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Joyful Living: 101 Ways to Transform Your Spirit and Revitalize Your Life

Discover how to experience bliss every day and also be equipped to weather the ups and downs of life with Joyful Living, a practical roadmap to finding inner and outer happiness. Using a mindful and balanced approach, Amy Leigh Mercree presents over a hundred ways to enliven your spirit and step into the blissful life you desire.

Featuring affirmations, exercises, inspirational stories, and more, the bliss-bringing entries throughout this book are practical and easy-to-use. Organized into a variety of themes—including spiritual ecstasy, attitudes of gratitude, happy heart, creative inspiration, and more—you can use the entries in any order for optimal effectiveness. By applying mindfulness techniques and actively working toward greater awareness, you can calm your busy life and focus on the joyful world around you.

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Joyful Living offers hundreds of useful and easy ways to add more beauty, bliss and pleasure into daily life. In just a few minutes each day you can enrich your life with this treasure trove of wisdom.” – Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

“A life of bliss is not only possible, but imperative. Tools and cultivation are all it takes to live the life of your dreams. Amy’s book is a literary light that will help illuminate the path to personal greatness.” -Sheila Kelley, emmy nominated actress, TedX Speaker, author

“In Joyful Living Amy reminds us of the inherent and critical truth that we can each embrace the transformative presence of Divine Love within ourselves.” – Tosha Silver, author of Outrageous Openness and Change Me Prayers

“I dare you to try and find 101 ways to talk yourself out of your rightfully deserved bliss. Amy, has your excuses list covered, ensuring your day is nothing but an effortless marathon of self-love, good vibes, and joyful living. Yes please right? All aboard the transformation train. Woop woop!” – Emma Mildon -The Spiritual PA, Best Selling Author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook

“I am a huge fan of Amy Leigh Mercree. She’s my go-to guide for getting unstuck and reaching new levels of happiness. Amy is the most joy filled, loving teacher I know. She will light your day with authentic power so you can live your full potential. Make no mistake, Amy and this book will transform your life in extraordinary ways.”
—Shannon Kaiser, Joy Guru, best-selling author of Adventures for Your Soul

“Amy Leigh Mercree is on a passionate mission to support you in your quest to live life to the fullest! She’s your cheerleader plus your guide to access the deepest truths within your soul. Her book is like a passport to joy!” – Kristi Ling, Author of Operation Happiness: The 3-Step Plan to Creating a Life of Lasting Joy, Abundant Energy, and Radical Bliss

“Amy is on a mission to illuminate the path to bliss and happiness. She shows us that every small step adds up to big love and joy. If you want more exuberance and elation pick up her book today.” Linda Joy, Bestselling Publisher, Aspire Magazine and Inspired Living Publishing

Amy Leigh Mercree has over 15 years of experience working with thousands of clients worldwide as a healer and teacher. She is the author of “The Spiritual Girls Guide to Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love, Sex, and Soul Mates” (Adams) and bestselling author of “A Little Bit of Chakras” (Sterling). Mercree speaks internationally at conferences and teaches workshops focusing on kindness, joy, and wellness. She has been featured in many magazines and websites, including Glamour UK, Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Inc. Magazine,,, AOL Latina, and Women’s Health. Amy Leigh Mercree is fast becoming one of the most quoted women on the web with quotes featured on numerous sites and shared all over Twitter. See what all the buzz is about @AmyLeighMercree on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

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