Episode 2: Marriage as an Energetic Contract

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Hi there, my name is Amy, and I’ve been a medical intuitive for 22 years. This podcast is called Medical Intuitive Miracles because your body is in amazing self-regulating, self-correcting wonder, and all we need to do is give it the tools and resources to perform its own medical intuitive miracle. And that really means that we all have the ability to feel great all of the time. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this podcast. I’m gonna open my toolbox and share everything I can and everything I’ve learned with you because I care and I want you to feel good. And that’s what we’re gonna do together.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m so glad today we get a chance to talk about some specific ideas that have a really major impact on our lives at times. Um, and these are energetic contracts. And specifically, this came up sometimes in our episodes. I’m gonna be talking to you about case studies, and this came up with a client recently, a medical intuitive client recently who came in with a ailment to, you know, discover the root cause of the ailment. And what we found was that it had to do with the energetic contract of marriage. So when we’ll circle back to the ailment and how this could have something to do with it, but first we’ll kind of talk about this in a general way. So, this could apply to marriage, um, of all kinds. I, you know, believe love is love like so many of us do.

Same gender opposite gender, various genders, all of the different permutations. But the contract of marriage has an energetic component, and the legal side of it, I think also carries additional energy. So, one question we might ask in, in this discussion of marriage as an energetic contract would be, if it was a ceremony that didn’t involve a legal marriage, would it carry the same energetic weight? I think that’s something I’d love to hear from you guys about too. Um, and my work as a medical intuitive, the answer would be no, but only insofar as some of the drawbacks that we find of the actual energetic contract of the marriage license, the legality of it, and what that really means. So I’m really interested to hear your thoughts. You can always DM me on Instagram at Amy Leigh Mercree. Then you can always email my team and I at admin amyleighmercree.com, you know, with questions, things you like me to talk about on the podcast, thoughts, et cetera.

So, um, what I have seen as medical intuitive is the legal aspect of marriage does create additional energetic binding. You know, in a lot of ways this can be positive in marriage is absolutely a partnership. Uh, but I have certainly seen in some marriages, especially those that, you know, perhaps were entered into at a young age and they’ve been going on for a long time and not, potentially not going as well. Sometimes we see the energetic contract as a, you know, potential cause of discomfort or imbalance for one member. So, I’m gonna give you a couple examples. Uh, the one about the ailment, the couple joined, you know, in the younger years in there, in, in a slightly older demographic, sixties, seventies, eighties kind of age now. So, you know, some, some parts of the idea of marriage were a little bit different. Societally things were a little bit different anyways, got together, got married, had kids, you know, now they have grown kids, grandkids, all the things.

And the one of the spouses had something come up that ended up having really significant financial implications, and it was work related, and it ended up inciting a lot of changes in the, the lives of this couple. And fast forward a year or two after a move, and a lot of these, you know, changes in downgrades and lifestyle and things like that, one of the members of the couple ends up with a really, kind of a severe and out of the blue ament. Um, something that couldn’t be caused by lifestyle because of the lifestyle was so great. So, this is a case where, you know, sometimes people come to me as a medical intuitive. I always tell all of you guys, you, you know, you, you read this in your literature that you get when you make your appointment that I’m not a doctor. And, um, you know, our sessions are only for informational purposes and they shouldn’t be construed as medical advice nor legal or financial advice or even, you know, psychological advice.

I’m also not a psychologist, but what I do is I talk to people’s spirit guides and I tell them what they say and what they show me. So, when I went to look into this ailment, which was muscular skeletal in nature, and, you know, something that had be fallen this previously just like stellarly healthy person who was an athlete, it was evident that what was happening was that with the change in that spouse’s life that the other spouse that a karmic event was unraveling. So, you know, when I talk about karma, I, we, we have a whole shamanism class on this in the intermediate advanced shamanic work. In, in the classes that I teach, we have a whole class just working with karmic energy and karmic shamanism. And in this idea of karma, from my perspective, which is based upon, you know, my opinion after 22 years practicing as a medical intuitive and teaching shamanism, is that karma’s absolutely tied to past, present concurrent and future lives.

And it can certainly affect our lives. My late medicine teacher, Laurie, uh, did a lot of beautiful work with karma in other lives, and I, that’s where I learned a lot of it. I will also say that I think that we can transcend it, we can become conscious of it and not have it plant in our lives. And, uh, to some degree there’s a part of me that feels that we’re all the same being. And so, karma exists insofar as, as much as we identify ourselves with it to some degree. So, the, the punchline of my work is everybody, every human, every soul, everything is so diverse and so different that there are very few hard and fast rules, you know, independent of perhaps the conservation of matter and energy, which is a scientific law, um, and that everything exists. So that being said, um, the spouse who did not have the ailment in this example had sort of karmic date with destiny upon which they had agreed before incarnating and the spouse with the ailment.

