Meet Your Guides

with Amy Leigh Mercree

✔ 4 weeks of LIVE workshop classes with Amy

✔ Small intimate group for customized teaching

✔ Learn how to meet and communicate with your Spirit Guides

Move forward with confidence that you will be able to look to your Spirit Guides for guidance


** Since this is a LIVE workshop, spots are very limited (8 people) and will fill up quickly **


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“Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts, talent, and expertise with us. I feel very blessed. My mind feels like it’s expanding ten times over and my body feels the healing. The phrase ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem to convey my sentiment properly, but I hope you can feel the ‘infinite thank you’!”

— Nancy, Meet Your Guides Student

Hi, I’m Amy

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a medical intuitive with over 20 years experience.

Whether you are deep on your spiritual journey or just trying to find answers during a difficult time, I’m here to tell you that connecting with your spirit guides can add depth and clarity to your everyday live.

I created this program because I LOVE helping others be able to communicate with their spirit guides. I’ve built my entire business around this because it WORKS.

We will meet on Monday evenings for 4 weeks for a LIVE workshop with me. Each class will include two interactive experiences to connect with your spirit guides with time for questions and guidance during which I can help you learn to understand the messages from your spirit helpers. After each class you will get a recording delivered to your email so you can access the content from the live session forever.

If you are reading this right now, it means you’re curious about connecting with the incredible depth and insight you can access from building a relationship with your spirit helpers. You are ready to open the door to a loving, benevolent, world of non-physical beings who are patiently waiting to meet and guide you.

My clients that take this course walk away with not only valuable skills they can put into action immediately but often leave inspired to continue on a spiritual path that includes helping others and healing in myriad ways. When we have access to wisdom and consciousness on this deeper level we can make an even more positive contribution to the world while also aligning with our heart’s desires.

Are you ready? I can’t wait to meet you.




“Thank you for sharing [Meet Your Guides] with us – it was a truly wonderful experience! I can still feel a ‘lingering lightness’ from my final class journeys… and it feels amazing. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise and wisdom with our spirit family classmates. I’m absolutely hooked and would love to sign up for [future classes]!”

-Anonymous, Meet Your Guides Student

About Amy Leigh Mercree

Amy Leigh Mercree is a medical intuitive with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in spirit guides with a focus on shamanism, chakras, and holistic wellness. 

Amy is a bestselling author of fifteen books, media personality, holistic health expert, and medical intuitive. Mercree teaches internationally sharing Medicine Woman Bootcamp, Meet Your Guides,  Goddess Shamanism, and Mindfulness Meditation classes.

Mercree has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Women’s Health, Inc. Magazine, Shape, Poosh, The Huffington Post, Your Tango, Soul and Spirit Magazine, Mind Body Green, CBS, NBC, Hello Giggles, Reader’s Digest, Oprah.com, Forbes, First for Women, Country Living, FOX, Bustle, Well+Good, Refinery 29, Hello Glow, She Knows, Thrive Global, Spartan, Poosh, Parade Magazine, and many more.

Amy has been an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive for over twenty years. She’s helped thousands of people find the root causes of numerous mild and moderate medical conditions and uncover their bodies wisdom to heal permanently.


** Since this is a LIVE workshop, spots are very limited (8 people) and will fill up quickly **



We will meet on Monday evenings for 4 weeks.

All calls will be on Uber Conference.

October 5th 7-9pm EST

October 12th 7-9pm EST

October 19th 7-9pm EST

October 26th 7-9pm EST

Attendance in the first class is mandatory.

If you miss a call, everything will be recorded and shared right away.

I would really appreciate your time and presence each week to make the most of our time together.




Meet your Power Animal guide who has been with your since birth. This benevolent, wise animal spirit will act as your advisor for years to come. Overtime, you can build a close and nurturing relationship with this nonphysical being.


You will learn to communicate with and visit human form spirit guides. These are loving, caring, intelligent, nonphysical mentors who can advise you on all areas of life and offer you healing.
Along with directly communicating with these beings by journeying to their realm, you will also begin a practice of Automatic Writing using Amy’s proprietary, effective, time tested tactics.


This week you will visit other dimensional realities using Amy’s exclusive, high level system. You will meet more of your spirit guides. These guides will be especially helpful with health and things that have to do with your life here on earth. These trusted advisors will begin a relationship with you during this class that can enhance your life for many years to come. These beings can be like close friends over time. It is possible to have “friends” in nonphysical reality, too! After your journey experience you will uplevel your automatic writing skills even more.

WEEK 4: learn how to shamanically remove density and blocks

Meet animal guardian guides for your chakras during this class. These beings can help you uplevel your health, intuition, communication skills, ability to create what you want in the world, your confidence, and even your sex life! Learn all about chakras and then meet your very own team to optimize your energy centers.
Next, learn how to shamanically remove density and blocks from your body and energy centers. You can heal yourself with the help of kind, compassionate healing guides. These guides can become crucial team members to elevate your long term health and well being.

** Since this is a LIVE workshop, spots are very limited (8 people) and will fill up quickly **


“Amy Leigh is a gifted at getting her audience to incredible places of awareness. It is a joy to listen to all the information she brings forth. I highly recommend experiencing Amy’s [classes].” 

-Lisa, Meet Your Guides Student


“It is difficult for me to describe how deeply the messages you shared affected me. I am not exaggerating when I say that they changed my life profoundly.  . . . shifted me to a stable, solid place of light and love.  I’m very excited to see what our future holds and find myself to be much more hopeful than I was before.”  

– Anonymous Meet Your Guides Student


“Amy Leigh takes the wisdom of the ages and offers it to you in a new form for every day practicality.  She has a warm and engaging Spirit and a message that is timeless!” 

 -Julianne, Meet Your Guides Student

$275 for


We will meet on Monday evenings for 4 weeks.

All calls will be on Uber Conference.

** Since this is a LIVE workshop, spots are very limited (8 people) and will fill up quickly **


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