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Welcome to Happily Holistic where we dive deeply into everything health and wellness with a big dash of spirituality and a sprinkle of business. We spotlight the uplifting and the positive and share the secret ways top wellness authors and celebrities get inspired, stay healthy, and enjoy this beautiful life.

Episode 40: Remembering Who You Truly Are Through Yoga Nidra with Tracee Stanley

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Tracee Stanley, author of the recently released book Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Clarity. Tracee is a former model and filmmaker and has been teaching and practicing yoga for 20 years. She is also host of the podcast Radiant Rest which deep dives into the practices that lead to deep rest and all the treasures that come from being rested.

Amy and Tracee discuss:

  • The practice of Yoga nidra, or “the yoga of deep sleep,” which is often described as sleep with a slight trace of awareness, or “conscious sleep”
  • The four states of sleep that the consciousness weaves through: the waking state, the dreaming state, the deep sleep state, and the Void, otherwise said to be “peace beyond words” 
  • The essence of Yoga nidra: withdrawing all of your external awareness and allowing yourself to remember who and what you truly are
  • The feeling of essentially being reborn after Yoga nidra because we have fully surrendered and received
Episode 40: Modern Day Priestesshood with Julie Parker

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Julie Parker, Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy and author of Priestess, a spiritual guide and companion meant to inspire readers to explore what it means to be a modern spiritual leader and priestess in today’s world. As a modern-day priestess, Julie brings forth her lineage of spiritual service through her priestess podcast, sacred priestess circles, and priestess temple school.

In the modern context, being a priestess can translate to being a healer, teacher, mother, coach, guide, sacred circle facilitator, plant medicine expert, and many other leadership roles in life, work, business, or community. As Julie explains, a priestess is a sacred spiritual leader who deeply holds space for others – often other women – to help them explore their divinity, spirituality, and awakening. 

Julie and Amy also talk about:

  • How priestesshood is returning to our spiritual birthright that was buried and pushed underground through patriarchy 
  • How it’s important for any modern priestess to be in right relationship to mother earth
  • For those on the path of priestesshood, giving yourself time and space to be in deeper relationship with yourself
Episode 39: Quantum Healing with April Pfender

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with April Pfender, founder of Golden Light Alchemy. April is a Reiki Master teacher and author of three books, including her most recent, The Complete Guide to Chakras. She is an empath, meditation instructor, and has been a healer for 15 years, connecting to universal heart healing and expansion. April designs workshops and retreats with a focus on awakening and women’s empowerment. 

Amy and April discuss:

  • The inspiration for her recent book, The Complete Guide to Chakras, which covers the 12-chakra system, including the etheric chakras and the subpersonal chakra. 
  • Remote Reiki healing and training, and how she incorporates other modalities into her practice, including frequency, sound, and quantum resonance.  
  • How it’s possible to receive lifetimes of healing in one experience. 

April ends with advice for her 16-year-old self: “Leave room for the magic. Magical thinking opens you up to any possibility without attachment or expectation.”

Episode 38: Conscious Crystal Healing with Amanda Nicole

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with certified crystal healer Amanda Nicole. Amanda hand selects all the crystals for her online shop,, and she educates people about crystal healing through her podcast, Golightly Radio.

Amy and Amanda discuss:

  •  The inspiration for Amanda’s business, which came to her in a meditation with the message: go lightly into everything that you do;
  • Amanda’s crystal healing method, which includes customized crystal recommendations and focuses on the chakra system;
  • How to choose the right crystal by connecting with its energy and how to cleanse and clear your crystals;
  • Crystal recommendations for navigating this uncertain time, including black tourmaline (grounding), lepidolite (calming), fluorite (focus), and pyrite (manifestation).
  • Amanda closes with simple yet profound advice for her 17-year-old self: more self-love.
Episode 37: From Existential Crisis to Awakening with Dr. Laurie Nadel

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with psychotherapist and prolific author Laurie Nadal. Laurie has written many books including “Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power” and “The Five Gifts: Discovering Hope, Healing and Strength When Disaster Strikes.” She is also co-leading an online support group for long-haul COVID patients with the Pulmonary Wellness Foundation. 

Key points include: 

  • The inspiration for her book, “The Five Gifts,” which came to her in a meditation after losing her home to Hurricane Sandy in 2012: humility, patience, empathy, and forgiveness
  • How the COVID pandemic has given us the opportunity to receive the gift of patience
  • How large-scale loss and suffering can lead to personal and collective existential crises, which then leads to an awakening individually and for humanity at large
  • How the current pandemic and economic crisis has tremendous potential for us to become a more intuitive and empathic species
Episode 36: Intuitive Drawing with Elaine Clayton

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with prolific author and visual artist Elaine Clayton. Elaine has written and illustrated numerous children’s books as well as books for adults. Her recent book, Making Marks: Discovering the Art of Intuitive Drawing, was selected as a top 10 most inspirational book by Aspire Magazine.

Amy and Elaine discuss the inspiration behind two of her many books:

Illuminara is an intuitive journal with illustrated cards that help readers develop their own language based on the artwork. Each card is meant to invoke a different emotional response through line, form, shape, and color. Readers can randomly select a card then journal about what it makes them think and feel to tap into their intuitive zone.

Making Marks: Discovering the Art of Intuitive Drawing develops readers’ intuitive knowing and empathy through intuitive stream drawing in which the readers make the marks.

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with prolific author and visual artist Elaine Clayton. Elaine has written and illustrated numerous children’s books as well as books for adults. Her recent book, Making Marks: Discovering the Art of Intuitive Drawing, was selected as a top 10 most inspirational book by Aspire Magazine.

Amy and Elaine discuss the inspiration behind two of her many books:

Illuminara is an intuitive journal with illustrated cards that help readers develop their own language based on the artwork. Each card is meant to invoke a different emotional response through line, form, shape, and color. Readers can randomly select a card then journal about what it makes them think and feel to tap into their intuitive zone.

