Episode 17: Calling in the One with Nicole Moore

In this episode of the Happily Holistic podcast,  Amy sits with an NYU education life coach and love expert, Nicole Moore. As a love expert, Nicole believes that only one (with the exception of polyamory) true love path exists. While loving some can lead to valuable lessons, a TRUE LOVE path is when you find your ‘soulmate’ or partner that makes love and life the easiest. She assures us that love still requires work, but the true love path is just the one that requires the least amount of work.

The ladies start the podcast by pulling out a card out of Nicole’s Love Answers Oracle Deck. Tune in because this card could be a message specifically for you!

After Nicole reads the card, she begins to take us into a deep dive through the world of love and that through the thousands of women she has consulted, she finds the same issue every time. Either women try to find a love as perfect as their parents, or find love as imperfect as their parents. She explains that there is not a single one of us who is separate from our formative years and those who raised us.

While many might wish for love, there are more who are not ready for it. Nicole goes through the realities that many women face. Leading with fear and anxiety. So much of love depends on our state of mind. And when we are not ready and hold ourselves to a low expectation we get treated just as low.

Listen to find out how love requires self-work and bravery.