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Episode 7: Radical Love in a Relationship with Gala Darling


October 22nd, 2020

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Gala Darling joins Amy to talk about wellness and. Gala Darling, author of best selling book Radical Self-Love, teaches others how to use radical self-love to revolutionize their own lives. The two ladies kick off the podcast talking about Gala’s travels with her best friend. She explains how seeing women make lives out of passions has inspired her. Gala Darling gives us some information on her new book, Hologram Heart. She explains about the new focus of the third book in an unofficial series. She takes the next step to write about how to hold self-love while in a relationship. 

Gala gives us a guideline of how to keep an individual identity while bringing another into our lives. She runs us through how taking a relationship slow can truly save it and those in it. Sometimes tradition does not equate to happiness and Gala brings a fresh perspective to the meaning of relationships. Listen along to hear her vouch for independence in space and time during a relationship. Find out why she won’t be giving up her hot pink couch.

Gala brings up the progression of women and how creative and successful women crave different companionship. Her new book connects to a virtual book club. In doing so, Gala hoped to bring women together who might otherwise feel alone in a world full of diverse relationships. 

Listen to the podcast to find how empowered women can change the course of their lives through their relationships. Find out how you can rewrite the script to keep your radical self-love.

Episode 6: The Truth about Lightworkers, Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy


October 15th, 2020

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy Leigh Mercree speaks with George Lizos. George is the best-selling author of Lightworkers Gotta Work: The Ultimate Guide to Following Your Purpose and Creating Change in the World. 

George Lizos is a lightworker who has dedicated his life to find others and guide them to their calling. He shares with us some of his journey through the difficult obstacles and how he overcame them. George opens up about his personal journey through mental health and sexuality. 

In this podcast, George introduces us to the meaning of a lightworker. Find out how to light the spark that changes a thinker to a lightworker. You might be surprised to find out how history has been shaped by the roles of these incredible lightworkers as George gives us some valuable information covered in his book Lightworker Gotta Work.

The pair break down the issues with a patriarchal society and its implications on people. They talk about the importance of accepting the masculine and feminine powers that lie unbalanced and untapped in many. We learn about the power of balancing energies and where to find them. 

Later in the podcast, George lays out his three-step plan on how to begin living a successful and balanced life. 

Together, they guide us through some difficult topics and teach us how to break free of the misconceptions surrounding spiritual people. 

Listen to Amy and George as they discuss the incredible power of nature and find out why it is important to connect with it. Wait until the end of the podcast to find out why tree hugging can be beneficial.

Episode 5: Feminine Cycles and Activism with Amy Wilding


October 1st, 2020

In today’s episode of Happily Holistic, Amy Leigh Mercree sits down for a call with Amy Wilding. Amy Wilding is a feminine advocate, aiming to normalize “taboo” subjects surrounding the female body. Wilding runs Red Tent Louisville, a safe nonsecular space for women to share their stories. She runs a number of services such as leadership circles, e-courses, and speeches in order to teach women about the in depth workings of menstruation. Wilding aims to deconstruct the patriarchy by allowing women to learn about their bodies. The two Amys discuss their own personal experiences as service providers. Both women have concluded that medical information surrounding female menstruation is limited and difficult to access. 

Wilding is also an author. Her book Wild and Wise  takes a deep dive into the “sacred feminine”. Her book guides women through a series of meditations. She aims to push women further into understanding their own bodies and honoring their processes. Mercree and Wilding talk about Wild and Wise and what it can do for you. 

The two women share with us future projects, specifically Wilding’s new and upcoming book. Wilding’s new book will cover menopause. The book will introduce and prepare women for the multidimensional experience that leaves many women feeling alone or invalid. Listen through the podcast to find out how menopause is an experience that can be life changing and why it affects multiple components of your body, mind and spirit. 

As part of a quick moving society, both women seek to make a difference. Wilding talks about her activism and the part she plays in transforming lives for women of all ages. She shares her emotions and shows us why it can be important to feel enraged. 

Listen along as the Amys cover these topics and more. Included in today’s podcast is also an excerpt from Wild and Wise.

Episode 4: Listening to the Universe with Tammy Mastroberte


Sept 24th, 2020

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Tammy Mastroberte–the founder of Elevated Existence. Tammy focuses on taming chaos and how to get intouch with the universe. Tammy’s new book, The Universe is Talking to You, is her longest project. The book encompasses Tammy’s teachings over the course of her lifetime. Amy and Tammy talk about the importance of letting yourself be guided. Especially in the face of uncertainty, staying connected is Tammy’s speciality. 