Making Marks: Discovering the Art of Intuitive Drawing develops readers’ intuitive knowing and empathy through intuitive stream drawing in which the readers make the marks.

Episode 35: The Gift of Grace with Hannah Wallace

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with writer, speaker, priestess, mentor, and disability model Hannah Wallace. Hannah is the host of a podcast called Finding Grace, in which she interviews people about their journey in finding grace. Her mission is to help people find grace in their lives, empower them, shift them into making sustainable changes in their lives, and help them integrate their darkness into light.

Topics include:

  • Hannah’s own journey of finding grace through navigating an illness in her teens, which turned out to be a genetic condition and led her to the practices of surrender, trust, and choosing joy
  • The ever-expanding spiral of healing and how as we grow, we are always shown the next facet of the healing journey
  • Peeling back the layers of conditioning and belief systems to discover who we are and our own personal rhythm
  • Giving ourselves the gift of compassion and kindness and the grace to sit with ourselves in the darker spaces
Episode 34: The Vibration of Joy with Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi. For over thirty years, Lee Carroll has been the original channel for Kryon, an angelic entity that provides empowering messages and teachings to humanity. His work includes 14 books of Kryon channelings and three co-authored books on the Indigo Children.

Lee’s partner Monika Muranyi is the consummate researcher and archivist of the Kryon material and has produced a special Kryon trilogy of books that help tie together the complex subject of who we are and why we are here.

Lee has been channeling Kryon since 1989 when he had a spiritual experience in which a beautiful angelic entity named Kryon came to him. Central to the channeled teachings is the idea that life is meant to be easy. As Lee explains, life is filled with potholes for all of us, but by connecting to your inner guidance, you can be steered around the potholes and create a path of ease. In addition, you have the ability to control a lot of what happens to you. Look for signs and expect benevolence.

Monika began her journey with Lee in 2012 when they met in Santiago, Chile. Previously she was a park ranger in Australia for 15 years. Following a heartbreaking divorce, she began to search for her life’s purpose and realized that everyone has a “spiritual antenna” inside that wants to be found. Through her journey, Monika has come to believe that we are here to enjoy life, be in the vibration of joy, and play and create. The planet was created for us as we go through this journey of discovering the spark that is inside.

According to Kryon, we are going through a planetary shift in support of the ascension process. As Lee and Monika explain, although things look like they are getting worse, they are not. The light is exposing the dark, and therefore things are getting cleaned up. Believe it or not, things are getting better.

Episode 33: Natural Fertility Breakthroughs with Jennifer Mercier

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Jennifer Mercier, a trained Naturopathic physician, midwife, and massage therapist who created a unique practice called Expect a Miracle, which specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and women’s health.

At age 26, while studying medicine, Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis, which led her to take a more holistic approach to medicine. Having worked in the field, she recognized that the fertility system (such as IVF and IUI) was fatally flawed. It was rigorous, expensive, and most of the time did not work. While it forces the body to become pregnant, often there are underlying conditions that need to be addressed first and foremost.

Jennifer’s practice focuses on pelvic and abdominal therapy and helps with fertility, sexual trauma, surgical recovery, gastrointestinal issues, and natural hormone balancing. The Mercier Therapy sequence involves deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation to enhance overall pelvic organ mobility and restore blood flow to the pelvis. Jennifer works with patients throughout one year of cycle monitoring to facilitate the best outcome and most gentle conception. Her practice has an 83% pregnancy rate.

Jennifer’s book, Conceive,  discusses her unique approach. She also has a documentary film, called Fertility: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy, which follows her at conferences and events all over the world as she is pregnant with her son—conceived with the help of her own technique.

For those who are on the fertility journey, Jennifer advises: “Don’t think that there is no hope, because there always is. We are all in this collaboration together.”

Episode 32: Connect with Your Goddess Guides

Amy Leigh Mercree is a medical intuitive, author, and holistic health expert. In this solo episode Amy discusses the importance of the Divine Feminine / Energy of the Goddess as a means to living a joyful life. Her core message is that you are your own guru, and by connecting with your guides and Goddess energy you have unlimited access to universal love, guidance, and lifeforce.

In particular, Amy discusses:

  • The importance of connecting with the Divine Feminine (yin energy) while living in a yang society (feeling and being versus acting and doing)
  • How spirit guides embody this Goddess essence to bring it to us so that we can feel it
  • Why bringing ourselves back to the Divine Feminine is powerful because it’s imprinted in our cellular structure through ancestors who worshiped the Goddess, and therefore it opens the doors to connect with Goddess guides and ancestral guides

For those who want to go deeper, Amy offers a series of courses, from beginner to advanced, based on shamanic teachings passed down to her through her own medicine teacher. The first course, Meet Your Guides, provides a great foundation in communicating with your spirit guides at will and receiving information through automatic writing.

Episode 31: Living a Soul-Led Life with Rebecca Campbell

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Rebecca Campbell, a writer, devotional artist, poet, mystic, and mother. Rebecca is the bestselling author of numerous books and oracle decks, such as Rise Sister Rise, Letters To A Starseed, and Light Is the New Black. She also leads activating workshops internationally and created a membership group called Rise Sister Rise. All of her creations are dedicated to supporting people to live a soul-led life.

Rebecca and Amy discuss:

Rebecca’s journey, which started with a fascination with the other world as a teenager, then moved into a career as a Creative Director, and eventually led to dedicating her life to spirituality and helping others to live a soul-led life.
Her career as a Creative Director and how it prepared her for this work, in that ideas, insights, and intuition are pointless unless they are integrated and embodied.
The mass awakening that is happening now, and how many, many souls have chosen to be part of this collective mission during this big time of change.
The rise of the Divine Feminine, and how settling down in the spiritual center of Glastonbury, England, has deepened Rebecca’s connection to Mother Earth and initiated her connection to the Magdalenes, which inspired the book Rise Sister Rise.

Rebecca’s closing piece of advice, inspired by her connection to the other side, is that: “It’s all about reaching back through your ancestral line to the ones who did not forget.”

