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Amy Leigh Mercree has in-depth knowledge and expertise across a broad range of lifestyle and wellness topics. She is a frequent lecturer and speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide and a bestselling author of fifteen books. Amy has been consulted as a holistic health expert in leading magazines, on radio shows, as well as on television broadcasts.

For media inquiries, please contact Amy’s team at

Social Partnerships

Amy Leigh Mercree is bestselling author, holistic health expert, and international speaker who also happens to have a sizeable, far-reaching, fun, wellness oriented social presence. Amy loves ginger juice shots, restorative yoga, dance fitness, herbal tea, essential oil bath bombs, and everything rose quartz.

You’ll often find Amy traveling to NYC and LA for book signings and speeches or on a book deadline. She also travels to tropical and gorgeous locals like: Costa Rica, Maui, Kauai, Belize, The Bahamas, and more. She strives for holistic balance in her life whether creating custom recipes for a turmeric cleanse weekend or jumping for joy at a trampoline park with friends.

Her audience is full of spiritual boss babes who love crystals, oils, bath rituals, inspirational books, the latest cute leggings, cruelty free makeup, mala beads, and holistic skin care. They read Amy’s books to learn and look to her social content for holistic hints and tips.

Amy is available for collaboration and sponsored blogs and social posts for brands she loves, ambassadorships, photo and video shoots, events, and other projects that will help tell the story of holistic brands to her engaged audience.

For brand and social collaboration and partnerships please contact Amy’s Team at

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