Episode 21: Unicorns, Angels, and Dragons, Oh My! with Diana Cooper

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Diana Cooper. Having written over 30 books, Diana Cooper focuses on energies and angels. One of her most talked about subjects is unicorns. She discusses the myth of unicorns and explains how unicorns are completely real and deeper than just a horse with a horn. Diana tells us about the enlightenment of the unicorn and the pure white energy unicorns hold that exists in the universe and aligns with our chakras.

While making a documentary movie, Diana talked with many people who have encountered this divine energy, Diana explains that the unicorn always instills hope in others. She shares how the unicorn can help with the turmoil the world has experienced during 2020. She’s found that it is an important process to go through and that in the end, it is necessary.

Diana explains our aura and how we can accidentally let dark energy in. We find out how we can seal ourselves from negative light and what part unicorns play in our personal lives. Unicorns go down the paths we have created in our lives and bring healing light to them. They go deep as to heal past life beliefs. Diana tells us about the dark genetic life paths we carry and why it is important to try and heal them.

Listen along to find out the effects of COVID-19 on our society and how this has become an opportunity for many. Follow along, as Amy and Diana talk about angels and other guides.