Episode 24: Meditation Recharge with Megan Monahan

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy sits down with Megan Monahan. Megan is the author of Don’t Hate, Meditate. She leads meditation all around the world and virtually. Megan works as an instructor for the Chopra Center, an organization that aims to make well-being accessible for everyone. At the beginning of the podcast, Megan shares with Amy how meditation came into her life. Her body underwent a massive amount of stress in her early 20s, resulting in the removal of her gallbladder.

She explains that these were all signs that something needed to change in her life. If she wanted to live comfortably, she would need a change in lifestyle. Her therapist recommended she meditate and that’s where her journey began. As she began her own journey, she found that all she wanted to do was share her experience.

While taking a “leap of faith,” she ended up working with a company and writing a book based on meditation. Megan tells us what her title originally was and gives us some insight into the process of making a meditation based book. Amy talks about her own experience with book covers, going into detail about her book Joyful Living. 

Amy and Megan share ways to keep a strong sense of self during these difficult times, felt by all. Megan touches on the importance of having agency over your mind and tells us in which ways meditation can assist. She has created a 21-day meditation challenge. The challenge was created with the intention to ring in 2021 in a way that could help people feel more connected and supported.