Episode 30: Female Archangels With Calista

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with healer, teacher, and author Calista Ascension. Calista has written two books – Unicorn Rising and The Female Archangels – and has created hands-on healing modalities called Unicorn Healing and Angel Healing. Calista’s passion is helping people to know their spirituality and divinity.

Amy and Calista discuss the following: 

  • Calista’s journey: She began as a cancer research scientist, and after going through a reawakening, transitioned to a holistic healing business with Reiki and herbal remedies. It was then that Calista started to connect to fairies, angels, and spirit guides, and she eventually developed her therapy modalities Angel Healing and Unicorn Healing.
  • Unicorns: They are here now more than ever, bringing to the earth their light – which comes through as crystalline rainbow colors – and helping us to awaken. The opening ceremony of her Unicorn Healing course is an energetic attunement, connecting participants with the unicorns, which remains in their consciousness.
  • Female Archangels: Collectively the female angels are called the Archeia, and they are the counterpart to the masculine archangels. The feminine side is being presented more in this Aquarian Age and has different teachings for us, focused on healing and empowering the divine feminine within us.
  • Ascension: We are ascending and evolving, and heaven is evolving too. Nonmaterial beings, such as angels, are continuing their evolutionary process in a co-creative manner with us. We are one in the same consciousness.
Episode 29: Hot Yogic Intimacy with Madelyn Moon

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Madelyn Moon, a Top 50 podcast host on iTunes for the category “All Self-Help,” and spiritual coach who is committed to radical truth-telling and teaching people how to embody polarities across every spectrum. 

Madelyn was led divinely to coaching after experiencing a challenging upbringing in which her autonomy and agency were often taken away. Emotions went unacknowledged, and she was often told that what she was feeling wasn’t real. She coped with self-hatred through calorie counting, counting steps, bodybuilding, and OCD tendencies, which inevitably led to panic attacks. By college, she was still spiraling in self-destructive patterns – abusing alcohol, food, and Adderall, which led to several breakdowns. 

Fortunately, she realized she was hurting herself and went on a personal retreat for a year at age 22, which is when she started podcasting and coaching. Her work has been a massive deep dive into all things innately feminine and masculine, relationships, polarity, finding spirit, and living a tantric life in regards to the world. 

Madelyn’s lineage is yogic intimacy, exploring how you can transmit a message using the body. After a two-year deep dive into masculine/feminine energy with two teachers, she was up-leveled to a deeper understanding of embodiment and what it actually means: feeling a spiritual presence in your openness all day long. 

As Madelyn explains, duality exists on every kind of plane. We engage with polarity in three layers: ourselves, the other, and the world. For example, in order for a relationship to work with couples there needs to be a sense of “the other,” and needs to be sameness, but too much sameness often kills polarity. Therefore, creating polarity through distance – physically (a trip) or energetically (being more of how you identify, such as feminine) – in the name of love can keep polarity alive.

Episode 28: Miracle Healing With Medicinal Plants: Cannabis, CBD, & Mushrooms with Jenny Sansouci

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Jenny Sansouci. Jenny is a certified health coach and author of The Rebels Apothecary: A Practical Guide to the Healing Magic of Cannabis, CBD, and Mushrooms, a book that shifts the stigma of these plants to a medicinal outlook and educates readers about their healing power. 

Working in wellness for many years, Jenny’s interest in the healing power of cannabis, CBD, and mushrooms began when her father was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2017. After diving into research, Jenny created a regime for her father including mushrooms, CBD, and medical marijuana, and he experienced a notable reduction in chemotherapy side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, and pain, as well as a stronger immune system. In an effort to share this information with the public, Jenny wrote about it in her blog – – which piqued the interest of a book agent. The process of writing the book ultimately gave her father purpose and helped his healing journey. Four years later he is still doing well. 

Amy and Jenny discuss the different kinds of medicinal (non-psychedelic) mushrooms and their uses, such as cordyceps (endurance), lion’s mane (cognitive function), reishi (nervous system), and turkey tail (immune system). They also discuss how the endocannabinoid system works directly with molecules in the body to help reduce pain perception, anxiety, and support the sleep cycle. 

Episode 27: Feng Shui Makeover with Karen Rauch Carter

In this episode, Amy chats with Karen Rauch Carter about the life-changing capabilities of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the process of mindfully arranging your home. With almost 30 years of experience, Karen has devoted her life and her books to teach others how to Feng Shui the spaces in which they live. 

 Karen shares that her life wasn’t always about Feng Shui. In the podcast, Karen talks about her previous job as a Landscape Architect and how a minor project requirement became the focus and passion she pursues today. 

Later in the podcast, Amy opens up about the role of a 911 call powerfully demonstrated the ways of Feng Shui and the impact it has continued to have on her life. 

Karen shares tips with us about how to Feng Shui our homes. In addition, We learn why mindfulness is important to this process and what it could mean for our past, present, and future selves. She breaks down the five elements of Feng Shui and tells us about a few simple changes in our bedrooms that can make all the difference. 

Find out how Fung Shui might help Amy’s teeth and why space can bring opportunities. Listen until the end of the podcast to receive a promo code for $20 off a monthly membership to Move Yourself with Karen. Included in the membership are two live calls, a private Facebook page, and weekly to-do emails in order to kickstart your Feng Shui lifestyle.

Episode 26: Flower Power with Katie Hess

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy chats with Katie Hess, owner of Lotuswei. Katie has a passion for plants. She motivates people to use flower elixirs in their own lives. At the start of the podcast, Katie shares her own motivations that led her into the world of flower elixirs. Her journey began with a desire to help others improve their own lives. This desire grew and she began to find her own way. In exploring the possibilities and existence of natural medicine, Katie came across a teacher in Madrid, Spain. This teacher conducted classes in Spanish, focusing on flower elixirs for multiple decades. She learned that each flower had a purpose and that if people leaned into it, it would have a rippling effect on our planet. 

