodies to take care of ourselves and the amazing women in our lives. Every year I focus on supporting small businesses, but this year, it is even more important to do so. So I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite wellness gifts for 2020.

Three Minute Mindfulness Life Hacks


Got 5 Minutes? Sign Up and Get My Easy Meditation Process for Instant Calm Mindfulness is consciously being present and in the moment. It is an experience of focus but also one of relaxation. Yet, as important as it is, we aren’t reminded often enough to live with true presence. We are told from a […]

Four Self Compassion Exercises to Find Happiness


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Meditation for Stress Relief


You might be reading this on your phone from the carpool line where you’re picking up your kids from school or at the DMV, waiting anxiously to have your number called. You might be reading this after a very long and stressful day. I’m here to remind you of something you probably need to hear: […]

Embracing Change!


Change is a universal constant.  Even in the highest of light-filled realms change is always afoot.  In our universe, change is present on every level of existence. So how do we go about embracing change? Atomic change exists as constant motion within the very matter that comprises the entire universe.  Everything around you is in […]