Get a mega dose of inspiration
Find your journey below.


Get a mega dose of inspiration
Find your journey below.

Beginner Live Classes

Meet Your Guides

Do you feel lonely, lost, or spiritually disconnected? Are you searching for meaning in this sometimes disheartening world? Would it be comforting to know there is something else out there?

Hundreds of people ask me every year, “How can I hear advice from my spirit guides? I wish I could talk with them directly.”

Here’s my answer: You can talk to your spirit guides, at will, in detail, as much as you want. In this live experiential class, I will teach you exactly how to do it and help you build the skills to make it easy. Intuition is natural and guides are your spiritual family just waiting to meet you. Join me and your classmates and meet your guides! A whole new world awaits!

This class is the first step in your journey to understanding intuitive healing and your gateway to opening to your innate ability to communicate with spirit guides.

Note: Meet Your Guides is the first step to unlocking a journey of discovery with your spirit guides. This class is mandatory for any additional class with Amy.

Intermediate Classes

Archangels, Star Guides and Your Purpose

Journey more deeply into your life’s purpose with the help of archangelic and star guides. Learn powerful shamanic techniques for manifestation. Journey to the moon and uplevel your automatic writing skills. Explore the world of spirit guide communication more deeply in this intermediate level class.

Note: This class has a prerequisite of Meet Your Guides.

Ancestral and Karmic Healing

In this intermediate shamanism class you will learn the art and science how to unearth and balance karma. You will learn to journey shamanically to uncover past lives to either release their density or integrate their strengths or both.

You’ll also learn about the behind-the-scenes workings of the time space continuum and the archetypes that humanity collectively possesses that influence our streams of incarnation. Prepare to heal, transform karma, and expand your awareness.

Note:  This class has a prerequisite of Meet Your Guides and Archangels, Star Guides And Your Purpose

Advanced Classes

Soul Balancing and Soul Retrieval

In this advanced shamanism class you will learn the art and science of soul retrieval and soul balancing. You will journey into alternate reality to bring back lost and displaced fragments of soul energy. This is a tremendously healing class that evokes greater health, well being, and wholeness.

Note: This class has prerequisites of Meet Your Guides, Archangels, Star Guides And Your Purpose, and Ancestral And Karmic Healing.

Additional Courses of Study

Note: These classes have a prerequisite of Meet Your Guides, Archangels, Star Guides And Your Purpose, and Ancestral And Karmic Healing.

Goddesses and Shamanism

Build on your intuitive and shamanic skills and journey each week with different goddesses. Experience healing and alchemical protocols from the goddesses firsthand. Learn about the mythology and magic of the divine feminine pantheon with Amy as your expert guide.

Past Goddesses and Shamanism classes have featured:

  • Goddess Shamanism One
  • Goddess Shamanism Two
  • Goddess Shamanism Three
  • Springtime Goddess Shamanism
  • Deep Winter Goddess Shamanism
  • Hot Summer Goddess Shamanism
  • Autumn Goddess Cleansing Intensive
  • Beltaine and the Love Goddesses
  • Celebrating the Original Yule
  • Samhian and Ancestral Power
  • Eostre, Ostara, and Friends – The Original Resurrection Mythology
  • Imbolc Shamanic Magic
  • Healing with the Evening Star and the Divine Feminine

Multidimensional Universe

Explore the multidimensional nature of the universe in which we live. Meet the hemispheres of your brain, experience the cosmic records of all existence, explore shamanic alchemy tools, meet the healing guides of the deep ocean and much more! Expand your spiritual horizons in a big way!

Past Multidimensional Universe classes have featured:

  • Journey Into Multidimensionality I
  • Journey Into Multidimensionality II
  • Journey with Planetary Healers, Ascended Masters, and Multidimensional Guides (expert)
  • Advanced Journey Into Multidimensionality I
  • Advanced Journey Into Multidimensionality II

Plants and Herbal Shamanism

Delve deeply into the plant world and meet the shanamaic spirits of flowers, essential oils, and herbal remedies. Connect with faerie folk and elementals and open your heart to more light with the magic of plants!

Past Plants and Herbal Shamanism classes have featured:

  • The Shamanic Magic of Flowers and Flower Spirit Healing
  • Deep Healing Flower Shamanism
  • Flower Shamanism for Improved Intuition
  • Shamanic Candle Magic and Scrying Shamanism
  • Faerie and Elemental Shamanism
  • Shamanic Herbs and Plant Medicine
  • Culinary Herbs Shamanic Magic
  • Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Shamanism

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shamanism

Explore the intersection of Taoism and shamanism! Learn about the five element system in traditional Chinese medicine, how to shamanically heal the meridian system, and harness the power of TCM using your shamanic skills. Prepare for deep healing and expanded understanding of life, inherited ancestral energy, and the body.

Past Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shamanism classes have featured:

  • Shamanic Meridian Healing (Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Shamanism)
  • TCM Elemental Shamanism
  • Metal, Water, Earth Flowing Element Shamanism
  • Immersion into Fire and Wood Element Shamanism

Cross Cultural Shamanic Traditions

Tour the world and history in an experiential way by connecting through myth and legend. Meet deities from all around the planet and immerse yourself in the deep healing and wisdom these beings share.

Past Cross Cultural Shamanic Traditions classes have featured:

  • Norse Shamanic Mythology
  • Shamanic Guides from Ancient Civilizations
  • Celtic Shamanism
  • Western European Shamanic Guides
  • Eastern European and Russian Shamanic Guides
  • Asian Shamanic Guides and Bodhisattvas
  • Shamanic African Guides
  • South American Shanamic Guides
  • Central American Shamanic Guides
  • Native American Shanamac Guides
  • Australian and Maori Shamanic Guides

Indigenous Shamanic Teachings

These classes are all drawn from rich oral traditions passed down from teacher to student. Amy’s medicine teacher Laurie Levity and her teacher Twyla shared this wisdom with Amy and initiated Amy into an age old lineage over twenty five years ago. Amy has been expanding upon and passing down that information for almost twenty years. The wheel turns and the teaching ever flows from teacher to student.

Past Indigenous Shamanic Teachings classes have featured:

  • Journey with the Grandmothers of the Seven Directions
  • Journey with the Grandfathers of the Seven Directions
  • New Beginnings in the East
  • Lushness in the South
  • Cleansing and Dreaming from the West
  • Deep Northern Wisdom – Alchemical Healing with White Buffalo Woman
  • The Pathkeeper
  • Journey with Sky Blanket
  • Star Nation and the Great Mystery

The Intuitive Home


Introducing a new session package: The Intuitive Home. Use this session to hone in on several areas of your home to optimize them and the way that their energy influences the flow of your life. Amy communicates with your home spirit guides who help you have an optimized and harmonious dwelling.

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