The Most Sensual Thing You Can Do


Here is the most sensual thing you can do. It’s time to put the sexy back in spiritual.  Here is the truth, you are a spiritual being with an amazing amount of vital life force flowing through you.  It’s unlimited, really and truly.  And depending upon your degree of awareness of that universal life energy, […]

Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Sally Field Help the AFI Honor New-Ager Shirley Maclaine


Last week the legendary Shirley Maclaine received a lifetime achievement award from The American Film Institute.  On hand to pay tribute were former costars, Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Meryl Steep who starred with Ms. Maclaine in Steel Magnolias. Meryl stated in previous interviews that because Shirley is so ingratiating, it was challenging to portray contention […]

Beyonce, Thank You for Making Feminism Cool Again


If you saw the 2014 VMAs, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Beyonce closed the show and brought the house down with an incredible performance. It was everything from avant garde, to provocative, to unabashedly sexy, to touching. And it was feminism personified. Besides her obvious, and stunning talent and beauty the underlying message […]

Appreciating Life’s Beauty


A conscious decision each day to notice and appreciate life’s beauty cultivates feelings of awe and wonder and inspires gratitude. When we feel wonder we maintain a child-like openness to surprise and to the truth that anything is possible. When we choose to feel grateful we validate all of the positive people and situations in […]

Happy St. Patty’s Day Green Juice Party!


Instead of green beer try a refreshening, healthy, tasty green juice recipe I created just for you! Gorgeous Green Goddess Juice Use a juicer and have your own St. Patrick’s Day party and make this zesty, delicious juice! Juice the following ingredients: *Rainbow chard *Spinach *Cucumber *Lime *Ginger 32 calories for the serving shown below. […]

Say No to New Year’s Resolution

group celebrating new years with sparklers

How did you feel about the usual barrage of new year’s resolution marketing this year? Did it annoy you? Make you feel like you should join in? Did it piss you off and make you want to rebel against it? However much it affected you, or didn’t, odds are it did affect you a little […]

Successful Sublime Senorita ~ Caroline Vetter


I’m excited to introduce our first Successful Sublime Senorita!  Check out my interview below with this extraordinary woman, Caroline Vetter! Florida native, Caroline Vetter is in the process of trying to win her dream job.  She was recently selected as one of 25 out of 45,000 applicants from 196 countries worldwide for “The Best Jobs […]

Successful Sublime Senorita ~ Jamie Eslinger


Today we’ll continue our series featuring Successful Sublime Senoritas with the lovely Jamie Eslinger.  We all have so much to share with others as far as what has worked on each of our paths in life, love, and work. The S.S.S. blog series is near and dear to my heart because I envision a world […]

Six Ways to Help End Slut Shaming


I wrote an article for about the reasons why female sexuality is still viewed with 1950s lenses by many and why society is way behind the times. We discuss why slut-shaming is more popular than ever for women. And for men? Well, they are still being praised by their peers and the media for […]