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Intuitive Guidance Sessions


Tune In and Tune Up
Whether you need a quick turnaround on something that feels blocked, confusing or unclear. This session provides you with access to your Spiritual Support Team to help you find the way forward.


Medical Intuitive Session
Amy has been a practicing Medical Intuitive for 19 years. As a medical intuitive, she uses extra-sensory skills to intuit the cause of bodily dis-ease. Dis-ease can be an actual disease but also smaller, harder to diagnose ailments, and notably, the precursors of disease before they become known. A Medical Intuitive Session is great for prevention and tuning up of your health and for new ways to clear health issues.

Meet Your Guides
Ever wonder from where your gut feelings come? Or, that little voice in your head that knows what is about to happen? Learn who your life guides are and hear their guidance. Ask them questions and open your intuitive senses in this fun and enlightening session.

15 mins | $95

30 mins | $195

1 hour | $395

Authorship Strategy & Consulting


Literary Strategy Session

Amy is a bestselling author of fifteen non-fiction books. In this session, she shares insider publishing industry education, book and proposal development assistance, and visionary career guidance. Whether you would like to be traditionally published or self-published, Mercree has done both and is an expert guide through the complicated world of book publishing. Authorship Strategy and Consulting is designed to take you from conception of the idea of writing a book through to the fruition of seeing your book out in the world entertaining and helping others.

Perhaps you really need help marketing your already existing book. Amy is a bestselling author of fifteen books and her marketing strategy and consulting is sought after because it’s proven to work.

15 mins | $95

30 mins | $195

1 hour | $395

The Intuitive Home


Home Tune in and Tune Up

Use this session to hone in on several areas of your home to optimize them and the way that their energy influences the flow of your life. Amy communicates with your home spirit guides who help you have an optimized and harmonious dwelling. She may recommend herbs, flowers, decor, and other energetic means to clear and align the energy of your home.


Home Overhaul Session

Take a deep dive into all of the energetic factors that influence the way that the people who live in your home experience life. We will go through the whole home and create an action plan to fully align the energy of your dwelling with your heart’s desires. Get ready for transformation with this comprehensive session with your spirit guides and the teams of non-physical helpers that are available to help you maximize the etheric impact of your house or apartment.

15 mins | $95

30 mins | $195

1 hour | $395


“During my session with Amy, I immediately felt at ease and that I was in the right place. As she invited in my guides, I was SO curious, and honestly even a bit skeptical of having guides that could relay their message to me from someone else – even when I believe in this work! During our session, emotions came up from resonating with what I was being told, and had truth bumps up my arms the entire time. I received so much confirmation and guidance for my path, and new information I didn’t even know that was there for me! This was such a helpful session, and I’ve been in action right away. I am truly grateful to have found Amy, and look forward to another session with her in the near future. Thank you.”

— Selin Bilgin

“Amy has given inspiring guidance that has enhanced my personal growth and helped me in the management of my life, business and family. She acknowledged my inner essence and her loving caring nature has helped me with daily decision making and brought me profound personal healing.”

— Michele – President, Home Management Company

“Amy’s expert channeling and intuitive abilities have been very helpful to me in both my health and for figuring out how to build my business in my new location in South Florida. As someone who is always being asked for help, it was awesome to actually get some valuable, doable, and spot-on advice back!”

— Karen Rauch Carter, feng shui and healthy lifestyle designer and national best-selling author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, and Make a Shift, Change Your Life

“My session with Amy was not only empowering but enlightening. Amy really “got me” in regards to what I was seeking from her. I really look forward to continuing to work with Amy and having her shed some more of her expertise and guidance on me. She’s genuinely happy and willing to help you in any way she can. Her goal truly is to help others in an effort to raise the universal vibration.”

— Madeline Diamonds – Relationship & Confidence Coach & Spiritual Teacher

“My reading with Amy Leigh Mercree was amazing! She immediately cut to the quick on my issues on all levels. This was deep! I want to call her back for more!”

— Lorisha Loren

“My session with Amy was extremely helpful, productive and enjoyable. Amy has an incredible gift, and I truly got so much information. I am now going through my four pages of notes and to dos, and it feels comforting to have an action plan straight from spirit! Amy guided me with confidence, knowledge, and kindness. Her connection to spirit is strong and accurate, and I can’t wait to work with Amy again!”

Ali Katz

“Amy is extremely talented at what she does and her connection is quite beautiful. I was blown away by our session! She was super helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend her!”

Suzanne Adams – Author, Motivational Speaker, & Life Purpose Consultant

“I had a GREAT session with Amy! What I love about sessions with Amy is that even if you go into the session with a plan, the Universe and Amy’s gifts typically have a much bigger plan to share. Amy’s knowledge and guidance is enlightening and helpful. It is always time well spent!”

— Karen S.

“Speaking with Amy felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend. She was so easy to speak to and the time flew by. I cannot wait to book another session… Thank you for taking the time.”

— Lauren Liles, NY, Marketing Executive

“Amy is a beacon of love, light, healing and kindness. Her expertise literally knows no bounds. I’ve been living with a mystery illness for the past decade and Amy was able to get to the heart of the matter within minutes of our session. She provided me with clear instructions and a path to healing. From the moment she began speaking, I was completely enthralled with the depth of her intuitive knowledge, expertise, guidance, compassion and understanding. I had many questions related to various topics and she was able to shine light on my path to living an abundant and healthy life. I highly recommend giving yourself or someone else the gift of a session with Amy.”

