What to Expect in a Medical Intuitive Session

What to Expect in a Medical Intuitive Session

People have been asking what to expect in a medical intuitive session with me which is a great question. Whether you have had a medical intuitive session before or are completely new to the idea, working with a medical intuitive may be right for you if you are looking to uncover the root cause of one or more mild to moderate health concerns. I must note, working with me is not designed to take the place of seeing an integrative doctor or your chosen health practitioner.  

Opening Invocation

The way a session begins is you get to share your questions and concerns. After we walk through your concerns or topics you want to cover I say an opening invocation which is adapted from something shared with me by my late medicine teacher about 25 years ago. A portion of the invocation states that everything that transpires in the entirety of the session will be for the highest good of all life and in accordance with universal natural law. Helping all and harming none. It also invites your highest vibrational spirit guides to participate in the session. These may be ancestors, angelic guides, or other benevolent nonphysical beings. 

After the invocation, I let you know which guides are here in the session and want to talk with you and we see what they have to say. Then we typically go through the list of concerns and questions that you have and answer them. Sometimes the guides have some other interesting things to interject and we also make note of those. 

Finding the Root Cause

If there are health issues we try to find the root cause of the issue. This can mean different things for different clients. 

I had a client recently where we were finding the root cause of some circulatory and neurological dysfunctions. Within the session we really honed into cells in the carotid artery where there was a narrowing. There were particular cells where we went between the cell wall and the cell nucleus to the liquid medium there. It was there we discovered a deficiency in potassium and magnesium which caused an inability of the body to completely convey the electrical energy through the nervous system in the way in which it is meant to function.. Within the session we discussed what would address that deficiency and that would allow the electrical energy throughout the nervous system and the rest of the body to flow correctly. 

You can book a session with me here if you are looking to dive deep. I also recently gave a reading to Sarah over at SheKnows media if you’re looking for more information.