Throughout the podcast, Tammy shares the best ways to “tame the chaos” during a global shift. Tammy breaks down the difference between internal and external chaos. She shares with us how to limit the external chaos that we are unconsciously accepting into our lives. Tammy shares with us how chaos changes not only our life, but also our health and wellness. 

In the podcast we get a sneak peak of some of the exercises Tammy offers in her new book. These exercises are quick 3-5 minute exercises easy enough for anyone to participate in. Tammy and Amy dive into the importance of vibration and how it can change the way we communicate and experience joy and chaos in life, along with how it can change your interaction with medical intuitives. 

In the podcast, Amy talks about her “Meet Your Guides” classes. You find out why our guides start celebrating when we begin to open up and listen to them. 

Listen along to learn how to listen to the universe and become intuitive to its signs.

Episode 3: Immune Health Using Ayurveda with Deacon Carpenter


Sept 17th, 2020

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks to Deacon Carpenter. Deacon is a wellness advocate and yoga instructor. He dedicates his career to making the knowledge of ayurvedic medicine accessible and practical for people of different walks of life. Deacon started learning about ayurvedic medicine at 16 years old and continues to learn more about what makes it successful. Deacon is the author of A Little Bit of Ayurveda, a book focused on giving the breakdown of Ayurveda medicine. 

The two authors laugh and share memories about herbal medicines and the variety of effects they can have. They talk about the importance of both gradual and intense cleansing and how ayurveda plays a deep role in it. Ayurveda, according to the two authors, is more than cleansing the body. Just as important as cleansing the body is cleansing the mind. In the time of a pandemic, Amy and Deacon talk about what role ayurveda medicine plays in helping others heal and work through illness. Deacon shares with us why this medicine is different from traditional western medicine and why it is important to have a space for both styles to coincide. 

Listen to find out how this Ayurveda can explain why someone gets sick and what karma has to do with. During the podcast, Deacon tells us about the five elements of Ayurveda; while we find out what element Amy relates to the most. Find out why balance, feminie and masculine energy play a large role in our lives. Listen along for Deacon’s tips on how to stay safe from COVID-19.

Episode 2: Spiritual Queen Badass with Emma Mumford


Sept 10th, 2020

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks to Emma Mumford. Emma is not only a fellow author and podcaster, but also a coach and mentor for many women. Emma kicks off the podcast by telling us a bit about her “Spiritual Queen’s Badass”. She shares with us how the name came to life and what surprises she came with starting a podcast. 

Formerly known as the “Coupon Queen” in the UK, Emma was guided towards making a book about having a healthy relationship with money. She saw a need in her spiritual community and in her own life to teach and learn about how to use money correctly. While writing the book, The Positively Wealthy Journal, Emma’s own relationship to wealth changed. She found herself craving connections and realizing that she poured too much into work and not enough into deep friendships. 

As she finished the book and the release date got delayed due to a switch of publisher, Emma found herself in the perfect timing to help others. In a time where many are struggling with financials, Emma hopes to guide others to becoming fulfilled and stable. 

Amy and Emma discuss the beautiful ways women get to express themselves and share their own experiences. Emma breaks down what the law of attraction is and goes through some law of attraction protips. She gives us the steps needed to work with the law of attraction.

Episode 1: Being a Joy Seeker with Shannon Kaiser


Sept 3rd, 2020

In this episode, Amy sits down to speak with her “super soul cheerleader” Shannon Kaiser. Shannon is the best selling author of The Self-Love Experiment and Adventures for the Soul. She wears many other titles including Global Speaker and Life Coach. During the podcast, Shannon shares how Amy’s book The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating led her to friending Amy.

Now, soul sisters, Amy and Shannon go through the many adventures they had while traveling to different parts of the world. We learn about their trip to Costa Rica and the lessons that met them while sitting in an old shack.

Through these stories, Shannon explains the importance of inner work. She breaks down her journey about writing her newest book, Joy Seeker. Listen as Shannon teaches us the true value in vulnerability. Having overcome drug addiction and depression, Shannon describes her books and information as “memoirisc.” Having those experiences she opens up to us, giving us a better understanding of why we should find honesty in our lives.

With five books released, Shannon has managed to connect with her audience and is the perfect person to explain to us the continuous struggles and successes honest writers face. Through this, we learn the truth of inner peace and the way to find it.

We also learn about her newest project. As she turns over to a new page in her business, Shannon revisits her former skills and mixes them with her current passions to design a unique Mantra card deck.

Listen to see what it took for this former Digital Designer to find herself and devote her life to guiding others.

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