— Florida client

“I very much enjoyed my session with Amy! She provided clear, precise input and guidance from my guides. The information was also conveyed in a gentle yet direct way allowing sometimes difficult information to be shared respectfully. Thank you for all you do, Amy!”

— Anonymous client

“Thank you very much for the reading, it was very powerful and has brought me to a whole new place of being. I’m very grateful for the healing I received and for your help in connecting with my masculinity . . I am much more whole than I was before. It’s amazing how much stronger and solid my back is!”

— Washington State client

“My first initial experiences with Amy began as a healer. Amy has an amazing ability to link up to SOURCE, with clear reception (no, “can you hear me now?”) and bring the spiritual INTO the REAL WORLD in such a healing, soothing understanding, believable way.”

— Aimee DeRoehn – Owner Road Home Power Yoga,

“I’d like to thank Amy for providing insight into some of the physical issues I was experiencing.  She provided insight into who my guides are, what the overall issues are that were causing my symptoms, and supplements I could take to help cure the problems. It was a very good adjunct to my medical professional who couldn’t really define the cause of my issues. It saved me lots of time and money on unnecessary tests and worry that I had something more seriously wrong with me. I appreciate the time you spent and will definitely consult with you in the future.”


“I learned much from my session with Amy, and it gave me insight into the possible root of my problem from an angle I haven’t yet discovered through all the other Western/integrative/energetic paths I’ve explored so far…”

-Anonymous client

“In utter frustration I exclaimed that I needed a medical intuitive and Amy showed up. We had a session.. my first with her — and it was phenomenal!  We discussed several issues that have not been resolved by various doctors. Everything she illuminated and every remedy she suggested felt correct to me. I’m very excited to follow her advice and clear up all the issues… she was so friendly, caring and warm.  I just felt great about the whole thing. We even ran a little over, which was gracious on her part, as she addressed all the things I had mentioned… it feels like the best money I’ve spent since dealing with my health issues — after throwing away a substantial amount to doctors just stabbing in the dark.”


“I loved my session with Amy – she is authentic and easy to talk to. I received the information I was in need of and look forward to my next session.”


“It is without reservation that I endorse Amy and her medical intuitive services. Amy has helped me out with various health challenges over the last five years, and every time Amy has come through with helpful, insightful, and actionable advice from Spirit. Most importantly however, is that Amy is able to help identify and address the root cause of health challenges, so that things can be addressed and dealt with once and for all. Amy is the real deal, don’t hesitate to reach out to her. You can pay more for some better known (more promoted) medical intuitives, but you won’t get more. Amy rocks!”

— A.L.

“I am excited to tell you that I started to have visible changes take place the next day… I did the treatment as you recommended and I am happy to say that for the first time in approximately eight years I can walk barefoot and wear regular shoes. Oh, so happy!” 

-Anonymous Client

“Yes, it was amazing—-I finally feel like in 7 years someone gets me!”


“Amy Leigh has a wealth of information to share and was able to clearly tap into my guides for help and support! My session with her was amazing! Namaste!”

– Ginny 2/21/20

“My session with Amy was very insightful, and I look forward to working with the information gathered.”

-Carol Sullivan (another one) 4/24/2020

“My session with Amy was great!  She put my mind at ease and was very accurate, kind and sweet!”

– Kate W. 4/4/2020

“Thank you for the session Amy. I found it to be informative and could resonate with much of it.I am happy that you were able to make these suggestions for me and am eager to try them”

– Aila 5/25/20

“I enjoyed my session with Amy, she is compassionate and kind, I felt safe with her right away. I learned helpful insight about my ancestors and my body … I’m excited to see where they lead me. Amy also went over the minute mark to address all of my initial questions. Thank you so much Amy!”

– Maria 6/4/20

“I am grateful to Amy for the information she provided. The wisdom she shared makes so much sense to me and has given me a different perspective on why these physical symptoms showed up and what they are here to teach me. The suggestions Amy made resonated. I felt seen, connected with and we had a few laughs. I am so glad I gave the gift of a consultation to myself!”  

-Lori Craig 4/23/2020

“My session with Amy was great.  I truly believe that all “dis-ease” starts at an energetic level, and that is what she addressed with my concerns. I am excited to implement her suggestions in the hopes that some issues I have had much of my life will be improved.”

– Carol Sullivan 3/21/20

“My session with Amy was extraordinarily wonderful. She is warm and friendly and easy to understand. I received specific, practical information to improve my health and increase my joy in life. I am excited about implementing this knowledge! “

-Anonymous Client

“Amy is lovely to work with and has a natural and clear way of sharing information. My experience in sessions with Amy is that she stays focused ensuring all questions are addressed. I feel as though her insights have helped me to navigate my life with more clarity, conviction and direction. I will continue working with Amy in the future.”

-Anonymous Client

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Amy is not a doctor. Always consult with your physician before making any major medical decisions. Before a reading is done, you must sign a consent form that indicates that you understand that a Medical Intuitive Reading consultation done by Amy Leigh Mercree is not a physician/patient relationship with you, so it will not provide a medical diagnosis, prescribe medicine, give psychotherapy or be reimbursable by medical insurance.

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