Inspired, Katie took her new knowledge to Mexico. She soon noticed that Mexico was not where she was meant to reside. She was being called back to the U.S. As a young and excited teacher, she found herself taken aback when she saw the lack of development in the field of natural medicine in the states. 

Katie had to adjust her teaching style to find a way to show others the benefits of flower elixirs. Oftentimes, she would integrate the elixirs into a less intrusive form, introducing them via aromatherapy instead of ingestion. Only in the last two years, Katie noticed that there was a shift occurring in the business. As western society moved to accept wellness alternatives, people became more accepting of the direct applications of flower elixirs. 

Listen along to learn about the power of flowers and what role they could play in your life.

Episode 25: Overcoming Underearning with Barbara Huson (formerly Stanny)

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy talks to Barbara Huson. Barbara is an author, financial therapist, and wealth coach. She focuses on teaching women to empower themselves. Barbara grew up in a wealthy family with little knowledge about money. She was told by her dad not to worry, but that changed when her husband of 15 years started to gamble her inheritance. After her divorce, she found herself with 2 million dollars in taxes for illegal transactions her ex-husband had made. 

Through many books, classes, and interviews, Barbara was able to climb out of financial disparity and turn her earnings around. By the time her book, Secrets of Six Figure Women, was released, Barbara was making more than six figures. She says that her success was divinely ordained.

During the podcast, Barbara breaks down the difference between making money and being wealthy. We learn what some six-figure women are not doing to secure their future and how we can all implement strategies to change our own bank accounts. Barbara defines an underearner and shows us key differences between an underearner and an overearner. She goes into the biology of why patterns and new habits might push us to be more financially successful.

Episode 24: Meditation Recharge with Megan Monahan

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with Megan Monahan. Megan is the author of Don’t Hate, Meditate. She leads meditation all around the world and virtually. Megan works as an instructor for the Chopra Center, an organization that aims to make well-being accessible for everyone. At the beginning of the podcast, Megan shares with Amy how meditation came into her life. Her body underwent a massive amount of stress in her early 20s, resulting in the removal of her gallbladder. 


She explains that these were all signs that something needed to change in her life. If she wanted to live comfortably, she would need a change in lifestyle. Her therapist recommended she meditate and that’s where her journey began. As she began her own journey, she found that all she wanted to do was share her experience. 

While taking a “leap of faith,” she ended up working with a company and writing a book based on meditation. Megan tells us what her title originally was and gives us some insight into the process of making a meditation based book. Amy talks about her own experience with book covers, going into detail about her book Joyful Living. 

Amy and Megan share ways to keep a strong sense of self during these difficult times, felt by all. Megan touches on the importance of having agency over your mind and tells us in which ways meditation can assist. She has created a 21-day meditation challenge. The challenge was created with the intention to ring in 2021 in a way that could help people feel more connected and supported. 

Episode 23: Practical Intuition with Laura Day

In today’s episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with author and business psychic Laura Day. Laura shares with us the beginning of her intuitive work. In 1981, before Laura had a name for her own abilities, she became part of a university led experiment. The university was focusing on the expansion of the human mind and she quickly found herself in it. What started as an anonymous project, soon led to the start of her career. She found out an experiment she was a part of was televised, without her permission; after it was shown, she ended up with the beginnings of her following.

Although the experience of being exposed to the world was difficult at first, Laura is thankful for it. As a self-proclaimed introvert, she doesn’t know what else might have lead her into the work she does today. 

During the podcast, Laura shares information about her intuition boot camp, an evidence based course that focuses on connecting others with their own intuition. She concentrates on showing people how to gain intuition in a business environment over any other. Her boot camp aims to pass down her own work. She has seen her groups stay connected for years and remains attached to those she has worked with.

Episode 22: Squeeze the Juice out of Life with Cassandra Bodzak

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy talks to author, speaker, and TV personality Cassandra Bodzak. Cassandra focuses her teachings on global meditation and wellness. Cassandra is the host of Eat with Intention TV or you may know her as the happy, healthy living guru from The Taste TV with Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson.

Cassandra began participating in guided meditations and incorporated different variations of guided meditations into her life at least three times daily. She found that it had transformed her day, bringing her an abundance of clarity and peace.

Cassandra and Amy share their thoughts on how nature connects us and how outdoor meditation can increase that connection. Of the three daily meditations, Cassandra takes part in, one of those is in her walk. While creating deep connections, we begin to expand our abilities. Cassandra talks about her time as a dancer and the impact visualization had on her.

Amy and Cassandra riff about the human experience and ways we may stifle our enjoyment by defining ourselves by how much we achieve instead of our innate being. They talk about how simply existing is perhaps the crux of the human experience. And, maybe, all our actions are our discovery of the world and can help us further understand how we are all divine and connected.

Episode 21: Unicorns, Angels, and Dragons, Oh My! with Diana Cooper

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Diana Cooper. Having written over 30 books, Diana Cooper focuses on energies and angels. One of her most talked about subjects is unicorns. She discusses the myth of unicorns and explains how unicorns are completely real and deeper than just a horse with a horn. Diana tells us about the enlightenment of the unicorn and the pure white energy unicorns hold that exists in the universe and aligns with our chakras.

While making a documentary movie, Diana talked with many people who have encountered this divine energy, Diana explains that the unicorn always instills hope in others. She shares how the unicorn can help with the turmoil the world has experienced during 2020. She’s found that it is an important process to go through and that in the end, it is necessary.

Diana explains our aura and how we can accidentally let dark energy in. We find out how we can seal ourselves from negative light and what part unicorns play in our personal lives. Unicorns go down the paths we have created in our lives and bring healing light to them. They go deep as to heal past life beliefs. Diana tells us about the dark genetic life paths we carry and why it is important to try and heal them.

Listen along to find out the effects of COVID-19 on our society and how this has become an opportunity for many. Follow along, as Amy and Diana talk about angels and other guides.

