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Past Speaking Engagements

Amy’s talks are entertaining, evocative, informative, and energizing. Amy tailors each talk to her audience and your objectives. Amy shares strategies and tactics combining stats, facts, laughter, and innovative insights. Audience members can apply the practical and imaginative strategies they learn immediately.

Past speaking Topics

Conscious Entrepreneurship: From Hermit To Bestseller

Join Amy Leigh Mercree to relive her fascinating journey from young, learning disabled, savant-like Medicine Woman on a hill in the rural north to multi-bestselling author and internationally known holistic health expert. From private, sacred fire walks and spirit communications to NYC book signings and hundreds of thousands of fans, Mercree shares her trials and tribulations of victory and vulnerability.

Her message is clear: you can transform yourself. You are the architect of your life. Be inspired by Mercree’s story. Then, hear how YOU can become a bestselling author. That’s right, you. “Who am I to write a book?” you ask. You are a unique treasure and the world needs your genius. Overcome self-doubt and learn the ins and outs of conscious entrepreneurship and the publishing industry.

Enjoy Mercree’s candor and humor. With her uplifting outlook and actionable wisdom, you will come away from her speech with clarity about your dreams. Plus, inside knowledge of literary agents, acquisitions editors, book proposals, book marketing, traditional and self-publishing, and igniting your creativity.

Meet your acclaimed tour guide to traditional and self-publishing, Amy Leigh Mercree, author of fourteen traditionally published books and one self-published book, including eight bestsellers. Amy is the President of Allegria Marketing, serving wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Amy teaches you how to use cutting edge, intelligent methods to sell books and live your higher purpose.

Speaking Topic

Own Your Health: You Are Your Own Guru

Learn how to get motivated and stay motivated on your journey to wellness with proprietary wellness methods, ideas and techniques each person can apply to radically improve holistic wellness right now. Learn the keys to personal responsibility, self trust, and how to access your inner wisdom to be your own guru. Wellness is not outside of you. Your external reality is but an out-picturing of your inner world. Delve deep.

Amy’s talks can be customized. She can discuss essential oil wellness strategies including but not limited to what she shares in her bestselling books Essential Oils Handbook and The Mood Book: Crystals, Oils, and Rituals to Elevate your Spirit. She can also discuss apple cider vinegar, power packed superfoods, adrenal adaptogens to fight fatigue, nutritional powerhouse recipes, mindfulness, meditation, and radical self care.

Past speaking Topics

Supernova Love: From Heartbreak To Radical Wellness

Amy shares her highly personal and evocative journey of conscious divorce and the strategies she used to alchemize the experience to one of extraordinary transformation. She invites you to sit back and relax and join her on a journey of self compassion. When you marry, you feel romantic and like anything is possible. You’re riding high on the chemicals of love. You believe in happily ever after. And when it doesn’t end up how you expected, your world is forever changed.

The tools to overcome heartbreak and life’s challenges are at your disposal and Amy will guide you to find the customized strategies to help you heal your heart and step into supernova love, thriving, and living your peak life.

Speaking Topic

Inspired Leadership: Why Freaks, Weirdos, And Wackos Are The New Elite

Amy share a series of proven strategies to get better results in every area of management. Learn how to think critically and embrace your uniqueness to motivate and inspire the people you lead. Think strategically and endear yourself to your employees and engender loyalty by being you. Model healthy boundaries, select the right people for your team, communicate effectively and build peak performance. Amy and her team have built a worldwide, bestselling brand and you can, too.