Next Level Healing: Medical Intuition Experience

Experience Amy’s proprietary medical intuitive protocols live! These powerful techniques were received from spirit over her 18 years as a medical intuitive and multidimensional healer.

Week one: we will rewire your nervous system for optimum health.

Week two: we will upgrade your heart and lung systems and align them with their highest potential.

Week three: we will unravel any curses or negative energy placed upon your ancestors that are negatively impacting you in any way.

Week four: we will clear and heal any density or unbalanced energy that is a result of ancestral karma.

Each week we will do a guided meditation. Then one of Amy’s powerfully healing protocols. We’ll finish the experience with a few recommendations for the healing to be maximized. Things like beverages to drink or activities that will help extend the healing.

All you need for this workshop is yourself! It’s a beginner level class. You might also like to have a journal handy.

Level: beginner
4 weeks
7/15/19- 8/5/19 – Mondays.
8:30-9:45pm EST
Join from anywhere in the world. You will be provided with a call in number and PIN.
Class materials: journal, writing implement

All classes are held on the phone with a call in number. After you sign up you will receive call in info, instructions, and everything you need for the class. After each class you will be emailed a link to an MP3 so you can download the class and listen whenever you choose. During the duration of the class you will also be invited to email our staff any questions that come up during the week so we can answer them on the next call.

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