Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Sally Field Help the AFI Honor New-Ager Shirley Maclaine

Last week the legendary Shirley Maclaine received a lifetime achievement award from The American Film Institute.  On hand to pay tribute were former costars, Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Meryl Steep who starred with Ms. Maclaine in Steel Magnolias. Meryl stated in previous interviews that because Shirley is so ingratiating, it was challenging to portray contention with her onscreen.  Warren Beatty, the Oscar Winner’s little brother, also showed up to give props and pay homage to his big sister.

Here is what I’d like to honor about the incredible and inspiring Ms. Maclaine: in a world of varying ideas and levels of skepticism, she has openly shared her beliefs.  With her charming ‘take it or leave it’ attitude she paves the way for other women to express their opinions.  She empowers women because of her outspokenness

The facts: Ms. Maclaine wrote extensively about her past life remembrances of parthenogenesis in Lemuria and the way that level of multi-life remembrance has affected her experience.  I find it wonderfully refreshing and affirming that information was shared in the popular book The Camino, which I personally loved.  What exposure for what some consider a fringe concept!

Beyond that, Ms. Maclaine is not only a treasure of American cinema but a role model for women everywhere to live with gusto and courage and be fully present to life.  Kudos and congratulations to Shirley Maclaine! What an inspiration to all!

In honor of Shirley’s spiritual journey, I really think you would like the blog post I wrote on what it’s like to meet your spirit guides! You can check it out here.

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