Episode 20: Becoming Who We Are with Amy B Scher

March 25th, 2021


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy Leigh Mercree speaks with Amy B Scher. Scher is the bestselling author of How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can. Scher teaches others how to become their truest self and what can come of it. She pushes people to let go of fear and other obstacles they allow themselves to explore who we are at their core.

Working with people with chronic illness, Scher shares about the effects of failing treatments and how it can impair other treatments from working. Scher explains how trying too hard can be counterproductive. Mercree and Scher talk about how society’s pull can change the outcome and how a balance of both internal and external drive is imperative for movement. Listen along to understand how to have a healthy relationship with determination. This podcast with Scher covers how to surrender to our issues and start to heal.

Surrendering is the first step to success according to Scher. She explains how she had to surrender in her own life and what changes came because of it. Scher shares her struggles about being bed bound and how she found little steps to cope and heal.

As experienced healers, Mercree and Scher share their beliefs and draw similarities in their teachings. The duo discusses the multiple ways healing can exist and all the people who can contribute to better health. Listen along to find out how to stop resisting and start your path to healing.

Episode 19: Fix Your Period with Nicole Jardim

March 11th, 2021


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Nicole Jardim. Nicole is a women’s health coach and author of Fix Your Period, a book talking about women’s relationship with their periods and how we can fix the stigma surrounding period talk. Growing up, Nicole did not expect her profession to surround women’s menstrual cycles. The journey of education began with her own struggles. During her period, she would experience cramps and other issues that caused her an extreme amount of pain.

Eventually, she turned to medical assistance and ended up on a birth control pill. Like many women around the U.S. she took the pill, but unknowingly ended up with many side effects; side effects that were slowly destroying her health. No doctor was able to point out what had gone wrong. It was not until she took a trip to the acupuncturist that she found her answer: The Pill. She began changing her life and slowly became an advocate for women’s health.

Together, Amy and Nicole break down the chemical changes in women’s bodies throughout the cycle. Amy shares her experience with period irregularities and Nicole tries to pinpoint a few changes that could have caused them. They talk about common issues and how to find the right solutions.

Episode 18: The Winner’s Mindset with Ryan Harris

February 25th, 2021


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with former NFL player, Ryan Harris. Ryan’s book Mindset For Mastery focuses on overcoming failure and destigmatizing the idea that failure is separate from success. Ryan writes this book in hopes to show others how his success came with difficulties and answers he refused to take from others. He shows throughout his career that his determination to succeed was a valuable tool. His book talks about his experiences and shares how others might be down a similar path, regardless of profession.

During the podcast, Ryan and Amy discuss the importance of “I am” statements and visualization. Ryan refers back to his Super Bowl success and the days leading up to it. He mentions to Amy the importance of preparation and the difference between him and his competitors. He applies these techniques to situations many will face in the future. He goes further to show how leaving space for conversation and being knowledgeable will change situations. By showing empathy when we speak, we can increase the opportunity that others will respond with empathy as well.

Throughout the podcast, Ryan shows us what a different mindset can lead to. Backed up by science, Ryan states that even if we don’t believe our “I am” statements at first, repeating them aids in the visualization process. Eventually, these mantras can become reality.

Listen along to discover your “I am” statements and how a change of mindset can change your life.

Episode 17: Calling in the One with Nicole Moore

February 11th, 2021


In this episode of the Happily Holistic podcast,  Amy sits with an NYU education life coach and love expert, Nicole Moore. As a love expert, Nicole believes that only one (with the exception of polyamory) true love path exists. While loving some can lead to valuable lessons, a TRUE LOVE path is when you find your ‘soulmate’ or partner that makes love and life the easiest. She assures us that love still requires work, but the true love path is just the one that requires the least amount of work.

The ladies start the podcast by pulling out a card out of Nicole’s Love Answers Oracle Deck. Tune in because this card could be a message specifically for you!

After Nicole reads the card, she begins to take us into a deep dive through the world of love and that through the thousands of women she has consulted, she finds the same issue every time. Either women try to find a love as perfect as their parents, or find love as imperfect as their parents. She explains that there is not a single one of us who is separate from our formative years and those who raised us.

While many might wish for love, there are more who are not ready for it. Nicole goes through the realities that many women face. Leading with fear and anxiety. So much of love depends on our state of mind. And when we are not ready and hold ourselves to a low expectation we get treated just as low.

Listen to find out how love requires self-work and bravery.

Episode 16: Queer Cosmos with Colin Bedell

January 27th, 2021


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with Colin Bedell. Bedell is a fellow author, writing A Little Bit of Astrology part of the Little Bit of series. Focusing on astrology and running Queer Cosmos, Colin writes for Cosmo Magazine and finds many other ways to share his insight. He tells us how he started his website as a hobby and how the universe had a different plan for him which was revealed to him after being fired from his job.  Colin invested his energy into his website, then five months later he was contacted by a publishing company and then he made Astrology his career.

Do you live in an edge place? And what is that? They touch on running your business synergistically by focusing on relationships and connection when you are around high energy people! Sometimes we forget the value of asking others for advice and their knowledge to better understand. This all ties together with many classes and groups being created online and, in the midst of covid, and how astrology in 2021 is showing if we want personal growth we need a digital community.

Amy and Colin talk about the unique changes coming this year and into the future.  Colin shares about a unique astrological alignment that hasn’t happened in almost 500 years and how we need to really step in our roles to see where we are connected and where we are divergent and how beautiful and truly meaningful that can be.

Their conversation is real and makes you feel as if you are sitting with them while they speak.  In other words, you don’t want to miss this one ?

Episode 15: More Than A Body with Lindsay Kite

January 14th, 2021


In today’s episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with Lindsay Kite, Ph.D. Dr. Kite is a co-founder of non-profit Beauty Redefined and More Than a Body LLC. Together with her sister, Lexi Kite, she works to educate women about the impact of media and culture on body image. During Dr. Lindsay and Lexi’s research on the objectification of women’s bodies, they found that the issue was not feeling beautiful. They came to the conclusion that many people define themselves according to their own level of perceived beauty. According to Dr. Kite, creating an identity with beauty can be difficult to maintain. The two women work to build a world where, “bodies are instruments, not ornaments.”