What we found when we looked at the root cause of this, uh, muscular skeletal ailment that was severe out of the blue and not lifestyle related, was that that spouse, that member of that particular relationship had, there was a grandparent that came through that came in to share, uh, that there was an ancestral density containing a similar energy contained in the body of the person of the ailment. So, it, it sort of matched up with the same frequency as the karma that the other member of the relationship had. So, the, the person with the ailment, um, that that ancestral density was contained in what in traditional Chinese medicine we call the sinew, which includes the ligaments, the tendons, and especially the fascia. And so that whole sinew level has some ancestral connection, and that density was contained in it there. Now without having partnered with the particular spouse that, you know, in, in which that partnership occurred, that that density may have never come to the surface.
But having that complimentary vibration in the body and then having this sort of karmic reckoning day occur for the other spouse, where some things that basically had to do with past lives for that spouse were trying to rebalance. So, karma is often just energetic balancing trying to happen. One thing I’ve seen as a medical intuitive is that the universe incarnation humanity, duality specifically is always seeking balance in one way or another. So, this was for the, the spouse with the financial issue that came up, not the physical issue, it was what my guides refer to as a scheduled event. They’ll show me a timeline in somebody’s life. And, you know, a lot of the times the, the things that are gonna happen are based on free royal. Um, sometimes the timing is mutable, et cetera. In this case, it was a scheduled event that this karmic reckoning of sorts was gonna come forward for this, you know, for this person and unfold in a sequence of events in their life.

Because many years before, probably 40 years before, 30 to 40 years before this couple had married, it was a complimentary vibration insofar as the other member of the couple who had the physical muscular skeletal ailment had this similar frequency on a low level in their, uh, fascia essentially. And so that was sort of in their resting. This person was, you know, off being an athlete and just like being super duper halsy. Meanwhile, the runaway train of a scheduled event was coming. And so when this happened, all this snowball effect happened in, in their external lives as a couple where they lived the amount of, you know, money they had all of these things. And then this physical ailment popped up. So part of that has to do with the energetic contract of marriage. What I have seen is that with the legal side of marriage, that sometimes that necessitates or seems to unfold as a merging or a taking on of, or an acceptance of other people’s com karma and ancestral density.
So, when two people marry, sometimes they end up sharing the weight of their ancestral karma and their regular just past life karma. And that was what happened. So when I looked into the muscular skeletal system of the, of the person with the physical ailment, there was also darker strands of basically like energy. It looked like strands of light, but these were dark, they were density mixed into the muscle fibers and into near that, that fascial layer, near the sinew layer. So that was the karma from the spouse that the, that the physically injured spouse had taken on through the contract of marriage. So, then the question becomes, do these people have to get a divorce for this physical ailment to go away? Perhaps, but in this case, no, not, not necessarily. So, what we did was first remove the ancestral density that was already present for the whole life of the, of the person with the physical ailment.

So, getting that complimentary frequency outta the way next, we, um, and by to do that, we basically worked with, with their ancestors and had those ancestors help us remove that, then we worked on how do we extract and unravel that density That was the other person in the relationships karma that was literally in the physical body of this person. Um, you know, I think according, I think that is due to the legality of the contract, but it’s also proximity, sleeping in the same bed for 30 plus years, you know, all the intimacy, all the things. So, um, the way we did that was we had some spirit guides help and extract that, and then refill both of these layers with white light. So we changed the frequency, we removed the dense energy. Then the next thing that came about was a discussion of, you know, kind of naturally it came up if the marriage wanted to continue, if, if the either of the people wanted to continue the marriage.

And that was, you know, a question mark. But, um, there was some really limiting talk that was shared around the topic of prosperity and money. So then the next thing was to really do some study and look at how to clean up the thoughts, feelings, and frequency of money just within the person who had the physical ailment. That person can do that, you know, we’re all only responsible for ourselves. That might lead to change in the relationship in multiple ways. It could lead to a frequency change. And then the other member of the relationship finding a path that involves, you know, energetic spiritual responsibility around their beliefs around money. It could lead to just positive change. It could lead to dissolution of their relationship. It could lead to all different things. But that energetic contract of marriage has so many good things about it, and sometimes it can have drawbacks too.

Um, another case with a drawback involved a couple where there was an ancestral tendency toward hoarding. And, um, the way that that was tied to deep and having ancestral karma, and the way that that played out in the relationship of that particular couple was that the spouse ended up taking that on. And really, it didn’t happen until, um, the contract of marriage was entered, there was cohabitation then when the contract of marriage was entered, events unfolded where it ended up becoming the responsibility of the spouse to deal with all of these, um, hoarded items that were full of ancestral density from their, their spouse’s family. So that’s another case where the heaviness and the density of karma can affect, uh, I’m gonna give you some positive examples after all of these examples where it’s an enhancement. So, I’m not saying marriage is a bad idea, just for the record.

Um, another example of a couple is one where there was a really major decline in endocrine and hormone health for one member of the couple. And upon disillusion of that marriage that ceased to exist anymore. And so, you know, the, the question then was what did the marriage have to do with it? And it was basically, you know, an absolutely an agreement. Nobody can affect us without our consent. But in that particular relationship, spouse, a, with the, you know, endocrine dysfunction, that basically immediately cleared up upon dissolution of that marriage agreed to sort of conspire and tamp down and tone down that hormonal energy to keep spouse B comfortable. So, they didn’t run into difficult issues. So, you know, sometimes the learning benefits both, both people. There’s usually complimentary frequency in that final case, spouse a after the marriage dissolved and then cleared all these issues and went into greater endocrine health than ever in their life.

