Episode 13: 2020 WTF? Astrology with Danielle Paige

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy discusses intuition and self awareness with Danielle Paige. Astrologer, spiritual teacher, podcast personality and author Danielle Paige works to “shake people up” in order to show them how to use their intuition. Her journey started off with difficulty and confusion. In her 20’s she worked with interior architecture. She received a masters degree and fell in love with design, but knew it was not her calling. After a difficult 30th birthday, she began her new journey. In her deep and long term struggles she found her spiritual awakening.

In her journey to achieve a higher consciousness, she found herself drawn to astrology. Once she got started, she could not stop. She focuses on continuing to learn and grow. Amy and Danielle talk about their current lessons and goals in their personal development.

As an astrologer, Danielle Paige talks about her experiences in 2020 and why she is not completely shocked. She tracks back to when she knew 2020 would be a pivotal moment in history. She explains to us what planets tipped her and others off. She talks about her instagram post that projected the year and how others reacted at the time. Danielle tells us her energetic predictions for the rest of 2020 and how the deconstruction of structures will be changing soon. Danielle ties in current events to her astrology to the US’s chart.

Listen along to find out what else this year might have in store for us and the United States.