Episode 4: Listening to the Universe with Tammy Mastroberte

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy speaks with Tammy Mastroberte–the founder of Elevated Existence. Tammy focuses on taming chaos and how to get intouch with the universe. Tammy’s new book, The Universe is Talking to You, is her longest project. The book encompasses Tammy’s teachings over the course of her lifetime. Amy and Tammy talk about the importance of letting yourself be guided. Especially in the face of uncertainty, staying connected is Tammy’s speciality.

Throughout the podcast, Tammy shares the best ways to “tame the chaos” during a global shift. Tammy breaks down the difference between internal and external chaos. She shares with us how to limit the external chaos that we are unconsciously accepting into our lives. Tammy shares with us how chaos changes not only our life, but also our health and wellness.

In the podcast we get a sneak peak of some of the exercises Tammy offers in her new book. These exercises are quick 3-5 minute exercises easy enough for anyone to participate in. Tammy and Amy dive into the importance of vibration and how it can change the way we communicate and experience joy and chaos in life, along with how it can change your interaction with medical intuitives.

In the podcast, Amy talks about her “Meet Your Guides” classes. You find out why our guides start celebrating when we begin to open up and listen to them.

Listen along to learn how to listen to the universe and become intuitive to its signs.