Episode 3: DIY Clear Your Relationship Karma Process

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Hi there, my name is Amy and I’ve been a medical intuitive for 22 years. This podcast is called medical intuitive miracles because your body is an amazing self-regulating, self correcting wonder and all we need to do is give it the tools and resources to perform its own medical intuitive miracle. And that really means that we all have the ability to feel great all of the time. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this podcast. I’m gonna open my toolbox and share everything I can and everything I’ve learned with you because I care and I want you to feel good and that’s what we’re gonna do together.

Hello, we are back with sort of a part two to episode two. Although I think I’m just gonna call this episode three so I might be confused, you might be confused, but it does go with the last episode. So we were talking in our last episode about marriage is an energetic contract and this next episode about clearing relationship Karma dovetails. It doesn’t have to be about marriage, it can be so we’ll discuss it. But basically I thought why don’t I share this process so that If you were listening to episode two and you wanted to clean that relationship Karma up, you’d have an easy way to do it. And then it kind of opens this question up anyways about relationship Karma and I think that it would be wonderful for us to explore that and then I’ll share this process with you that lets us consciously clear any of that that has density or could be detrimental.

Because, you know, our mission is to feel good all the time. That’s what we’re kind of here to do, obviously in a very holistic manner and to do that, sometimes it takes some conscious awareness, some conscious effort and clean up if we have ancestral density or karmic density in our bodies, sometimes that can cause physical symptoms, emotional symptoms and mental symptoms, etcetera, etcetera. And so we’re just gonna clean some of that up.

So let’s talk about this idea of relationship karma in my very first book, The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to dating Your Enlightened Past to love sex and soul mates. I talked about this quite a bit. Um that book still has so much to offer. I know a lot of my clients who are dating or single read it and even in relationships, read it still uh it is out of print, I believe, I think you can still get copies of it on amazon and if you can’t find it, email me and I’ve got some extras and I can always ship them out. Or maybe we’ll find a way to re release it because there’s definitely still a lot of people who want to read it and I’d love for you to read it and it’s still so full of great information that I know I still apply in my life and I’m sure you guys do too. It’s just all about the process of, you know, dating from the path of basically expanding consciousness and the view of the way that relationships come into our lives and why?

So that leads us to this concept of relationship karma. So in the spiritual girl’s guide to dating, I talk about a few different kinds of relationships. One is relationships with soul family members, who are people that we’ve known in other lives, that’s pretty much what that means, and they’re like our soul family and they’re, you know, close, close connection and um that soul family concept and soulmate relationships can kind of extend to some other categories, but just straight soulmates in my opinion and life experience, you know, uh and and the life experiences of, gosh, thousands of clients, soul mates with whom we have, primarily positive karmic experiences can be great romantic partners. So essentially people with whom leave perhaps been happily partnered in other lives or things like that, a lot of times those people show back up and, you know, maybe part of why we feel a connection with somebody because we felt it before too. So we’re building on something in the sense of multiple incarnations and that can be, you know, really, really beautiful and um, comfort, you know, comfortable and wonderful. Sorry guys, I’m just realizing, I didn’t turn my phone on silent and it was probably gonna ring and interrupt our podcast, which would be a little bit disruptive.

So, um that’s like the sort of positive iteration of a soulmate relationship, there can also be karmic relationships which are technically also soulmate relationships where there’s karma that needs to be resolved. And we kind of talked about that in episode two about marriage as an energetic contract. This this episode is really not about marriage exclusively, it’s about all all relationships romantic and even other wise, but especially in this one, we’re gonna talk about romantic relationships.

Um so when there’s karmic density that needs to be cleared, then that is also something that we might draw this relationship into our lives because it has karmic fuel. So that could be the attraction we feel. I know I’ve experienced that and boy advising that, gosh, many thousands of clients over the years, you know, what is that magical alchemy of pheromones and hormones and energy and you know, all of the various things that create this romantic attraction. A lot of it is I think, you know, from the space of the chemical diversification of the species.

So you know, when there are people who you try to go on a date with and there’s just no spark because it won’t diversify the species, could perhaps be why, you know, there’s a biochemical level of compatibility and then there’s also obviously personality compatibility and all of those things and on top of that there’s the spiritual side and the, you know that level of connection, the way that the energy bodies exchange. And there’s have you known each other before and how does that affect it?

And so in the case of relationships that are based upon karmic fuel only and really for the purpose of resolving karmic density, those are the ones that basically, you know, you feel that you feel the connection either way and, and in the good ones you do to the karmic connection, you know, if you’re spiritually sensitive or intuitive, you might feel like you might have known each other before.