During this podcast, Amy and Lindsay talk about Dr. Kite’s book More Than a Body. The book is a guide for change. It breaks down the process of developing body image resilience. Lindsay shares with us the first few steps in changing our own resilience and what we might reevaluate. We learn about the skeleton of media literacy and get incite of how knowledge can change what we spend our money on.

While fighting against constantly changing media-set beauty standards, Lindsay and Lexi aim to change individual minds. They believe that the best approach is giving individuals the tools they need to push past standards set. It is redefining beauty.

Listen along to learn about the struggle of body image and how it affects your everyday life.

Episode 14: Tips from a Medicine Woman with Amy Leigh Mercree

December 31st, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with you to honor her late teacher Levity Laughingstar. Levity, otherwise known as Laurie, was a medicine woman whose practices date back many generations. Amy teaches us about the true traditions of a medicine woman’s teachings and how it is still happening in the world today.

Amy sits with us to explain how she uses Levity’s teachings and passes them down to her clients and readers. She tells us about her job as a medical intuitive and the power of listening to our guides.

As a channel for spirits, Amy talks to us about her changing connection. We are let in to see how Amy continues to communicate with Levity and what that means for her.

Learn through Amy’s experiences about the current traditions that are still in place today. Watch to see Levity’s teaching in action and how they can help you. See the life that is breathed through her late teacher’s lessons.

During the podcast, Amy shares special techniques passed down from Levity herself. Amy guides us through a series of techniques that can help us protect ourselves.

We learn how to seal our space and where it might be important to protect our energy. In this episode, we get to take part in a special technique to ground ourselves. Some of this information is also shared in Amy’s book A Little Bit of Chakras: An Introduction to Energy Healing. Sit comfortably and grab a pillow as we take a dive into new tools that can help with recentering ourselves.

Episode 13: 2020 WTF? Astrology with Danielle Paige

December 17th, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy discusses intuition and self awareness with Danielle Paige. Astrologer, spiritual teacher, podcast personality and author Danielle Paige works to “shake people up” in order to show them how to use their intuition. Her journey started off with difficulty and confusion. In her 20’s she worked with interior architecture. She received a masters degree and fell in love with design, but knew it was not her calling. After a difficult 30th birthday, she began her new journey. In her deep and long term struggles she found her spiritual awakening.

In her journey to achieve a higher consciousness, she found herself drawn to astrology. Once she got started, she could not stop. She focuses on continuing to learn and grow. Amy and Danielle talk about their current lessons and goals in their personal development.

As an astrologer, Danielle Paige talks about her experiences in 2020 and why she is not completely shocked. She tracks back to when she knew 2020 would be a pivotal moment in history. She explains to us what planets tipped her and others off. She talks about her instagram post that projected the year and how others reacted at the time. Danielle tells us her energetic predictions for the rest of 2020 and how the deconstruction of structures will be changing soon. Danielle ties in current events to her astrology to the US’s chart.

Listen along to find out what else this year might have in store for us and the United States.

Episode 12: Fixing Adrenal Fatigue with Locke Hughes

December 3rd, 2020


This week on the Happily Holistic podcast, Amy speaks with Journalist and HealthCoach, Locke Hughes. Locke first met Amy while writing for The Oprah Magazine. For Locke it was a “full circle moment,” taking her 10 years back to when she interned with the magazine to stack boxes and organize files. As writers, Amy and Locke talk about getting over the anxiety of writing and the importance of practicing the art. Locke gives tips for aspiring writers on how to improve their reach.

As a writer for The WellLocke is working virtually and will continue to do so until 2021. Locke explains to us what changes are made to the company and how virtual classes and events are changing the way The Well interacts with their audience.

During the podcast Locke talks about the book, Melatonin: The Natural Supplement for Better Sleep. We find out what adrenal fatigue is and what could cause it. We get tips on how to handle stress and what can happen when we fail. Amy and Locke discuss the five senses. Listen along to learn about the harsh impact of your senses when trying to sleep. Locke gives advice on how we can use our senses to develop a well rested sleep. While talking to Locke, we get a look at some of her favorite recipes from her book. Observing differences in taste that can change the way we experience sleep.

We wrap up the episode finding out more about Locke and how her journey towards learning about adrenal fatigue began.

Episode 11: Understanding Happiness with Robert Mack

November 19th, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Robert Mack. Robert is one of the world’s leading experts in happiness and success. As a celebrity coach and author, Robert is endorsed by many popular faces such as Oprah and Vanessa Williams.

Robert Mack shares with Amy how his tribulations and frustrations as a young adult led him down a road of unhappiness. He talks about how his suicidal thoughts led to a change in direction. He made a choice to keep living after studying life and literature. As a happiness expert, Robert shares with us how happiness can manifest itself and what we have to gain when we focus on our individual happiness.

Together, Amy and Robert tackle the question “I don’t know what I want?” and show us why it is not as difficult as it may seem. During the podcast, Robert shares what a “happiness island” is and why you might want to track yours. Listen along to find out how you might find your purpose and better understand it.

Happiness is not only an emotion. Robert explains some scientific research on what happiness can look like as a chemical and how the brain works to interpret or reform it. In this episode you can find out how to generate happiness in your own life.

Robert talks about some of the newest research on the brain and how rewiring your outlook on life can lead to increased happiness. He helps us navigate some myths about creating happiness and shows us how present we can feel in our journey to discovering the sweeter side of life.

Episode 10: Party in Your Plants with Talia Pollock

November 12th, 2020


This week on the Happily Holistic podcast, Amy sits down with the multi talented Talia Pollock. Talia has a number of titles such as health advocate, speaker, comedian, and author. Her book Party in your Plants promotes plant based eating in a fun way. With over 100 different recipes and tips, Talia’s perspective for plant based eating encourages new cooks to experiment in the kitchen.