So, it’s not that these events are bad, but it’s just to look at the energetic contract of marriage and what it really means. Now, on the other hand, there’s two other cases that are very similar. Um, so we’ll say spouse A Mary, spouse B, spouse A, receives the frequency of prosperity through intimacy and marriage with spouse B, and then they split then spouse A leaves and they are now very prosperous and it’s a huge frequency shift. Then that spouse, a marries spouse C, and transfers prosperity consciousness to spouse C, spouse A, and spouse C split, and spouse A and spouse C and spouse B, all of them are now prosperous and doing well. So that’s a, a case where the contract of marriage raises the frequency of, you know, somebody maybe where there, there needs to be a frequency range. So, it’s not particularly bad or good, it just is, um, where does that land people in relationships, people who are already married, people who are divorced, people who are considering marriage.
That’s a giant question mark. And you know, it really does depend on the situation. Um, personally, if I were to enter into a marriage, again, I might consider these effects and create intentions to only amplify the positive effects and to keep any other effects at neutrality. So that’s something to consider. If you are, you know, somebody who’s engaged or considering marriage or something, consciousness, conscious intention, conscious awareness, and a commitment to expand consciousness can negate a lot of these things. This, this also kind of brings us around to the topic of karmic relationships. You know, if, if they’re, whether they’re married or not, we’ve all probably, I know I have had relationships that the, where, you know, the people, myself included, were drawn together for the processing of karma. And then when the karmic fuel is gone, the relationship ceases. I, I wrote all about this in my very first book, uh, The Spiritual Girls Guide to Dating Your Enlightened Path to Love Sex and Soulmates.

It, it talks a lot about relationship karma and karmic fuel, karmic relationships, all of these things. So, if we wanted to not enact a karmic relationship, I have a process in the Spiritual Girls Guide to Dating where you can consciously clear your relationship karma, and then that will change who you are attracted to and who you attract to you. So, you won’t be in a relationship that is, you know, playing out Karma. Now that being said, I think some of the best relationships that I’ve personally had have been with people who were soul family that I knew from other lives, and we had, you know, positive associations. So that can be great. I’ve also had bad relationships where there were good past lives, and then, you know, they weren’t great in this life. So, like I said, there’s ever every permutation of everything possible. Um, but it could, I think the, the thesis statement is the more conscious awareness we bring to our karma and to everything we do, including our relationships, we can clear any karmic energy.

We can create intention around only having our, you know, marriage relationship enhance us and better our lives, or be neutral and be for our very highest goods. So, we can put things in place that help us navigate this energetic world. Uh, but the, the punchline of all of it is expansion of consciousness, commitment to expansion of consciousness, evolution, choosing to evolve, choosing to grow, choosing to focus on high vibrational energy, gratitude, joy, appreciation, all these things. Making these conscious intentions helps guarantee us a positive life. Absolutely. And then so does 100% responsibility. So, you know, coming back around to the idea of, for me personally, if I were to get, wanna get married again, I would take a hundred percent responsibility for that choice. And do, you know, the shamanic work, the visioning, read the books, take the classes, do the learning, whatever I needed to do to figure out how to create a positive situation energetically, legally, financially, all the ways, and choosing a partner that, you know, to whatever degree was on board with that would be part of that.

And so that comes back around to taking 100% responsibility for ourselves. And when we do that, you know, when we say I take 100% responsibility for entering into the marriage that did or didn’t dissolve and did or didn’t cause these ailments and a hundred percent responsibility for choosing how I want my life to be and making choices, changes, taking action, doing the inner work to make that happen, then we come back around to the truth that we are the architect of our own reality. We can create it as we choose. And so that does apply to the energetic con contract of marriage. So that’s my little rant on that. I hope you enjoyed it. It also kind of illustrates the medical intuitive miracle that, you know, back to the beginning, that case study of that client who had the physical ament, she did resolve the physical ailment, the physical ailment did go away.

And then the, the fast forward to the story was a renegotiation of the relationship and the removal of the circumstances that were di you know, dis distasteful or disruptive and greater communication. And you know, I think it’s T B D, whether the marriage lasts or not in all marriages, and perhaps that, you know, renegotiating of the contract can allow it to flourish, grow, change, and not get stale too. So, I’m so glad you were here. Thank you so much for listening and I hope that this helped you reflect and consider and brought you greater understanding.

Thank you so much for listening to the end. I’m so honored you spent this time with me and I’m so excited to hear about your journey and your experience, finding miracles in your life and healing your body, uh, as well as anything else you’d like to share. A great way to get in touch with me is to send me a DM on Instagram. That’s where I’m most active. And you can find me at Amy Lee McCree on Instagram. You can find all kinds of info about me, my work, my 17 books and counting on my website, Amy Lee mercury.com. And I’d love to hear from you on any of those channels. And I hope that you’ve gained value from our work here today and that your life is enhanced and that you feel great, because that’s what I want for you to feel good all of the time. Have a beautiful rest of your day or night.