Episode 26: Flower Power with Katie Hess

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy chats with Katie Hess, owner of Lotuswei. Katie has a passion for plants. She motivates people to use flower elixirs in their own lives. At the start of the podcast, Katie shares her own motivations that led her into the world of flower elixirs. Her journey began with a desire to help others improve their own lives. This desire grew and she began to find her own way. In exploring the possibilities and existence of natural medicine, Katie came across a teacher in Madrid, Spain. This teacher conducted classes in Spanish, focusing on flower elixirs for multiple decades. She learned that each flower had a purpose and that if people leaned into it, it would have a rippling effect on our planet.

Inspired, Katie took her new knowledge to Mexico. She soon noticed that Mexico was not where she was meant to reside. She was being called back to the U.S. As a young and excited teacher, she found herself taken aback when she saw the lack of development in the field of natural medicine in the states.

Katie had to adjust her teaching style to find a way to show others the benefits of flower elixirs. Oftentimes, she would integrate the elixirs into a less intrusive form, introducing them via aromatherapy instead of ingestion. Only in the last two years, Katie noticed that there was a shift occurring in the business. As western society moved to accept wellness alternatives, people became more accepting of the direct applications of flower elixirs.

Listen along to learn about the power of flowers and what role they could play in your life.