In this episode, Talia and Amy talk about the launch of Talia’s book at the beginning of the pandemic. She shares her experience on Good Morning America as one of the first virtual interviews and tells us about the funny “behind the scenes” with her impromptu camera man. Amy gets tips on what to expect for her next virtual appearance and how to handle the new world of pandemic interviews.

During the conversation, we get the inside scoop on what made Talia shift her career from comedian to health advocate. We learn what it took for her to marry the two passions and how she continues to push for a less stressful lifestyle. Talia tells us about her first vegan experience before the trend. She shares the revolution of veganism and the wonders it did for her cooking. While she no longer is vegan, her time spent exploring it was influential to her book and advocacy.

The two women discuss the pandemic and the new shift that is occurring in our society and anxiety.

Listen along to learn how to make Talia’s plant based pumpkin bread and find out the ways we can change our cooking habits to create new and fun healthy habits.

Episode 19: Fix Your Period with Nicole Jardim

November 5th, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic Amy sits with, the “Lady Gaga of Meditation”, Biet Simken. Biet Simken is a world renowned meditation leader, author, and musician. Her teachings aim to combine pop culture with meditation and deliver her message in a unique way.

Biet gets candid with us, sharing her story of her success with Sony at the age of 18. She shares her struggles of deeply close loss and difficulty in finding herself through her youth. She found herself using heroin and it was in her decision to become sober that led her down her path of spirituality. As she craved to be deeply spiritually connected, she found herself starting a journey. Biet found that her target audience would overthink when it came to typical guided meditation. Her metropolitan youth would worry about it all, so she came up with using a more shocking meditation technique to help others stop thinking and start connecting.

Biet tells us about the intense meditative transformation she hosts at festivals and how hung over men in their 20s end up in emotional tears.

BIet shares her discovery of suffering and fear. She shares how formative it is and why we never shake it. Because of the difficulty she has gone through, she realized life is living in duality. She tells us about how the strength of her duality caused her to switch life coaches.

Listen along to find out how her work on herself continues and how making yourself public might be best.

Episode 8: Channeling for Others and the Deep Truth About Isolation

October 29th, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy calls up Dr. Deganit Nuur to chat about their jobs as energy messengers and their findings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deganit holds many titles such as writer, clairvoyant, and doctor of acupuncture. Like Amy, she channels spirits to help others connect and heal. Together, Amy and Deganit talk about the personal growth involved in being a spiritual messenger. Deganit lets us in with her observations about her sessions and how the impact has led her to become stronger in her personal life.

Between helping others and managing themselves, Deganit and Amy do not fail to mention lessons learned from client readings. One of their most important tips is the value of personal power. Deganit teaches us why we are quick to let go when we should be holding on.

In light of the pandemic, Deganit and Amy share some common concerns of clients. We learn about the capabilities of isolation and why not all effects are negative. The duo, armed with spiritual guidance, let us see the true effects of this pandemic and how we all will grow. Find out why we lacked deep connections and how this global difficulty is restoring humanity.

Episode 7: Radical Love in a Relationship with Gala Darling

October 22nd, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Gala Darling joins Amy to talk about wellness and. Gala Darling, author of best selling book Radical Self-Love, teaches others how to use radical self-love to revolutionize their own lives. The two ladies kick off the podcast talking about Gala’s travels with her best friend. She explains how seeing women make lives out of passions has inspired her. Gala Darling gives us some information on her new book, Hologram Heart. She explains about the new focus of the third book in an unofficial series. She takes the next step to write about how to hold self-love while in a relationship.

Gala gives us a guideline of how to keep an individual identity while bringing another into our lives. She runs us through how taking a relationship slow can truly save it and those in it. Sometimes tradition does not equate to happiness and Gala brings a fresh perspective to the meaning of relationships. Listen along to hear her vouch for independence in space and time during a relationship. Find out why she won’t be giving up her hot pink couch.

Gala brings up the progression of women and how creative and successful women crave different companionship. Her new book connects to a virtual book club. In doing so, Gala hoped to bring women together who might otherwise feel alone in a world full of diverse relationships.

Listen to the podcast to find how empowered women can change the course of their lives through their relationships. Find out how you can rewrite the script to keep your radical self-love.

Episode 6: The Truth about Lightworkers, Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy

October 15th, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy Leigh Mercree speaks with George Lizos. George is the best-selling author of Lightworkers Gotta Work: The Ultimate Guide to Following Your Purpose and Creating Change in the World.

George Lizos is a lightworker who has dedicated his life to find others and guide them to their calling. He shares with us some of his journey through the difficult obstacles and how he overcame them. George opens up about his personal journey through mental health and sexuality.

In this podcast, George introduces us to the meaning of a lightworker. Find out how to light the spark that changes a thinker to a lightworker. You might be surprised to find out how history has been shaped by the roles of these incredible lightworkers as George gives us some valuable information covered in his book Lightworker Gotta Work.

The pair break down the issues with a patriarchal society and its implications on people. They talk about the importance of accepting the masculine and feminine powers that lie unbalanced and untapped in many. We learn about the power of balancing energies and where to find them.

Later in the podcast, George lays out his three-step plan on how to begin living a successful and balanced life.

Together, they guide us through some difficult topics and teach us how to break free of the misconceptions surrounding spiritual people.

Listen to Amy and George as they discuss the incredible power of nature and find out why it is important to connect with it. Wait until the end of the podcast to find out why tree hugging can be beneficial.

Episode 5: Feminine Cycles and Activism with Amy Wilding

October 1st, 2020


In today’s episode of Happily Holistic, Amy Leigh Mercree sits down for a call with Amy Wilding. Amy Wilding is a feminine advocate, aiming to normalize “taboo” subjects surrounding the female body. Wilding runs Red Tent Louisville, a safe nonsecular space for women to share their stories. She runs a number of services such as leadership circles, e-courses, and speeches in order to teach women about the in depth workings of menstruation. Wilding aims to deconstruct the patriarchy by allowing women to learn about their bodies. The two Amys discuss their own personal experiences as service providers. Both women have concluded that medical information surrounding female menstruation is limited and difficult to access.

