Episode 32: Connect with Your Goddess Guides

Amy Leigh Mercree is a medical intuitive, author, and holistic health expert. In this solo episode Amy discusses the importance of the Divine Feminine / Energy of the Goddess as a means to living a joyful life. Her core message is that you are your own guru, and by connecting with your guides and Goddess energy you have unlimited access to universal love, guidance, and lifeforce.

In particular, Amy discusses:

  • The importance of connecting with the Divine Feminine (yin energy) while living in a yang society (feeling and being versus acting and doing)
  • How spirit guides embody this Goddess essence to bring it to us so that we can feel it
  • Why bringing ourselves back to the Divine Feminine is powerful because it’s imprinted in our cellular structure through ancestors who worshiped the Goddess, and therefore it opens the doors to connect with Goddess guides and ancestral guides

For those who want to go deeper, Amy offers a series of courses, from beginner to advanced, based on shamanic teachings passed down to her through her own medicine teacher. The first course, Meet Your Guides, provides a great foundation in communicating with your spirit guides at will and receiving information through automatic writing.