But then when there’s Karmic fuel to burn off because there’s a density when the Karmic fuel has been burned off and the density is cleared, the relationship typically ends, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It depends what you want in life. From my perspective, I don’t think those relationships that are based upon clearing karmic density are necessarily the ones that we want to, you know, commit to lifelong. I mean, they could be perhaps the person is wonderful and after you’ve cleared the density built something else and there’s absolutely instances of that. Um, the instances where it’s a soulmate and there’s not a lot of density to clear our, I don’t want to say better or worse, but they provide an opportunity for a more enhancing partnership long term and in general because it’s basically more based upon good feelings as opposed to based upon stuck Karmic energy.

And then another category, which is so popular that people talk about In a very romanticized way in my opinion is twin flames and you know, everybody’s got different opinions and I on this podcast and in my work, I just share my opinion, my experience what I’ve learned from 22 years of talking to people’s spirit guides and You know, 25 plus years, I guess 27 ish plus years of experience with my spirit guides, life experience as an observer of life and and you know, being able to talk to spirits and have an expanded perspective. So Just one person’s opinion, but twin flames, I’ve only seen one instance in all of the 27 years, I’ve been aware of twin flames thus far in this life where the result is a happily in this case married couple every other time, twin flames are to run away trains exploding on a track seriously. Um, and you’ll read, you know, there’s a lot of it online about the Runner Chaser dynamic now that people talk about with twin flames and there’s definitely an element of that, you know, the way that I describe that. So this is kind of, I explained this probably a lot more succinctly and coherently in the spiritual girl’s guide to dating, but um the way that I think about all of these concepts is that we have life streams, this is what I’ve been shown by my guides a long time ago that were made up of these live streams and we might have one, we might have, you know, up to an infinite number of hundreds of live streams. It’s neither good nor bad if you have more or less, um, these live streams, if we want to get real quantum particle physics etcetera etcetera, I do see them as like strands, you would see them like tubes of light with empty space in the center, but the empty space leads sort of like leads to almost like a flavor of infinite different dimensions and we might perhaps like line up the live stream with certain energies that are archetypal two. Um, but anyway, so there’s all these infinite live streams and when we have the, they’re each Livestream has a polar opposite. So that might look like um all use mythology, the archetypal energies of Freya and Odin from Norse mythology.

So they would be like twin flames and that works great outside of physical incarnation in physical incarnation. If Frey and one person at a freya livestream only, so no other one free live stream and a human and one Odin livestream and a human, it would actually be a twin flame relationship that would be combustible because of the polarity. Now, if both humans had a freya and Odin livestream and therefore they matched up, they weren’t the polar opposites, they were balanced. That is what I call a divine compliment and I talk about that in the spiritual girl’s guide to dating, um twin flames are polarity, their combustible and they’re very compelling as well and divine compliments are balanced.

So an example of a twin flame relationship, just to kind of, I know this is all kind of abstract in a way and it does go back to my view that everything exists by the way. But um a twin flame example is a couple who had, you know, every element of combustibility and it didn’t work out etcetera, etcetera. And in in this life, so incarnated as a male and a female in the heterosexual will say, I don’t know what liaison or something. And then if we were to rewind in time though, we could see in that case, this is a real life example. Um those same two souls perhaps with different livestream arrangements also incarnated as uh two women who were in a, the equivalent of like a very happy romantic relationship marriage for 60 years prior as well as uh two people in a group who who had some karmic stuff that needed to be worked out.

So souls do show up in different capacities, I think in our lives. And the punch line of this whole thing is if we clear any relationship karma, so that means karmic density, not the good relationship karma. Just the karmic density. If we choose to consciously clear karmic density, that would otherwise show up in our relationships and who we attract and who we choose to partner with, then we don’t have those densities and we don’t have those, you know, months, days, months years of our lives devoted declaring relationship karma and you know, it’s a choice. What’s for the highest good? Do we want to just go through relationships that are all about clearing karma or do we maybe want to partner up with a positive soul mate and have those kinds of experiences?

The divine compliment question is one I’m still trying to understand. There was when I wrote the spiritual girl’s Guide to dating, you’ll see I was kind of thinking that that would be the best choice, you know, to be with the divine compliment if you were a spiritually minded person and, you know, you wanted to have a really conscious relationship, I can say now that I’ve seen to divine compliment relationships, they don’t have a lot of that polarity. So sometimes they might lack, not always, but they might lack some of that friction that causes the romantic spark in the human world.