Wilding is also an author. Her book Wild and Wise  takes a deep dive into the “sacred feminine”. Her book guides women through a series of meditations. She aims to push women further into understanding their own bodies and honoring their processes. Mercree and Wilding talk about Wild and Wise and what it can do for you.

The two women share with us future projects, specifically Wilding’s new and upcoming book. Wilding’s new book will cover menopause. The book will introduce and prepare women for the multidimensional experience that leaves many women feeling alone or invalid. Listen through the podcast to find out how menopause is an experience that can be life changing and why it affects multiple components of your body, mind and spirit.

As part of a quick moving society, both women seek to make a difference. Wilding talks about her activism and the part she plays in transforming lives for women of all ages. She shares her emotions and shows us why it can be important to feel enraged.

Listen along as the Amys cover these topics and more. Included in today’s podcast is also an excerpt from Wild and Wise.

Episode 4: Listening to the Universe with Tammy Mastroberte

Sept 24th, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Tammy Mastroberte–the founder of Elevated Existence. Tammy focuses on taming chaos and how to get intouch with the universe. Tammy’s new book, The Universe is Talking to You, is her longest project. The book encompasses Tammy’s teachings over the course of her lifetime. Amy and Tammy talk about the importance of letting yourself be guided. Especially in the face of uncertainty, staying connected is Tammy’s speciality.

Throughout the podcast, Tammy shares the best ways to “tame the chaos” during a global shift. Tammy breaks down the difference between internal and external chaos. She shares with us how to limit the external chaos that we are unconsciously accepting into our lives. Tammy shares with us how chaos changes not only our life, but also our health and wellness.

In the podcast we get a sneak peak of some of the exercises Tammy offers in her new book. These exercises are quick 3-5 minute exercises easy enough for anyone to participate in. Tammy and Amy dive into the importance of vibration and how it can change the way we communicate and experience joy and chaos in life, along with how it can change your interaction with medical intuitives.

In the podcast, Amy talks about her “Meet Your Guides” classes. You find out why our guides start celebrating when we begin to open up and listen to them.

Listen along to learn how to listen to the universe and become intuitive to its signs.

Episode 3: Immune Health Using Ayurveda with Deacon Carpenter

Sept 17th, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks to Deacon Carpenter. Deacon is a wellness advocate and yoga instructor. He dedicates his career to making the knowledge of ayurvedic medicine accessible and practical for people of different walks of life. Deacon started learning about ayurvedic medicine at 16 years old and continues to learn more about what makes it successful. Deacon is the author of A Little Bit of Ayurveda, a book focused on giving the breakdown of Ayurveda medicine.

The two authors laugh and share memories about herbal medicines and the variety of effects they can have. They talk about the importance of both gradual and intense cleansing and how ayurveda plays a deep role in it. Ayurveda, according to the two authors, is more than cleansing the body. Just as important as cleansing the body is cleansing the mind. In the time of a pandemic, Amy and Deacon talk about what role ayurveda medicine plays in helping others heal and work through illness. Deacon shares with us why this medicine is different from traditional western medicine and why it is important to have a space for both styles to coincide.

Listen to find out how this Ayurveda can explain why someone gets sick and what karma has to do with. During the podcast, Deacon tells us about the five elements of Ayurveda; while we find out what element Amy relates to the most. Find out why balance, feminie and masculine energy play a large role in our lives. Listen along for Deacon’s tips on how to stay safe from COVID-19.

Episode 2: Spiritual Queen Badass with Emma Mumford

Sept 10th, 2020


In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks to Emma Mumford. Emma is not only a fellow author and podcaster, but also a coach and mentor for many women. Emma kicks off the podcast by telling us a bit about her “Spiritual Queen’s Badass”. She shares with us how the name came to life and what surprises she came with starting a podcast.

Formerly known as the “Coupon Queen” in the UK, Emma was guided towards making a book about having a healthy relationship with money. She saw a need in her spiritual community and in her own life to teach and learn about how to use money correctly. While writing the book, The Positively Wealthy Journal, Emma’s own relationship to wealth changed. She found herself craving connections and realizing that she poured too much into work and not enough into deep friendships.

As she finished the book and the release date got delayed due to a switch of publisher, Emma found herself in the perfect timing to help others. In a time where many are struggling with financials, Emma hopes to guide others to becoming fulfilled and stable.

Amy and Emma discuss the beautiful ways women get to express themselves and share their own experiences. Emma breaks down what the law of attraction is and goes through some law of attraction protips. She gives us the steps needed to work with the law of attraction.

Episode 1: Being a Joy Seeker with Shannon Kaiser

Sept 3rd, 2020


In this episode, Amy sits down to speak with her “super soul cheerleader” Shannon Kaiser. Shannon is the best selling author of The Self-Love Experiment and Adventures for the Soul. She wears many other titles including Global Speaker and Life Coach. During the podcast, Shannon shares how Amy’s book The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating led her to friending Amy.

Now, soul sisters, Amy and Shannon go through the many adventures they had while traveling to different parts of the world. We learn about their trip to Costa Rica and the lessons that met them while sitting in an old shack.

Through these stories, Shannon explains the importance of inner work. She breaks down her journey about writing her newest book, Joy Seeker. Listen as Shannon teaches us the true value in vulnerability. Having overcome drug addiction and depression, Shannon describes her books and information as “memoirisc.” Having those experiences she opens up to us, giving us a better understanding of why we should find honesty in our lives.

With five books released, Shannon has managed to connect with her audience and is the perfect person to explain to us the continuous struggles and successes honest writers face. Through this, we learn the truth of inner peace and the way to find it.

We also learn about her newest project. As she turns over to a new page in her business, Shannon revisits her former skills and mixes them with her current passions to design a unique Mantra card deck.

Listen to see what it took for this former Digital Designer to find herself and devote her life to guiding others.

Ready to begin?