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Now’s the time of year I start to see a LOT of clients with colds, flu and viral infections. And it’s not even October yet! Tis the season people say. Yes, it is.. But NOT for the reasons you might think! 

This topic is a big one, so I wanted to put together a special, live, Immune Boosting Masterclass for everyone who wants to supercharge their health this season and feel good all year long. 

In this two-hour live class we will explore:

  • Proprietary immune-boosting protocol
  • Essential oil tips and tricks to supercharge your spleen and immune system
  • Autumn lungs and how they hold grief 
  • How your chi is affected by cold and flu
  • Tips from TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) to clear dampness from the system and support your lung chi
  • Causes of colds and viral infections according to TCM and how to alleviate and prevent them
  • Live Q&A to help answer any of your questions

PLUS Huge bonus! Free Immune Boosting recipes >> Effective DIY recipes with tons of immune-boosting ingredients from ACV Citrus Delights and Honey Tonics to Invigorating Orange-Lemon Green Tea drinks. Plus, my Antibiotic Replacement Recipe, Antibacterial and Antiviral Diffusion Blend, and many more!

About Me

I’ve been an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive for over fifteen years and am a bestselling author of eleven health and wellness books. My goal is to help people find the root causes of mild and moderate medical conditions to uncover their bodies wisdom to heal permanently.

I want this class to be accessible to as many people as possible, and I REALLY want everyone to have this info and a healthy, supercharged season! 

Sign up today for $39 (usual price $99)

Let’s make sure your household is healthy and happy this season with this next level of healing. Don’t let an unplanned virus get in the way of enjoying all your favorite fall activities!

Join Amy on Thursday October 10th from 7-9pm to supercharge your health and boost your immune system!

Note: This class will be held on Zoom and you will be provided with a call in number and online link. After you sign up you will receive call in info, instructions, and everything you need for the class. After class you will be emailed a link to an MP4 so you can watch whenever you choose.

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