So, I don’t think it’s an exact science, but I do know from my life and what I’ve seen from people. If we clear karmic density from our relationship, you know, all from basically from our romantic relationships. If we can clear that, and we don’t need to attract from that space usually works out a lot better.

So to that end, we are finally going to do this process, which is in my book the spiritual girl’s Guide to dating your enlightened path to love sex and soul mates. First book I ever wrote quite a while ago now it’s in chapter eight how to date consciously. So this book is actually about dating and relationships. The publisher at the time, Adams Media, which has now been brought up by Simon and Schuster I believe. Um they had us change the title to focus exclusively on dating. The content of the book is still applicable to relationships though. So that’s just probably, you know, what was going on in the market, what people were buying Chapter eight How to date consciously. And then on page, this begins technically on what page 160 this whole chapter is, gosh, just completely, um just really illustrative of things that if you’re interested in this topic and you’ve listened to me semi incoherently babble on this podcast episode about it.

Uh and you want a more concise, succinct version, you’d probably enjoy this book, but let’s do the process. So this is the uh relationship, karmic clearing process. And if you are driving, you might want to wait and do this when you get home, it would be better to be able to close your eyes. I have gosh, quote unquote prescribed, like suggested this to Probably really thousands of clients over the last 22 years, so many people have needed to do this to clear up there, the density that you know, ultimately is affecting their lives through this. Okay, so get comfortable and have your journal nearby.

And so we’re gonna jump right in and do the process now state aloud. I connect with my higher self. I ask that all that transpires during an associated with this process be for the highest good of all life and in accordance with the Universal Natural law, breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel relaxed and at peace. Visualize an infinitely faceted jeweled sphere before you. What color do you picture this beautiful jeweled orb of light? Notice this fear before you resolve it, revolving. It may be changing colors while doing this. This fear holds the infinite totality of your relationship. Karma. Reach your hands out to touch the sides of the sphere almost like you’re holding it even though it’s floating of its own accord. Feel the sphere spin in your hand, gaze into it with your inner vision as if you were staring off into space. It may be very active in there or calm! Say aloud. I allow my relationship Karma to be balanced. I ask that this process be pleasant, I trust, but the great spirit and all of my spirit helpers will care for me with utmost tenderness throughout this experience and honor my focus and intention on joy, light, happiness, agreeable learning, imbalanced ease. I asked to only balance and integrate as much karmic energy as I am prepared to digest easily. And gently I ask that my life only be enhanced by this process and my well being grow as a result of it simply notice any changes in the way the jeweled sphere looks, feels and moves and any feelings or sensory input that you experience, wait a couple of minutes to let the changes settle down, bring your hands back to your lap state, allowed I release my relationship karma to the divine that it might be transformed for the highest good. Watch the jewels fear dissolve. Give yourself a few more minutes and then begin to bring your awareness back into the room, notice your surroundings, feel whatever you’re sitting in or lying on or whatever is beneath you.

Let go of the process with love and knowledge that you are enhanced, make sure you drink plenty of water and get a bit of extra sleep for a few days after this process, stay aware of any results that today’s focus focused intention causes in your external life. So that’s your process. You can use it at any time when I wrote the Spiritual girl’s guide to dating and created that process, I thought it was a one time thing. I have had clients over the years who’ve had a lot of heavy relationship karma who I’ve had or have found it helpful to enact this process more than once. So that’s up to you.

Um if you prefer to have it printed, you can get the book and I think you’d enjoy the book if you enjoyed this particular podcast, but either way you have that now uh and you can do this as many times as you want, as needed. And you know, clearing our Karmic density only seems in my opinion to result in more conscious expansion and a higher vibrational frequency, which creates a better life, which brings us back around to what is actually the central theme of this podcast, which is feeling good all the time. So here’s another way to feel good all the time.

Thanks so much. Hope you enjoyed, Thank you so much for listening to the end. I’m so honored. You spent this time with me and I’m so excited to hear about your journey and your experience finding miracles in your life and healing your body uh as well as anything else, you’d like to share. A great way to get in touch with me is to send me a DM on instagram, that’s where I’m most active. And you can find me at AmyLeighMercree on instagram, you can find all kinds of info about me, my work, my 17 books and counting on my website, AmyLeigh Mercree dot com. And I’d love to hear from you on any of those channels and I hope that you’ve gained value from our work here today and that your life is enhanced and that you feel great because that’s what I want for you to feel good all of the time.