Episode 25: Overcoming Underearning with Barbara Huson (formerly Stanny)

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy talks to Barbara Huson. Barbara is an author, financial therapist, and wealth coach. She focuses on teaching women to empower themselves. Barbara grew up in a wealthy family with little knowledge about money. She was told by her dad not to worry, but that changed when her husband of 15 years started to gamble her inheritance. After her divorce, she found herself with 2 million dollars in taxes for illegal transactions her ex-husband had made.

Through many books, classes, and interviews, Barbara was able to climb out of financial disparity and turn her earnings around. By the time her book, Secrets of Six Figure Women, was released, Barbara was making more than six figures. She says that her success was divinely ordained.

During the podcast, Barbara breaks down the difference between making money and being wealthy. We learn what some six-figure women are not doing to secure their future and how we can all implement strategies to change our own bank accounts. Barbara defines an underearner and shows us key differences between an underearner and an overearner. She goes into the biology of why patterns and new habits might push us to be more financially successful.