Episode 16: Queer Cosmos with Colin Bedell

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with Colin Bedell. Bedell is a fellow author, writing A Little Bit of Astrology part of the Little Bit of series. Focusing on astrology and running Queer Cosmos, Colin writes for Cosmo Magazine and finds many other ways to share his insight. He tells us how he started his website as a hobby and how the universe had a different plan for him which was revealed to him after being fired from his job.  Colin invested his energy into his website, then five months later he was contacted by a publishing company and then he made Astrology his career.

Do you live in an edge place? And what is that? They touch on running your business synergistically by focusing on relationships and connection when you are around high energy people! Sometimes we forget the value of asking others for advice and their knowledge to better understand. This all ties together with many classes and groups being created online and, in the midst of covid, and how astrology in 2021 is showing if we want personal growth we need a digital community.

Amy and Colin talk about the unique changes coming this year and into the future.  Colin shares about a unique astrological alignment that hasn’t happened in almost 500 years and how we need to really step in our roles to see where we are connected and where we are divergent and how beautiful and truly meaningful that can be.

Their conversation is real and makes you feel as if you are sitting with them while they speak.  In other words, you don’t want to miss this one ?