Episode 11: Understanding Happiness with Robert Mack

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Robert Mack. Robert is one of the world’s leading experts in happiness and success. As a celebrity coach and author, Robert is endorsed by many popular faces such as Oprah and Vanessa Williams.

Robert Mack shares with Amy how his tribulations and frustrations as a young adult led him down a road of unhappiness. He talks about how his suicidal thoughts led to a change in direction. He made a choice to keep living after studying life and literature. As a happiness expert, Robert shares with us how happiness can manifest itself and what we have to gain when we focus on our individual happiness.

Together, Amy and Robert tackle the question “I don’t know what I want?” and show us why it is not as difficult as it may seem. During the podcast, Robert shares what a “happiness island” is and why you might want to track yours. Listen along to find out how you might find your purpose and better understand it.

Happiness is not only an emotion. Robert explains some scientific research on what happiness can look like as a chemical and how the brain works to interpret or reform it. In this episode you can find out how to generate happiness in your own life.

Robert talks about some of the newest research on the brain and how rewiring your outlook on life can lead to increased happiness. He helps us navigate some myths about creating happiness and shows us how present we can feel in our journey to discovering the sweeter side of life.