Ignite Your Intuition And Harness Particle Physics In Your Aura To Manifest Success!

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“Step into a world of wonders with Aura Alchemy, where Amy Leigh Mercree's expertise as a medical intuitive fuses particle physics and spirituality in genius ways. Explore the magical connection between auras and elementary particles!”
Rebecca Campbell
Bestselling Author of Letters to a Starseed and Light is the New Black

Particle Physics and Spirituality Collide in this Exploration of the Power of Auras

The answers you’re searching for have been right in front of you this whole time… you just need to know where to look.

From the time of ancient mystics to today’s cutting-edge scientific discoveries, humanity has been fascinated with the concept of auras. These powerful, intricate fields of energy that connect us to every force in the universe are always around us, yet often overlooked or misunderstood.

Aura Alchemy offers a modern exploration of auras from the perspective of a medical intuitive, diving into the history and science behind these electromagnetic fields that shape our experience in the world.

“Amy Leigh Mercree is a gifted healer and spiritual teacher. As my go-to medical intuitive, she opens the doors to expansive possibilities to optimal alignment for full body, mind, emotional, and spiritual health. This book is her masterpiece, and one the world has been waiting for.”
Shannon Kaiser
Bestselling author “The Self-Love Experiment

This in-depth energy guide will teach you to:

“Amy Mercree’s Aura Alchemy is the perfect book to understand energy from the angle of physics, metaphysics, fields, and color to help the reader live their best life, starting with their subtle body!”
Deanna Minich, PhD
Author of Whole Detox and The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing


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“Forget emotional intelligence, this book is the future of energetic awareness! Aura Alchemy is a practical guide to energetic observations, awareness, and understanding. Spirituality collides with science to offer you real tools for the real day to help understand, clean, shift, raise and protect your energy.”
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Bestselling author of The Soul Searcher's Handbook and Evolution of Goddess

About Amy

Amy Leigh Mercree is a bestselling author of eighteen books, journals, and card decks. She is a media personality, holistic health expert, and mystic teacher. She is an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive with 23 years of experience.

Using a combination of spirituality and science, Amy’s job is finding the root cause of imbalances in the body. She’s helped thousands of people find the root causes of numerous mild and moderate medical conditions and uncover their bodies wisdom to heal permanently.

Mercree has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Women’s Health, Inc. Magazine, Shape, The Huffington Post, Your Tango, Soul and Spirit Magazine, Mind Body Green, CBS, NBC, Hello Giggles, Reader’s Digest, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, ABC, First for Women, Country Living, CW, FOX, Bustle, Well+Good, Refinery 29, Hello Glow, She Knows, Thrive Global, Spartan, Poosh, Parade Magazine, Oprah Daily, and more.


Mercree is the author of “The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating,” “Joyful Living: 101 Ways to Transform Your Spirit and Revitalize Your Life,” “The Compassion Revolution: 30 Days of Living from the Heart,” “A Little Bit of Chakras: An Introduction to Energy Healing,” “The Chakras and Crystals Cookbook: Juices, Smoothies, Sorbets, Salads, and Crystal Infusions to Empower Your Energy Centers,” “A Little Bit of Meditation: An Introduction to Mindfulness,” “Recipes for Natural Living: Essential Oils Handbook,” “Recipes for Natural Living: Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook,” “A Little Bit of Mindfulness: An Introduction to Being Present,” “The Mood Book: Crystals, Oils, and Rituals to Elevate Your Spirit,” “A Little Bit of Goddess: An Introduction to the Divine Feminine,” “Guided Journal A Little Bit of Chakras: Your Personal Path to Energy Healing,” “Guided Journal A Little Bit of Meditation: Your Personal Path to Mindfulness,” “Guided Journal A Little Bit of Mindfulness: Your Personal Path to Awareness,” “100 Days to Calm: A Journal for Finding Everyday Tranquility,” “The Healing Home: Your Room-by-Room Guide to Positive Vibes,” “Blissful Baths: 40 Rituals for Self-Care and Relaxation,” and “Aura Alchemy: Learn to Sense Energy Fields, Interpret the Color Spectrum, and Manifest Success.”

Connect with Amy at AmyLeighMercree.com and @AmyLeighMercree on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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