New Moon Goddess Bootcamp

 In Beginner - Live Class

New Moon Goddess Bootcamp

learn the art of divination through my interactive new moon goddess class

New Moon Goddess Bootcamp

Level: Beginner

4 two-hour Sessions

Intimate Group Workshop

Learn the ancient art of scrying. This is a divination technique used for millennia. Reading tea leaves is form of scrying. We will use a bowl, spring water, a candle, and proprietary techniques developed by Amy over eighteen years as a medicine woman.

Try your hand at shamanic candle magic. This Celtic and European divination technique has been adapted by Amy to be used at this powerful time of the moon cycle noted for its ability to increase clairvoyance.

Learn the medicine technique of weaving talismans to manifest what you desire or release what no longer serves you. You will use materials from the natural world to bring the energy of the Earth and moon together for your well being.

Manifesting is amplified wiehn you use a proprietary process developed by Amy and her soul sister called the golden thread. This is how you can draw your desires to you for your highest good and the new moon will amplify your power during this compelling ritual.

Join from anywhere in the world. You will be provided with a call in number and PIN.
Class materials: journal, writing tool

This class is not currently accepting enrollment. 

About Amy

New Moon Goddess Bootcamp

Amy is a medical intuitive with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in spirit guides with a focus on shamanism, chakras, and holistic wellness. 

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