Episode 14: Tips from a Medicine Woman with Amy Leigh Mercree

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with you to honor her late teacher Levity Laughingstar. Levity, otherwise known as Laurie, was a medicine woman whose practices date back many generations. Amy teaches us about the true traditions of a medicine woman’s teachings and how it is still happening in the world today.

Amy sits with us to explain how she uses Levity’s teachings and passes them down to her clients and readers. She tells us about her job as a medical intuitive and the power of listening to our guides.

As a channel for spirits, Amy talks to us about her changing connection. We are let in to see how Amy continues to communicate with Levity and what that means for her.

Learn through Amy’s experiences about the current traditions that are still in place today. Watch to see Levity’s teaching in action and how they can help you. See the life that is breathed through her late teacher’s lessons.

During the podcast, Amy shares special techniques passed down from Levity herself. Amy guides us through a series of techniques that can help us protect ourselves.

We learn how to seal our space and where it might be important to protect our energy. In this episode, we get to take part in a special technique to ground ourselves. Some of this information is also shared in Amy’s book A Little Bit of Chakras: An Introduction to Energy Healing. Sit comfortably and grab a pillow as we take a dive into new tools that can help with recentering ourselves.