Successful Sublime Senorita ~ Jamie Eslinger

Today we’ll continue our series featuring Successful Sublime Senoritas with the lovely Jamie Eslinger.  We all have so much to share with others as far as what has worked on each of our paths in life, love, and work.

The S.S.S. blog series is near and dear to my heart because I envision a world where people support and care for each other and kindness is the rule not the exception.  Especially as women, we can choose to make a conscious effort to uplift one another instead of trying to out compete each other.  And I am the first to admit it can be a challenge at times.  (More about that in a later post.)

This Successful Sublime Senorita post is dedicated to all of the women who took a moment today to offer a kindness to another woman. 

Maybe it was a smile, a complement, help with a project, or free babysitting.  Whatever it was, thanks for caring for another person and know that I care for you.

Now, on to our amazing lady, Jamie Eslinger!  I’m so excited to introduce you to Jamie if you haven’t read, seen, or heard her amazing work yet.  She is incredible!  Jamie Eslinger is a marketing consultant, coach, and a fabulous shopper. She made a promise to give up shopping for a year and it changed her life. Now Jamie helps you keep your promises in business and in life at The Promise Daily. Sign up for a little love and a daily kick in the pants towards your goals.  Read our interview below!

Amy Leigh Mercree: What is your motto for professional success?

Jamie Eslinger: Lovemore+Fearless

ALM: How do you create happiness in your life?

JE:  Through my relationships with friends and family — and my Soul Sisters, the female friends I have that feel more like sisters to me.  Through reading and gaining inspiration from thinkers, leaders, visionaries and do-ers. And being creative — in any way, doesn’t matter how as long as it pulls at my creative heart strings.

ALM: If you had to guess, what do you think are the top two or three things on women’s minds in general?  And what inspiring words/tips would you share with women about these things?


Anxiety through transition

My advice is to breathe. Breathing allows us to stay present and appreciate what is in the moment no matter what is going on around us.  Trying to do it all – It took me a long time to realize it is more important to discover my own true gifts and nurture them, rather than try to compete with all the other people in the world. For me it was a hard lesson because (I was) we are programmed to compete at a young age (for grades in school, making the team in sports, getting into the best college). There is much peace that comes with clarity of the heart and that makes “doing it all” much less appealing compared to living your dream.

Aging and Energy

I have embraced the idea by Dr. Weil that the human body is meant to live 150 years. I strive to maintain energy, beauty and grace through all the transitions of life and not just celebrate the youthfulness of young age. As women we owe it to ourselves to celebrate every stage of life we experience with our bodies, and give our head, heart, body and soul nourishment and strength it needs to live with joy and abundance. Energy medicine and EFT are a few ways to help maintain balance on your own time. And they don’t cost much to do on your own!

ALM: I agree! I like EFT too. I believe our bodies are self-regulating and self-correcting of the most part.  Heart and soul fulfillment also increase our well being.  What pivotal moments or experiences set you on a path aligned with your heart and soul’s calling?

JE: Writing my blog The Promise 365: I made a promise in 2011 not to shop for clothes or shoes for one entire year — and instead invest in my head, heart, body and soul. It changed everything: my diet, my trust in life and myself, my relationships and my faith in people and the universe.

ALM: As women, what are so ways you think we can support and empower one another?

JE: Accept each other. Find a place in your heart where there is no competition, just celebration for each other.
– Listen without judgement, just listen and let your friends talk it out before offering advice or feedback.
– Be honest with yourself without judgement too- stop playing the “I’m fine” game. Find a friend who will be “honest without judgement” with each other.
– Help younger women when you can, offer information, learning, wisdom and contacts

ALM: What are you working on now and how does it make your heart feel?

JE: The Promise Daily –  It’s my daily inspiration and a kick in the pants for people to stick to their goals. I love sending it and inspiring people to keep on keeping on with their dreams.

ALM: If you were to give a few sentences of advice to your younger self, knowing what you do now, what would you say?

JE: Listen to your gut.  Listen to the alarm bells go off in your head and heart. When things don’t feel right they are not right, and it’s a message from your higher self for your greater good.  Don’t give more weight to what others say. Listen to the whispers of your own heart, it is your guidance system and the most powerful navigator in your life.